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L'Orange【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 56 首歌 】
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The Night Took Us In Like Family 英文
1.Part One Introducing a Conspicuous Man (提供)
2.Do My Best To Carry on
3.Ice Obsidian
4.The Underworld
5.All I Need
6.Part Two God Complex (提供)
7.The Concrete Some Call Home
8.Ignore the Man To Your Right
9.Taken By The Night
10.Part Three The Damning (提供)
11.The Lineup
12.Kicking Glass (提供)
13.Kind of Like Life (提供)
14.Part Four Revenge & Escape (提供)
15.I Was Invisible Nothing
16.Death Valley
17.Starry Eyed Balcony Walkers (提供)
18.Part Five Macabre (提供)
The Orchid Days 英文
1.Unreliable Narrator (提供)
2.Second Person (提供)
3.Man of the Night
4.The Pull of Warmth (提供)
5.Mind vs Matter
6.Eventually (提供)
7.A Spring Like You (提供)
8.Haiku (提供)
9.Need You
10.For Those Who Don't (提供)
11.Will Wait (提供)
12.Panic (提供)
13.The Stars We're Made Of (提供)
14.Love Letter (提供)
15.Spilled Together (提供)
16.The Orchard (提供)
17.Like Nothing and Nobody (提供)
18.The End (提供)
19.What Was Left (提供)
After The Flowers 英文
1.Waking Instructions (intro) (提供)
2.Entering The Silence feat. Red Pill (提供)
3.Vertigo Interlude feat. Chuck Inglish & Amerigo Gazaway (提供)
4.Wilting Away feat. Xiomara (提供)
5.Broken Clocks (inst.) (提供)
6.Grow feat. Johaz (of Dag Savage) & Blame One (提供)
7.Stop Growing feat. Meyhem Lauren & Billy Woods (提供)
8.The Great Comedian (inst.) (提供)
9.My Magic Is The Best Magic (inst.) (提供)
The Ordinary Man 英文
1.Stage Magic
2.The Misery Routine
3.The Everyday Illusion
4.Third Person
6.When I Vanish
7.Broken Wand Ceremony
8.Cooler Than Before
暫存 英文
1.Underworld2.The Quiet Room

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