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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Count Bass D
Count Bass D【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 77 首歌 】
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Dwight Around Your Lips 英文
1.My Blessing
2.Don't Worry (提供)
3.Don't Stay Away (提供)
4.Fancy Clothes (提供)
5.Jo (提供)
6.MPF (提供)
7.East Memphis (提供)
8.We Do What We Can (提供)
9.Under Planning (提供)
10.Better Than Just Any Man (提供)
11.Yeah Who (提供)
12.Far As Hell (提供)
13.Gerald and Sean 2 (提供)
14.Humble Brag (提供)
15.Slick and Slight (提供)
16.Stadium (提供)
17.Next Album (提供)
18.So Happy (提供)
Act Your Waist Size 英文
1.What's Wrong? (提供)
2.Internationally Known
3.Case O' Dilla
4.Brasilian Landing Strip
6.Tradin' Whore Stories (提供)
7.False Or True (提供)
8.Lunchroom Table Ensemble (Interlude) (提供)
9.The Slugger Of Louisville (提供)
10.Softly & Tenderly
11.Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (提供)
12.Long Goodbyes (提供)
13.Half the Fun (提供)
14.Apology (提供)
15.No Time for Fakin' (Part 3) (提供)
16.Junkies (提供)
17.You Know That You Play This (提供)
18.Pot/Liquor (提供)
19.No Comp (提供)
20.It Is iBass (Duxie) (提供)
Dwight Spitz 英文
1.Jussa Playa (提供)
2.Aural S(ECT)s
3.Gon' Get Yours (提供)
4.Antemeridian (提供)
5.Postmeridian (提供)
6.How We Met
7.Just Say No To Drugs (提供)
9.Subwoofer (Dumile)
10.Truth To Light
11.Real Music Vs. Bu11$#!+ (提供)
12.August 25, 2001 (提供)
13.Hello Test Test (提供)
14.Blackman Dreams
15.Reign Or Shine (提供)
16.Quite Buttery
17.Blues For Percy Carey
18.Seven Years (提供)
19.Ohio Playas
20.Dwight Spitz (提供)
21.Make A Buck
22.My First Piece (提供)
23.Take Control (提供)
24.Coming Soon (提供)
25.Beat 4our (提供)
26.Snow First, Snow Second, Snow Third (提供)
27.Nine Years Part 1 (提供)
28.Nine Years Part 2 (提供)
29.Real Music vs. Bull$#!+ Part 2 (提供)
30.Seven Years Bonus Beats (提供)
31.I'm A Man (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Sandwiches (I Got A Feeling)
2.T-boz tried to talk to me
3.On the Reels (a cappella)
4.The Mingus Sextet
5.Down Easy
6.Sandwiches (I Got A Feeling) (radio edit)
8.Just Rhymin' With Tock

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