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Arrested Development【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 82 首歌 】
Arrested Development
類型: 另類嘻哈
成員: Speech, 迪安內·法里斯, 塔夏·拉臘, Headliner, Montsho Eshe, 更多
獲獎紀錄: 葛萊美獎最佳新人, 葛萊美獎最佳饒舌組合, 更多
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Among the Trees 英文
1.Honeymoon Day
Unplugged 英文
1.The Gettin'
Zingalamaduni 英文
1.WMFW (We Must Fight And Win) Fm
2.Fountain Of Youth
3.United Front
4.Mister Landlord
5.Praisin' U
6.United Minds
7.Warm sentiments
3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of... 英文
1.Fishin' 4 Revolution
2.People Everyday
4.Washed Away
5.Dawn of the Dreads
6.Raining Revolution
7.Children Play With Earth
Strong 英文
1.The World Is Changing
2.La La La
3.The World Is a Friendly Place
4.Any Tree but That
5.So Authentic
6.Granola Girl
7.A Truce
8.We Rad We Doin' It
Raw & Live 英文
1.Africa's Inside Me
2.Music & Life (Live)
3.Revolution (Live)
4.Natural (Live)
5.Tennessee (ft. Nicha) (Live)
6.Africa's Inside Me (Live)
7.Ease My Mind (Live)
8.Fishin' 4 Religion (Live)
9.Dawn of the Dreads (Live)
10.Give a Man a Fish (Live)
11.Redemption Song
12.Mr. Wendal (Live)
Arrested Development: Unplugged 英文
1.The Gettin' (Live)
2.Raining Revolution (Live)
3.Give a Man a Fish (Live) [Instrumental]
4.Natural (Live) [Instrumental]
5.Mama's Always On Stage (Live) [Instrumental]
6.Mr. Wendal (Live) [Instrumental]
暫存 英文
1.Mr. Wendal
2.Give a Man a Fish
3.Mama's Always on Stage
4.Man's Final Frontier
6.3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of...
8.Fishin' For Religion
9.Fishin' 4 Religion
10.Since The Last Time
11.Mama's Always Onstage
12.Kneelin' At My Altar
13.Ache'n For Acres
14.Mr. Wendel
15.Ease My Mind
16.Everyday People
17.Wag Your Tail
18.Conditional Love
20.On Conscious
21.Night Time Demons
22.Music & Life
23.Down & Dirty
24.People Everyday - Metamorphosis Mix
25.Tennessee (Pirate Radio Mix)
26.Mr Wendal - 2002 - Remaster
27.Tennessee - 2001 - Remaster
28.If U Want Me to Stay
29.Miracles (Live)
30.Honeymoon Day (Jiggy Joint Radio Edit)
32.People Everyday (7″ edit)
33.Mr. Wendal (edit)
34.Ease My Mind (radio version)
35.Mr Wendal - Perfecto Mix
36.Down & Dirty (Clap Your Hands) (radio edit)
37.How Far Is Heaven?
38.People Everyday - Metamorphosis Mix; 7'' Edit
39.Fishin' 4 Religion (Live version)

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