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Titans In The Flesh 英文
1.The Truth (提供)
2.Heaven on Earth (提供)
3.Giant Steps (提供)
4.To the East (提供)
5.The Man (提供)
7.Atlantis (J57 Remix) (提供)
Two Hundred Dollar Beats 英文
1.The Fronts (提供)
2.Lunch Money (提供)
3.Cali Funk (提供)
4.Yeah (提供)
5.I Never Sleep (提供)
6.Jackin' Tacos (提供)
7.Walk By (提供)
8.Clean Cut (提供)
9.Beeper Buddy (提供)
10.Eastside (提供)
11.I Was One (提供)
12.The Machine (提供)
13.Moon Dance (提供)
14.Raw Phone (提供)
15.Sugar Grass (提供)
16.Same O' Beat (提供)
17.Weekend Cuddle (提供)
18.Don't Fall Off (提供)
19.The Second First Scarface Album (提供)
20.And The Viktor Vaughn Beat (提供)
Soul Amazing Part Three 英文
1.Invocate (J.Period Featuring Blu) (提供)
2.Cream Sweaters (Blu Featuring J. Mitchell) (提供)
3.Kiss The Sky (Blu Featuring Mela Machinko)
4.Illest In Charge (Klaus Layer Featuring Blu)
5.Come Back (Klaus Layer Featuring Scienze & Blu) (提供)
6.The Fundamentalist (K-Def Featuring Blu & Quartermaine) (提供)
7.The Meeting (K-Def Featuring Blu) (提供)
8.Backboards (Sene Featuring Blu)
9.Ring The Alarm (Science Featuring Blu) (提供)
10.Happiness Is (Scienze & King I Divine Featuring Sene & Blu)
11.Charlie Brown (Scienze Featuring Blu)
12.Could It Be (Co$$ Featuring Blu, Sene & Denmark Vessey) (提供)
13.Through The Flames (Co$$ Featuring Blu)
14.Heroin (Co$$ Featuring Blu & Kemitz) (提供)
15.Yellow & Blue (Psymun Remix) (Mhz Legacy Featuring Blu & (提供)
16.Lamp Post & Neon Lights (Professor P & Dj Akilles Featuring Blu) (提供)
17.Shower & Shave (Timothy Rhyme & Phil The Pain Featuring Blu & Micxsic) (提供)
18.Split The Seconds (Mega Trife & Nonsense Featuring Blu) (提供)
19.L.A. Blaze (Uncle Imani Featuring Luckyiam & Blu) (提供)
20.Cross Trainers (Pac Div Featuring Blu & Kendrick Lamar)
21.Words Past The Margin (Jesse Abraham Featuring Blu)
22.Styllions (Roc C Featuring Rapper Big Pooh & Blu) (提供)
23.Let It Go (Slum Village Featuring Blu)
24.My Hoe (Statik Selektah Featuring Blu, Evidence & Reeks) (提供)
25.Paid (14kt Featuring Blu) (提供)
26.I Just Wanna Be There (Realm Reality Featuring Blu) (提供)
27.Misunderstood (Danny! Featuring Blu & Lil B)
28.Sinnaman (Xlsrebelsx Featuring Blu) (提供)
29.Insurance (Asher Roth Featuring Zz Ward, Rockie Fresh & Blu)
30.Questions (Arima Ederra Featuring Blu)
31.Stay Still (Ray West Featuring Blu & Dave Dar) (提供)
32.Ride Home (Ray West Featuring Blu) (提供)
33.Alone (L'orange Featuring Blu)
34.Draggin Breff (Knxwledge Featuring Blu) (提供)
35.Notthesame (Knxwledge Featuring Blu) (提供)
36.Timejuss (Knxwledge & Blu) (提供)
37.We Will Make It (P.R Featuring Blu & Cise Star) (提供)
38.Church West Texas (M.I & Tyler Keyes Featuring Blu)
39.The Last Stop (Fa+E Featuring Blu) (提供)
Soul Amazing Part Five (The Alchemist Edition) 英文
1.Cobb (提供)
2.Palisades (Feat. Big Twin, Killa Kali & Planet Asia) (提供)
3.Yacht Rock Side B (Feat. Big Twin & Chuck Inglish)
4.Camp Registration (Feat. Evidence, Action Bronson & Domo Genesis) (提供)
5.Thelonius King (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Tristate)
6.Spudnik Webb Master (Feat. Durag Dynasty) (提供)
7.Tomorrow (Feat. Step Brothers & Rakaa Iriscience)
8.The G Code (Feat. Action Bronson & Domo Genesis)
9.Gallon Of Henny (Feat. Killa Kali) (提供)
10.Everyday Is Xmas (Feat. Planet Asia & Tristate) (提供)
11.Cut The Check (Feat. Roc Marciano & Quelle Chris) (提供)
Hundred Dollar Beats 英文
1.Fav Her Monica (提供)
2.My Lil Monster (提供)
3.Money In L.A. (提供)
4.The New Bop (提供)
5.Bad Girl (提供)
