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Budgie【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 113 首歌 】
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Budgie 英文
1.Once You Pop (提供)
2.The Only Power (提供)
3.Dream Cruise (提供)
4.Full Moon (提供)
5.Cleavage (提供)
6.Budgie's Groove (提供)
7.Bravo (提供)
The Good Book 英文
1.Lord Pity Us All (提供)
2.I Make My Own Decisions (提供)
3.Joyful Noise Intro (提供)
4.The Spirit Of God (提供)
5.Praise Him (提供)
6.Telling Folk (提供)
7.The G Code (Feat. Action Bronson, Domo Genesis & Blu)
8.Ball Of Clay (提供)
9.Thru The Eyes Of Christ (提供)
10.Lucifer (提供)
11.Holy Ghost Broom (提供)
12.What You Want Me To Be (提供)
13.An Un-Holy Truth (提供)
14.Soul On Fire (提供)
15.So Good To Me (提供)
16.The Trees And The Sky (Feat. Mick Luther) (提供)
17.Forgive Me (提供)
18.Came To Praise (提供)
19.This Is Your Life, Or Is It (提供)
20.A Theif In The Night (提供)
21.Don't Need No Doctor (提供)
22.Heavenly Spirit (提供)
23.Church On Shrooms (提供)
24.Higher Than Before (提供)
25.With My Soul (Feat. Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews & J. Rocc)
26.Bonus Beats Pt. 2 (提供)
27.The New Messiah (提供)
28.The Baddest (提供)
29.Brother Elijah (提供)
30.To Me (提供)
31.Beyond The Years (提供)
32.Going Home (提供)
33.Thank Jesus (提供)
34.Bonus Beats Pt. 1 (提供)
35.My God Is (提供)
36.Judgement Day (提供)
37.The Good Deacon (提供)
38.Who Is He (I Believe) (提供)
39.Little Guy, Not A Midget (提供)
40.Everything (提供)
41.In Heaven's Home (Feat. Prodigy & Roc Marciano)
42.We Expect You (提供)
43.Party At The Tabernacle (提供)
44.Going Away (提供)
45.The Word Is $ (提供)
46.Do Me Like Jesus (提供)
47.Sweet Sweet Spirit (提供)
48.The Breakthrough (提供)
If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting 英文
1.Panzer Division Destroyed
Bandolier 英文
1.Breaking All The House Rules
2.I Can't See My Feelings
3.Napoleon Bona Part 1 And Part 2
4.Slip Away
5.Who Do You Want For Your Love?
In For The Kill 英文
1.Hammer & Tongs
2.In for the Kill
3.Crash Course in Brain Surgery
4.Wondering What Everyone Knows
5.Zoom Club
6.Running from My Soul (提供)
7.Living on Your Own
Never Turn Your Back On A Friend 英文
2.In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand
4.You Know I'll Always Love You
5.Baby, Please Don't Go (提供)
6.You're the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk
7.Riding My Nightmare
Squawk 英文
1.Hot as a Docker's Armpit
2.Young Is a World
4.Rolling Home Again
5.Rocking Man
Power Supply 英文
1.Crime Against the World
2.Power Supply
3.High School Girls
If I Were Britannia - I'd Waive The Rules 英文
1.Anne Neggen
2.If I Were Brittania - I'd Waive The Rules
3.You're Opening Doors
4.Quacktors And Bureaucrats
5.Sky High Percentage
6.Heaven Knows Our Name
7.Black Velvet Stallion
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Baby Please Don't Go
2.You and I
3.Young is a World
Budgie (2013 Remaster) 英文
1.Guts - 2013 Remaster
2.Everything In My Heart - 2013 Remaster
3.The Author - 2013 Remaster
4.Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman - 2013 Remaster
5.Rape Of The Locks - 2013 Remaster
6.All Night Petrol - 2013 Remaster
7.You And I - 2013 Remaster
8.Homicidal Suicidal - 2013 Remaster
暫存 英文
1.Hammer and Tongs
2.Wait Till Tomorrow
3.Nutbush City Limits
4.I Ain't No Mountain
5.Don't Cry
6.Love for You and Me
7.Give Me the Truth
9.I'm Compressing the Comb on a Cockerel's Head
10.Keeping a Rendezvous
11.Heavy Revolution

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