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Flatsound【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 46 首歌 】
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If We Could Just Pretend 英文
1.Fighting A Losing War
2.Fault Lines
3.Someone Who Will Talk About Anything
4.Lately I've Been Feeling Tired Of Everyone I Know
5.If We Could Just Pretend
four songs for losing you 英文
1.in the absence of everything, i promise to keep you warm
2.you wanted to look for help, i wanted to sit and wait to be rescued
3.you wrote 'don't forget' on your arm
Sleep 英文
2.If You Love Me, Come Clean
3.Summer or Spring
4.You Are the Coffin
5.Don't Call Me At All
6.To See You Alive
7.It's Thursday, January 12th and This Is the Last Time I'll Talk About Drowning
Scotland, I Wish You Had Stayed 英文
3.I Hope You're Okay
4.It's Sunday, April 19th and I Miss You
5.Counting Sheep
6.Waking Up to the Big Drill Pad
7.47 Fights
8.Your Fathers Car
9.I Exist I Exist I Exist
I Clung to You Hoping We'd Both Drown 英文
1.Old Lumina
2.Cross On My Mind
3.Macie Lightfoot, I'm Broken
5.47 Fights, Pt. 2
6.My Heart Goes Bum Bum Bum
7.The Cowardly Lion Doesn't Write Love Songs
8.We're Fighting Again
9.Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow
10.Live Up
11.I Lost Control
12.I'm Broken But I'll Try
13.We'll Live
14.The One Who Gave Up
Did Everything Feel Beautiful When You Let Go of the Idea of Being Anything at All 英文
1.Ferris Bueller
2.You Were a Home That I Wanted to Grow up In
3.Nothing Good Comes from Being Gone
4.Remembering a Room That Isn't There
Compilation 英文
1.You Wrote
2.Learning to Hate You as a Self Defense Mechanism
3.You Said Okay
4.You had a panic attack in my bathroom

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