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Angerfist【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 135 首歌 】
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Raise & Revolt 英文
1.The Game (提供)
2.Conspiracy (Thorax Remix) (提供)
3.Raise & Revolt (with MC Nolz) (提供)
4.Afraid Of Me (with Dypax)
5.Circus Circus
6.Repercussion (with Radical Redemption) (提供)
7.Fight With Anger (with Neophyte Feat. MC Alee & MC Diesel) (提供)
8.Masters Of The Great Conspiracy (with Radical Redemption) (提供)
9.Perfect Fury (The Outside Agency Remix)
10.Hurricane For My Brain (with Negative A) (提供)
11.The Envy (with N-Vitral) (提供)
12.Leatherface (with MC Tha Watcher) (提供)
13.Blast At You (with Crossfiyah) (提供)
14.Lose Yo Calm (提供)
15.Caveman (with Dr Peacock) (提供)
16.Chronic Disorder (提供)
17.Criminally Insane
18.Take U Back
19.Maniac Killa
20.Bonified Alkoholik Musik Making Muthafucka
21.Raise Your Fist
22.Broken Chain (with Crucifier)
23.Bad Attitude
24.Knock Knock
25.The Deadfaced Dimension (with MC Nolz)
27.Dortmund 05
28.Strange Man In Mask
29.In A Million Years
30.Bite Yo Style
31.Legend (with Predator)
33.No Fucking Soul (with Vince)
34.Dance With The Wolves
35.Catastrophe (with Outblast & MC Tha Watcher)
36.The Voice Of Mayhem (with Outblast & MC Tha Watcher)
37.Santiago (with Miss K8)
38.Wake Up Fucked Up (with Negative A)
39.The Switch (with Predator) (提供)
40.Right Through Your Head
42.Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix) (提供)
43.And Jesus Wept
45.Somewhere Down The Lane (提供)
46.Yes (Drokz Remix) (提供)
47.Inframan (with Dr Peacock) (提供)
48.Messing With The Wrong Man
49.Fuck The Promqueen
Mutant Moshpit Ravetunes 英文
1.The Fast Lane
2.Close to You (提供)
3.Cannibal (提供)
4.Temple of Disease (提供)
5.Burn this Mf Down
6.Audio Waste
7.End (提供)
Lethal Generation (EP) 英文
1.From the Blackness
2.Don't Fuck With Me
3.Street Fighter
Breathless EP 英文
1.Breathless (提供)2.New World Order
The Deadfaced Dimension 英文
1.Carnival of Doom
2.The Invasion (Intro)
3.Take U Back (Mad Dog Remix)
4.Strange Man In Mask
5.Bad Attitude
6.Don't Fuck With Me
Retaliate 英文
1.Perfect Fury
2.Fuck the Promqueen (Remastered 2011 edit)
3.Yes (Znooptokkie Drokz remix)
4.The Murder Tune
5.In a Million Years (Nosferatu remix)
6.No Escape From My Wrath (Eastside Connection remix)
7.Dance With the Wolves (Randy & Radium remix)
8.Still Krazy
9.My Critic Fetish (Akira remix)
10.Right Through Your Head (Tieum remix)
11.Guts Full of Lead
12.Strangle and Mutilate (Negative a & Counterfeit remix)
14.Who Cares?
15.Bite Yo Style (Dyprax remix)
16.The Depths of Despair (Official Masters of Hardcore Anthem)
Pissin' Razorbladez 英文
1.Angerfist Megamix
2.Fuck the Promqueen
3.Killerfist (Akira Hkviolence remix)
4.Maniac Killa
5.The World Will Shiver (T-Junction & Rudeboy remix)
6.Spit on You
8.Pissin' Razorbladez
9.Dead Man Walking
10.Penis Enlargement (2nd edit) (feat. Akira)
11.My Critic Fetish
12.A Touch of Insanity
13.Stainless Steel
14.Dance With the Wolves
15.Kidnapped Redneck
16.Chaos and Evil
18.Dortmund '05
Mutilate 英文
2.The Path of Hell (remixed by Crucifier)
3.Handz on My Ballz (feat. The Beat Controller)
4.Silent Notes (feat. Predator)
5.Like This
6.Looking to Survive
7.Stainless Steel (Rehabbed by Predator)
8.Broken Chain (feat. Crucifier) (remixed by Mad Dog)
9.In a Million Years
Compilation 英文
1.Cast Of Catastrophe - Official Dominator Anthem
2.Just Like Me
3.Take The Power
暫存 英文
1.Triple Vision [feat. Crucifier]
2.Megamix 2010
3.The Desecrated
4.Buckle Up & Kill
5.Dance With the Wolves (The Sickest Squad remix)
6.The Road To Fame
7.Riotstarter (S.O.E. Remix)
8.The World Will Shiver (The Official Masters of Hardcore 2005 Anthem)
9.Right Trough Your Head
10.The Ugly Side of Life (As Part of the Supreme Team) [Original Mix]
11.Maniac Killa (Hellsystem remix)
12.Fuckin' Psycho
13.Hardcore Is My Life
14.The Switch (feat. Predator)
15.187 (feat. Predator)
16.Take U Back (DJ Damage remix) (提供)
17.Strange Man In Mask - Original Mix
19.Cast Of Catastrophe

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