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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手A.J. Croce( A.J.クラウチ )
A.J. Croce( A.J.クラウチ )【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 71 首歌 】
Adrian James 'A.J.' Croce(1971年9月28日出生於賓夕法尼亞州Bryn Mawr)是美國歌手作曲家。 他是歌手兼歌手Jim Croce和Ingrid Croce的兒子。
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Twelve Tales 英文
1.Venus And Adonis (提供)
2.The Time Is Up (提供)
3.Make It Work (提供)
4.Call Of Love (提供)
5.Easy Money (提供)
6.Momentary Lapse Of Judgement (提供)
7.Keep The Change (提供)
8.What Is Love (提供)
9.Tarnished And Shining (提供)
10.Right On Time (提供)
11.Always And Evermore (提供)
12.Rollin' On (提供)
Fit to Serve 英文
1.Count the Ways
2.Too Late
3.Judgement Day (提供)
4.Nobody Else
5.Texas Ruby
6.Uncommon Sense
7.I'll Get Through
8.Cry to Me
9.So in Love
10.I Don't Mind
11.Lover's Serenade
12.Trouble in Mind
13.Fit to Serve
That's Me in the Bar 英文
1.I Meant What I Said
2.Maybe I'm to Blame
3.I Confess
4.Some People Call It Love
5.Callin' Home
6.Night Out on the Town
7.Pass Me By
8.She's Waiting for Me
9.Checkin' In
10.Music Box
11.That's Me in the Bar
12.Sign on the Line
A.J. Croce 英文
1.He's Got A Way With Women
2.Stuff You Gotta Watch
3.If I Could Be with You (One Hour Tonight) (提供)
4.She Wouldn't Give Me None
5.I Know Better Now
6.Back Where I Began
7.Smokin' Good Time
8.Which Way Steinway
9.I Wonder
10.How'd We Get So Good at Sayin' Good-Bye
11.I Found Faith
12.Keep on Lookin' (提供)
Just Like Medicine 英文
1.Gotta Get Outta My Head
2.Cures Just Like Medicine
3.Move On
4.The Other Side of Love
5.Full Up
6.I Couldn't Stop
7.Hold You
8.The Roads
暫存 英文
1.Almost Angeline
2.Upside Down
3.Hung Up (On You)
4.Baby Tonight
5.Don't Let Me Down
6.Lying On the Ground
7.Too Soon
8.Alone And Together
9.What You Want
10.I Believe
11.Lover's Cross
12.Turn Out the Light
13.Maybe I'm Amazed
14.Time Will Tell

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