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Gavlyn【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 52 首歌 】
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Make Up For Your Break Up 英文
1.The Tutorial (提供)
2.My Bad (提供)
3.Ungrateful Humans feat. Blimes Brixton & Mia Coleman (提供)
4.Soulful (提供)
5.Sad Grl feat. Olivia Braga (提供)
6.Take It There feat. Mia Coleman (提供)
7.Friendzone feat. Anderson .Paak (提供)
8.Wear Heels With Me (提供)
9.Yall Ain't Shit feat. Olivia Braga (提供)
10.Black Cherry Kool-Aid (提供)
11.Tell You How (提供)
12.What's The Plan feat. Mia Coleman (提供)
13.Right Now (提供)
Modest Confidence 英文
1.Oo Cold to Trust (提供)
3.Take Over
4.Cuz It Look Like Skit (提供)
5.Cheaters (提供)
6.New Space (提供)
7.All Too Well
8.Bigger Picture (提供)
9.Search and Destroy (提供)
10.Forward Back (提供)
11.Things We Couldnt Mention
12.Guilty Pleasure
13.Modest Confidence
Habit That You Blame 英文
1.Old Soul (提供)
2.Hectic (feat. Mine+us) (提供)
3.In My Dreams (提供)
4.Take for Granted (feat. Destruct & Isa) (提供)
5.All By Myself (feat. Top Dime) (提供)
6.007 (feat. Destruct) (提供)
7.Relentless (提供)
8.Walking Down the Street (提供)
9.Smoots (提供)
10.Habit That You Blame (Prod. Moresounds) (提供)
From the Art 英文
1.No Reason (feat. Soul Scratch) (提供)
2.Why Don't U Do Right (提供)
3.To the Feeling (提供)
4.Soulfire (提供)
5.Hourglass (提供)
6.No Worries (feat. Destruct) (提供)
7.Blown Away (feat. Rawlegit) (提供)
8.Survive (提供)
9.Set It (提供)
10.Make My Move (feat. Fawksie 1) (提供)
11.Let It Go (feat. Dye) (提供)
12.Staring Problem (提供)
13.Clarity (提供)
14.Stepoff (提供)
15.Do You (提供)
16.What I Do (提供)

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