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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Ayreon( 亞力安傳說 )
Ayreon( 亞力安傳說 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 183 首歌 】
亞力安傳說(Ayreon)是荷蘭籍的音樂人Arjen Anthony Lucassen的一項音樂企劃。Lucassen自己身兼作曲者、歌手、多重樂器演奏者和製作人等職。
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The Theory Of Everything 英文
1.Prologue The Blackboard
2.The Theory of Everything part 1 (提供)
4.The Prodigy's World
5.The Teacher's Discovery
6.Love and Envy
7.Progressive Waves (提供)
8.The Gift
9.The Eleventh Dimension (提供)
11.The Theory of Everything part 2
12.The Consultation
14.The Argument 1
15.The Rival's Dilemma
16.Surface Tension (提供)
17.A Reason to Live
19.Quantum Chaos
20.2Dark Medicine
22.The Prediction
23.Fluctuations (提供)
26.Side Effects
27.Frequency Modulation (提供)
29.Quid Pro Quo
30.String Theory (提供)
32.Mirror Of Dreams
33.The Lighthouse
34.The Argument 2
35.The Parting
36.The Visitation
37.The Breakthrough
38.The Note
39.The Uncertainty Principle
40.Dark Energy (提供)
41.The Theory of Everything part 3
42.The Blackboard (reprise)
Timeline 英文
1.Prologue: The Time Telepathy Experiment
2.The Awareness: The Premonition
3.Eyes Of Time: Eyes Of Time
4.The Accusation
5.Listen To The Waves
6.Computer Eyes
7.Back On Planet Earth
8.Isis And Osiris: Let The Journey Begin
9.Amazing Flight: Amazing Flight In Space
10.The Garden Of Emotions The Aggression Factor
11.The Castle Hall
12.The Mirror Maze: Inside The Mirror Maze
13.The Two Gates
14.Dawn Of A Million Souls
15.And The Druids Turned To Stone
16.Into The Black Hole: The Eye Of The Universe
17.The First Man On Earth
18.Day Two: Isolation
19.Day Three: Pain
20.Day Six: Childhood
21.Day Twelve: Trauma
22.Day Sixteen: Loser
23.Day Seventeen: Accident?
24.Age Of Shadows
25.The Fifth Extinction: Glimmer Of Hope
26.From The Ashes
27.The Sixth Extinction: Echoes On The Wind
28.The Stranger From Within
29.Valley Of The Queens
30.Isis And Osiris
31.Teaser: The Human Equation (提供)
32.Day Eleven: Love
33.Come Back To Me
35.Farside Of The World
36.Day One: Vigil
37.Abbey Of Synn
38.Sail Away To Avalon
39.Actual Fantasy
40.Beneath The Waves
41.Ride The Comet
42.Waking Dreams
01011001 英文
1.Age Of Shadows / We Are Forever
3.Liquid Eternity
4.Connect The Dots
5.Beneath The Waves
6.Newborn Race
7.Ride The Comet
8.Web Of Lies
9.The Fifth Extinction
10.Waking Dreams
11.The Truth Is In Here
12.Unnatural Selection
13.River Of Time
14.E=MC 2
15.The Sixth Extinction
Human Equation 英文
1.Day Eighteen: Realization
2.Day Nineteen: Disclosure
3.Day Ten: Memories
4.Day Twenty: Confrontation
Flight Of The Migrator 英文
1.To The Quasar
The Dream Sequencer 英文
1.20842.The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq
The Universal Migrator Part Ii Flight Of The Migrator 英文
1.Sleeper Awake
The Theater Equation (Live) 英文
1.Day One: Vigil - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
2.Day Nineteen: Disclosure - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
3.Day Eighteen: Realization - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
4.Day Seventeen: Accident? - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
5.Day Sixteen: Loser - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
6.Day Fifteen: Betrayal - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
7.Day Fourteen: Pride - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
8.Day Thirteen: Sign - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
9.Day Twelve: Trauma - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
10.Day Eleven: Love - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
11.Day Ten: Memories - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
12.Day Eight: School - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
13.Day Seven: Hope - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
14.Day Six: Childhood - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
15.Day Five: Voices - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
16.Day Four: Mystery - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
17.Day Three: Pain - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
18.Day Two: Isolation - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
19.Day Twenty: Confrontation - Live in Rotterdam in September 2015
The Source 英文
1.The Day That the World Breaks Down
2.Everybody Dies
3.The Source Will Flow
The Final Experiment 英文
1.Merlin's Will
Star One 英文
Into The Electric Castle 英文
1.Tower Of Hope2.Forever Of The Stars
Ayreonauts Only 英文
1.Nature's Dance
Ayreon Universe (Live) 英文
1.Prologue (Live)
2.The Two Gates (Live)
3.Into the Black Hole (Live)
4.Actual Fantasy (Live)
5.Computer Eyes (Live)
6.Magnetism (Live)
7.Age of Shadows (Live)
8.Collision (Live)
9.Everybody Dies (Live)
10.The Castle Hall (Live)
11.And the Druids Turned To Stone (Live)
12.Loser (Live)
13.Comatose (Live)
14.Dreamtime (Live)
15.Abbey of Synn (Live)
16.River of Time (Live)
17.Merlin's Will (Live)
18.Waking Dreams (Live)
19.Dawn of a Million Souls (Live)
20.Valley of the Queens (Live)
21.Ride the Comet (Live)
22.Star of Sirrah (Live)
23.Day Eleven: Love (Live)
Actual Fantasy 英文
暫存 英文
1.Another Time Another Space
2.Across The Rainbow Bridge
3.The Theory of Everything, Part I
4.Video: Day 11: Love
5.The Prodigys Envy
6.Phase I: Singularity - II. The Theory Of Everything Part 1
7.Day 16 Loser
8.The Shootting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq
9.Into the Black Night
10.The Theory of Everything (Radio Edit)
12.The Banishment
13.Merlin's Will (SemiAcoustic)
14.Nature's Dance (SemiAcoustic)
15.Sail Away to Avalon (SemiAcoustic)
16.Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy (SemiAcoustic)
17.The Accusation (SemiAcoustic)
18.Dreamtime (SemiAcoustic)
19.The Charm of the Seer (Semi-Acoustic)
20.Ayreon's Fate
21.Magic Ride
22.Computer-Reign (Game Over)
23.Temple of the Cat (acoustic version)
24.Through the Wormhole
25.Eyes of Time

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