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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Andrew Rayel
Andrew Rayel【 共收藏 2 張專輯, 55 首歌 】
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Find Your Harmony 英文
1.Find Your Harmony (提供)
2.Impulse (提供)
3.Dark Warrior (提供)
4.EIFORYA (提供)
5.Latifa (提供)
6.Miracles (feat Christian Burns)
7.Rise Of The Era (提供)
8.How Do I Know (feat Jano)
9.Followed By Light (提供)
10.The End At Pianoland (outro) (提供)
11.There Are No Words (feat Sylvia Tosun)
12.Goodbye (feat Alexandra Badoi)
13.Power Of Elements (提供)
14.Sacramentum (with Bobina) (提供)
15.Fading Echoes
16.One In A Million (feat Jonathan Mendelsohn)
17.Until The End
18.Hold On To Your Love (feat Cindy Alma)
暫存 英文
1.One In A Million (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Paris Blohm Remix]
2.One In A Million (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Radio Edit]
3.Goodbye (feat. Alexandra Badoi) [Radio Edit]
4.Miracles (feat. Christian Burns) [Heatbeat Radi Edit]
5.We Bring The Love (feat. Sylvia Tosun) [Radio Edit]
6.Daylight (feat. Jonny Rose) [Radio Edit]
7.One In A Million - Paris Blohm Remix
8.We Bring The Love [ASOT 707] - Original Mix
9.How Do I Know (original mix)
10.How Do I Know (Club Mix)
11.Until the End (radio edit)
12.A State of Trance 600 (Full Continuous DJ Mix by Andrew Rayel)
13.How Do I Know
14.How Do I Know (Album Mix)
15.How Do I Know (Armin van Buuren intro edit)
16.Until the End (MaRLo Radio Edit)
17.Until the End (Club Radio Edit)
18.Until The End (Album Mix)
19.Until the End (Club Edit)
20.One In A Million - Original Mix
21.One In A Million (Mix Cut) - Original Mix
22.Daylight [ASOT 715] - Original Mix
23.Daylight - Radio Edit
25.Daylight () (Club Mix)
26.Daylight (Club Radio Edit)
27.Daylight [ANR055] - Original Mix
28.There Are No Words (Faruk Sabanci Radio Edit)
29.We Bring the Love (Radio Edit)
30.There Are No Words
31.We Bring the Love
32.Goodbye - Original Mix
33.Goodbye (Album Mix)
34.Goodbye (radio edit)
35.Miracles - Original Mix
36.Miracles (Radio Edit)

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