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Flamin' Groovies【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 64 首歌 】
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In the U.S.A '79 英文
1.Tuning Up/Feel a Whole Lot Better (提供)
2.Between the Lines
3.Paint It Black (提供)
4.Baby, Please Don't Go (提供)
5.Please Please Me (提供)
6.From Me to You
7.Tell Me Again (提供)
8.19th Nervous Breakdown (提供)
9.Fall on You (提供)
10.First Plane Home (提供)
11.Applause (提供)
12.Ticket to Ride (提供)
13.I Want You Bad (提供)
14.Shake Some Action
15.In the U.S.A. (提供)
16.Around and Around (提供)
17.Let It Rock (提供)
18.Hey Hey Hey (提供)
Teenage Head 英文
1.Yesterday's Numbers
2.Shakin' All Over
3.High Flyin' Baby
4.City Lights
5.Evil Hearted Ada
6.Whiskey Woman
7.Walkin' the Dog
Supersnazz 英文
1.The Girl Can't Help It
2.Somethin' Else (single mix)
3.Rockin' Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu
Shake Some Action 英文
1.Yes It's True
2.St. Louis Blus
3.You Tore Me Down
5.I Can't Hide
6.Shake Some Action
Rockin' at the Roundhouse 英文
1.All I Wanted
2.From Me to You
3.House of Blue Lights
4.Don't Put Me On
5.Shake Some Action
6.I'll Cry Alone
In The U.S.A. '79 (Remastered) [Live - Keystone, Palo Alto, CA Aug '79] 英文
1.Between The Lines (Remastered) - Live
2.From Me To You (Remastered) - Live
3.Shake Some Action (Remastered) - Live
Groovies' Greatest Grooves 英文
1.Teenage Head
2.Absolutely Sweet Marie
3.There's a Place
4.You Tore Me Down
5.Shake Some Action
Flamingo 英文
1.Second Cousin
2.She's Falling Apart
3.Somethin' Else
4.Going Out Theme (Version 2)
At Full Speed - The Complete Sire Recordings 英文
1.Shake Some Action (Remastered)
2.You Tore Me Down
3.Good Laugh Mun
A Collection of Rare Demos & Live Recordings 英文
1.I Wanna Be Your Man
2.Between the Lines
3.Dizzy Miss Lizzy
4.Day Tripper
暫存 英文
1.Way Over My Head (提供)
3.And Your Bird Can Sing
4.Slow Death

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