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Andy Lindquist【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 172 首歌 】
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Soulstronomy 英文
1.That Funky Monkey (提供)
2.Everything's Alright (提供)
3.The Powers That Be (提供)
4.Soldiers of the Soul (提供)
5.No, Not Love (提供)
6.The Real World (提供)
7.Gray Tsunami (提供)
8.A Little Bit of Hope (提供)
9.Time in Pieces (提供)
10.Ain't No Man (提供)
Amnion 英文
1.Knocked Out in Love (提供)
2.In the Great Beyond (提供)
3.Gojra (提供)
4.Alienation (提供)
5.Worship to the Nation (提供)
6.Cold Steel Heart (提供)
7.Amnion (提供)
8.What Will It Take (提供)
9.Skein (提供)
10.This Last Vestige (提供)
Love Cures Everything 英文
1.Jet Pack (提供)
2.Fuego De Alma (提供)
3.Thine Eyes (提供)
4.Rearview Mirror (提供)
5.Power to the Healing (提供)
6.Equilibrium (提供)
7.Love Cures Everything (提供)
8.Lying Down (提供)
9.Bring On the Sunshine (提供)
10.Lo Siento (提供)
11.Lightning Despair (提供)
12.The Orbit of It All (提供)
13.Superstar (提供)
5,000 Records to Infamy 英文
1.If Everything Was Roses (提供)
2.The Shotgun (提供)
3.I Am a Flash (提供)
4.Hey My Brother (提供)
5.Pretty Little Breakdown (提供)
6.Eye for an Eye (提供)
7.5,0000 Records to Infamy (提供)
8.Sound the Breadth (提供)
9.Little Wannabe (提供)
10.Those Blessed Eyes (提供)
11.I Am Chameleon (提供)
12.Loves Entropy (提供)
13.All Your Pride (提供)
Oh, and by the way... 英文
1.The Haters Don't Bother Me (提供)
2.Crazy Girl (提供)
3.The Devil's Ego (提供)
4.Oh, And By the Way... (提供)
5.Wrong Side A Shotgun (提供)
6.Fading (提供)
7.The Dusty Star (提供)
8.Swampditty (提供)
9.If Mama Ain't Happy (提供)
10.Lonely Woman (提供)
11.The Dust of Mercy (提供)
The Beautiful Machine 英文
1.The Scorpion's Spool (提供)
2.7 Days Forever (提供)
3.Passing on A Sunny Day (提供)
4.Babylon Radio (提供)
5.The Night We Died (提供)
6.The Secret to Life (提供)
7.Selena (提供)
8.Dear, Dear providence (提供)
9.Without a Dream (提供)
10.I Hear Violins (提供)
11.My Darkness (提供)
12.Prodigal Sun (提供)
13.A Love Song (提供)
14.Princely Sums (提供)
15.The Sky's on Fire (提供)
16.The Beautiful Machine (提供)
17.Sugar (提供)
18.I Found A Way (提供)
19.Paper Waterfall (提供)
Conversations with the Sun 英文
1.Beautiful Mistakes (提供)
2.You Walk Away I Lose My Mind (提供)
3.Abbey Blue (提供)
4.Londonderry Jig (提供)
5.Walk This Life (提供)
6.Tributaries (提供)
7.Everything Is Elemental (提供)
8.Conversations With the Sun (提供)
9.The Greatest Cowboy of All (提供)
10.Its Your Light (提供)
11.When I Was A Wave (提供)
12.Molly Sunshine (提供)
13.Still Have Faith (提供)
14.My Energy (提供)
15.Spanner In the Works (提供)
My Delicate Car Crash 英文
1.Imagination's Waves (提供)
2.Jule (提供)
3.You're an Aries (提供)
4.Orchards (提供)
5.Accidents (提供)
6.My Delicate Car Crash (提供)
7.Forever Mine (提供)
8.Steady (提供)
9.Time is a Wire (提供)
10.Chaos and Money (提供)
Revelations and Conundrums 英文
1.Standing Half in Sunshine (提供)
2.Tuscany (提供)
3.Meth (提供)
4.Aileron (提供)
5.Lemons (提供)
6.LiAnn (提供)
7.Inertia (提供)
8.Birds (提供)
9.This Much (提供)
10.One Simple Plan (提供)
11.A Year Ago (提供)
12.Reciprocity (提供)
13.A Grand Goodbye (提供)
14.Love and Lighting (提供)
15.Insomnia (提供)
16.Darfur (提供)
17.Beloved (提供)
Orange 英文
1.Man, What a Summer (提供)
2.Orange (提供)
3.Coying Carousels (提供)
4.I Have Issues (提供)
5.The Art of Love and War (提供)
6.A Million Tiny Pieces (提供)
7.Taking the Higher Ground (提供)
8.Trying to Live Without You (提供)
9.Too Aire (提供)
10.Super Dude (提供)
11.These Changes (提供)
12.My Superstar (提供)
13.Betrayed (提供)
14.In the Thicket (提供)
15.This Side of the Dream (提供)
Galactic Matches 英文
1.My Perfect Girl (提供)
2.Flashpan Superstar (提供)
3.It all Comes Back (提供)
4.Desperate Isolation (提供)
5.Falling Down (提供)
6.Here We Go Again (提供)
7.My Gifted Friends (提供)
8.Sometime When I'm Blue (提供)
9.Burner Down (提供)
Itsallaboutthegirl 英文
1.Always Mine (提供)
2.I Am a Stone (提供)
3.On the Other Side (提供)
4.The Face of God (提供)
5.Isolation Proclamation (提供)
6.Super Sunshine Girl (提供)
7.Shine On (提供)
8.Back to Me (提供)
9.Yellow Carnations (提供)
10.I No Longer Dream (提供)
11.Itsallaboutthegirl (提供)
12.Follow You Anywhere (提供)
13.Thank Your Mother (提供)
14.Galactic Matches (提供)
15.Gentle Blue Heart (提供)
16.Stepping Stones (提供)
17.Turn This Thing Around (提供)
Castless of Azure 英文
1.Baby's lost her mind (提供)
2.Cold Harbor (提供)
3.Lets make it right (提供)
4.The King on 7th Street (提供)
5.Jan and Dean (提供)
6.Wait in Gold (提供)
7.Summing it up (提供)
8.Fritz (提供)
9.Perspective (提供)
10.Love Shines (提供)
11.Spark (提供)
12.Edinburgh (提供)
13.Freeze this frame (提供)

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