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Busted【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 107 首歌 】
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Night Driver 英文
1.Coming Home
2.Night Driver (提供)
3.On What You're On
4.New York
5.Thinking of You (提供)
6.Without It (提供)
7.One of a Kind
8.I Will Break Your Heart (提供)
9.Kids With Computers (提供)
11.Out of Our Minds (提供)
12.Those Days Are Gone (提供)
Busted 英文
1.What I Go to School For
2.Sleeping With the Light On
3.Falling for You
4.Thunderbirds Are Go
6.You Said No
7.Teenage Kicks
8.She Wants to Be Me
A Present For Everyone(Revised EU version) 英文
1.Air Hostess
2.What I Go To School For(Steve Power Mix)
3.Crashed The Wedding
4.Who's David(Single Version)
5.She Wants To Be Me
7.Teenage Kicks
8.Falling For You
9.Thunderbirds Are Go
10.That Thing You Do
11.Meet You There
yearr 3000 英文
1.mrs robinson
year 3000 英文
1.Late Night Sauna
2.Fun, fun, fun
3.Year 3000
4.Exclusive Footage (提供)
A Present For Everyone 英文
1.Crashed the Wedding
2.Air Hostess
3.Who's David
5.Meet You There
6.That Thing You Do
7.Loner In Love
8.Over Now
11.Better Than This
12.Can't Break Thru
Who's David? 英文
1.Teenage Kicks!!
Sleeping With the Light On (disc 2) 英文
1.Sleeping With the Light On (live)
2.What I Go to School For (live)
3.You Said No (live)
Sleeping With The Light On 英文
1.Last Summer2.Year Three School Said No (提供)
Present For Everyone 英文
1.3 AM
Live: A Ticket for Everyone 英文
1.Air Hostess (Live)
2.That Thing You Do (Live)
3.Who's David (Live)
4.Thunderbirds Are Go (Live)
5.Teenage Kicks (Live)
6.You Said No (Live 2)
7.Year 3000 (Live Version)
8.Sleeping With The Light On (Live 2)
9.Crashed The Wedding (Live)
Live: A Ticket For Everyone (International version) 英文
1.Intro / Air Hostess - Live
2.Teenage Kicks - Live
3.Crashed The Wedding - Live
Air Hostess 英文
1.Mummy Trade2.Let It Go
暫存 英文
1.brown eyed girl
2.You Said No (Crash & Burn)
3.Psycho Girl
4.Crash And Burn
5.Crash & Burn
7.Losing You
8.All The Way
9.Dawson's Geek
10.When Day Turns Into Night
11.Everything I Knew
12.Loser Kid
13.Here In Your Bedroom
14.Without You
15.Sleeping With The Lights On
16.That's Entertainment
17.Hurra Hurra Die Scule Brennt
18.My Good Friend
19.Break Thru
20.Runaway Train
21.the day iCrashed the wedding
22.Fall at your feet
23.Last Christmas
25.Build Me Up Buttercup
26.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
27.She Wants To Be Me - Live
28.Year 3000 (The DJEJ Mix)
29.Thunderbirds Are Go (Busted)
30.Year 3000 (single version)
31.Sleeping With the Light On (new version)
32.Year Three School Said No (Busted medley)
33.Where Is the Love?
34.3am (live)
36.Crash the Wedding
37.3am - Live From Tour

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