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Aswad【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 122 首歌 】
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Renaissance 英文
1.Don't Turn Around
The Aswad Collection 英文
1.Oh Jah - Remastered Album Version
2.Natural Progression (Remastered)
3.Reality - Remastered Album Version
4.Pass the Cup - Remastered Album Version
5.Down The Line - Remastered Album Version
6.Your Recipe - Remastered Album Version
7.Candles - Remastered Album Version
8.Tuff We Tuff - Remastered Album Version
9.Not Satisfied - Remastered Album Version
10.Drum And Bass Line - Remastered Album Version
11.African Children
Roots Rocking: The Island Anthology 英文
1.Tuff We Tuff (live)
2.Roots Rocking
3.54-46 (Was My Number)
4.Back to Africa
6.On and On
7.Need Your Love (Each and Every Day)
8.African Children (live)
9.Drum and Bass Line (live)
10.Roots Rocking (live)
11.Not Satisfied (live)
12.African Children
Rise and Shine 英文
1.Day By Day
2.So Good
3.Shine (original)
Not Satisfied 英文
1.Drum and Bass Line
2.Your Recipe
4.Oh Jah
New Chapter 英文
2.He Gave the Sun To Shine
3.Ways Of the Lord
4.I Will Keep On Loving You
5.Ina Your Rights
Live at Rockpalast - Cologne 1980 英文
1.Not Guilty (Live)
2.Back to Africa (Live)
3.Concrete Slaveship (Live)
4.Natural Progression (Live)
Greatest Hits 英文
1.You're No Good (提供)
2.Best of My Love (The Sweetie Irie Mix)
3.Set Them Free (Firesticks remix)
4.On and On
Firesticks 英文
1.Smokey Blues (12' mix)
2.On and On (Dancehall mix)
3.Smile (Ragga mix)
4.Next to You (Jazz mix)
5.Don't Turn Around (12' mix)
6.Best of My Love (Dancehall mix)
7.Set Them Free (12' mix)
Cool Summer Reggae 英文
1.I Can See Clearly Now
2.Stir It Up
3.Shy Guy
4.Would I Lie to You
5.Night Nurse
7.Smokey Blues (live)
8.Weather With You
Aswad 英文
1.Can't Stand The Pressure
2.Natural Progression
3.Back To Africa
4.Concrete Slaveship
5.54-46 (Was My Number)
6.African Children
Aswad - The Complete BBC Sessions 英文
1.Your Recipe (Jenson Session 17/11/1983 Programme Number: 99YJ7010)
2.Roots Rocking (Jenson Session 17/11/1983 Programme Number: 99YJ7010)
3.Need Your Love (BBC Session Session Date: 1984 Programme Number: 99YJ7015)
25 Live: 25th Anniversary 英文
25 Live 英文
1.Day By Day (Live)
2.Ina Your Rights (Live)
3.On and On (Live)
5.Roots Rocking
6.Roots Rocking (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Not Satisfied
2.Love Fire
3.You're No Good (Performed Live on TOTP 11.02.1995)
4.Give a Little Love
5.Zion I
6.Follow '99 (radio edit)
7.Tuff We Tuff
8.I Need Your Love
9.Pass The Cup
10.No More Living A Lie
11.Natural Aggression
12.Roots Rockin'
13.Love Fire (Live)
14.Freedom Street
15.Didn't Know At The Time
16.Down The Line
17.Ghetto in the Sky
18.Girl's Got To Know
19.Smokey Blues
20.Hooked On You
22.I Will Keep On Loving You - Remastered Album Version
23.Ways Of The Lord - Remastered Album Version
24.Shine - Beatmashers 7' Mix
25.Shine (Todd Terry Dance Mix)
26.Warriors (Live)
27.Don't Turn Around (extended remix)
28.Shine (Beatmasters Mix)
29.Give a Little Love (Edit)
30.My Love
31.Invisible Sun
33.Set Them Free
34.Beauty's Only Skin Deep
36.Next to You
37.Best of My Love
38.Dancing in the Moonlight
39.If I Was
40.Danger in Your Eyes
41.Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology)
42.Gave You My Love
43.So Lonely
44.I Need Your Loving
45.What Is Love? (Radio Edit)

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