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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Jaymes Young
Jaymes Young【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 71 首歌 】
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Feel Something 英文
1.Feel Something
Stoned On You 英文
1.Stoned On You
The Blue M&M Vol. 2 (King Size) 英文
1.Longway Feat. Rich Homie Quan (提供)
2.Young Niggas Feat. Hoodrich Pablo (提供)
3.Other Side (提供)
4.No Squares Feat. Offset & Young Thug (提供)
5.California (提供)
6.Ready Feat. Jose Guapo & Young Thug (提供)
7.Work (提供)
8.Beat Da Pack (提供)
9.Jug For Me (提供)
10.Deja Vu (提供)
11.Good Crack Feat. Yo Gotti (提供)
12.Big Homie (提供)
13.I Just Want The Money (提供)
14.I Start My Day Off Selling Drugs (提供)
15.That Aint New to Me (提供)
16.Purpose (提供)
17.Cut Like Me (提供)
18.Chasing Feat. TK N Cash (提供)
Money, Pounds, Ammunition Vol. 2 英文
1.Product (提供)
2.War (Feat. Yikes) (提供)
3.Island (Feat. MPA Turk) (提供)
4.Outta Here (Feat. Quavo) (提供)
5.Catch Up (Feat. Muddgod) (提供)
6.Booth (提供)
7.Extortion (Feat. Offset) (提供)
8.Do It 4 Da Hood (提供)
9.Don't Tell Nobody (Feat. LoLife Blacc) (提供)
10.I Got The Money (Feat. Peewee Longway) (提供)
11.Dirty (提供)
12.Aint Here 4 That (Feat. MPA Head) (提供)
13.I Wanna Rock (Feat. Offset) (提供)
14.Thug Life (Feat. Offset) (提供)
15.Boyz N Da Hood (Feat. MPA Turk) (提供)
16.White Man Can't Jump (Feat. MPA Mitch) (提供)
17.Just For The Hell Of It (提供)
The Blue M&M 英文
1.Pretty Penny Feat. Offset (提供)
2.Cinco De Mayo Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan (提供)
3.Situation Feat. Offset (提供)
4.Switcharoo Feat. Migos (提供)
5.Servin Lean Feat. ASAP Rocky (Remix) (提供)
6.Took Chances Feat. Jose Guapo (提供)
7.Documentary Feat. Offset (提供)
8.Hotel Feat. Woop (提供)
9.Ola Feat. Offset (提供)
10.FRFR Feat. Quavo (提供)
11.Juice Feat. Young Thug (提供)
12.African Diamonds Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan (提供)
13.Came In Feat. Migos (提供)
The Blue M&M (Mixtape) 英文
1.Energy Kit (提供)
2.Took Chances (提供)
3.Documentary (提供)
4.Hotel (提供)
5.FRFR (提供)
6.OG Gas (提供)
7.Juice (提供)
8.Pretty Penny (提供)
9.Cinco De Mayo (提供)
10.African Diamonds (提供)
11.Came In (提供)
12.Sneakin N Geekin (提供)
13.Ola (提供)
14.Everyday Switcharoo (提供)
15.Cheetah Print (提供)
16.Blue Benjamin (提供)
17.That Boy Right There (提供)
18.How High (提供)
19.Situation (提供)
20.Switcharoo (提供)
21.Servin Lean Remix (提供)

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