6.Durango (提供)
7.So Much To Do Today (提供)
8.Dinner Receipt (提供)
9.The Biiz (提供)
10.Real Steel (提供)
11.The Monkey Suit (提供)
12.What (提供)
13.Blue Clinton (提供)
14.You Suck ! (提供)
15.Count Sleep (提供)
16.Blow Up Ya Box (提供)
17.Pour Out A Lil Liquor (提供)
18.A Revlon Commercial (Extended) (提供)
19.Red Bull (提供)
20.Colors You Never Seen (提供)
Soul Amazing (Part Two) 英文
1.piranhas (9th wonder featuring blu, sene & definite) (提供)
2.colours (big tone featuring blu) (提供)
3.the richers (tiron featuring asher roth & blu) (提供)
4.we beamin' (remix) (lupe fiasco featuring all city chess club) (提供)
5.smoke (j dilla featuring blu) (提供)
6.the day (the roots featuring blu, phonte & patty crash) (提供) daze (the roots featuring blu, dice raw & p.o.r.n.) (提供) do you sleep (recess featuring blu) (提供)
9.samsonite man (fashawn featuring blu) (提供)
10.therapy (alchemist featuring blu, evidence, kid cudi & talib kweli) (提供)
11.get chose (mr. brady featuring diamond d & blu) (提供)
12.girls (hezekiah featuring t3 & blu) (提供)
13.old souls (grouch & eligh featuring blu) (提供)
14.wednesday (budamunky featuring c.r.a.c.) (提供) line (exile featuring blu) (提供)
16.dreamland (andy allo featuring blu) (提供)
17.ifeel (l.a.u.s.d. featuring jack davey & blu) (提供)
18.jazz pt. 2 (tribute remix) (j. period featuring blu) (提供) of a lover (remix) (theophilus london featuring blu) (提供)
20.cringe (pac div featuring blu) (提供)
21.robots (bilal featuring blu) (提供)
22.excuse me (make room) (mic holden featuring blu) (提供) (the clubhouse featuring homeboy sandman, blu & freddie gibbs) (提供)
24.sour patch kids (remix) (asher roth featuring talib kweli, travis barker & blu) (提供)
25.supa fly (s1 featuring inspectah deck, blu & chuck sly) (提供) green (mestizo featuring blu & reid) (提供)
27.d.i.s.c.o. dynamite (mainframe featuring blu) (提供)
28.triumph (big tone featuring blu) (提供)
29.your life (med featuring blu)
30.angelic (co$$ featuring blu)
31.from the heart (deep rooted featuring blu) (提供)
32.motive pt. duex (sene featuring blu & co$$) (提供)
Good to Be Home 英文
1.The Summer (提供)
2.Rap Dope
3.Boyz N the Hood
4.Whip Creme, Pt. One (提供)
5.The West
6.The 50Z
7.The LA (提供)
8.Summer Time
10.The Return
11.Back Home Again (提供)
12.Brown Sugar (提供)
13.Bobby Brown (提供)
14.Can't Stop, Won't Stop (提供)
15.The West, Pt. Two (提供)
16.Dre Day
17.Red & Gold (提供)
18.Child Support
19.Well Fare
20.He Man
York 英文
1.Doin' Something
2.Doin' Nothin
3.Everything's OK
4.Above Crenshaw
8.Annie Hall
10.Spring Winter Summer Fall
11.Down To Earth
12.Jazzmen (提供)
13.Keep Pushinn
14.My Sunshine
15.Jazmine (提供)
16.Ronald Morgan (提供)
17.Everybody Nose
Gods in the Spirit (EP) 英文
1.Boyz II Men
2.Creme of the Crop (提供)
3.Crooks in Castles (提供)
4.End of the World (提供)
5.God Shit (提供)
6.End of the World (Remix) (提供)
The Buzz 英文
1.The Buzz (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) (提供)
2.God's Arrival (提供)
3.Peroxide (feat. DaM-FunK) (提供)
Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them 英文
1.A Letter
2.Ease Your Mind
3.Maybe One Day
4.I Am Jean
5.O Heaven
6.More Out of Life
7.The Only One
9.Mask Your Soul
10.Good Morning Neighbor
11.Growing Pains
12.Don't Be Jelly
13.Berries and Juices (提供)
14.The Great Escape (提供)
16.A Man
17.Cent From Heaven (提供)
Open 英文
1.Point Blank (提供)
2.Good Gracious (提供)
3.Steel Remains (Raw) (提供)
4.Gotta Be Free (提供)
5.Taking The Day Off (提供)
6.Part Time Suckas (提供)
7.Avenge Of The Cheap Ass (提供)
8.Remember Me D Tail & Definite (提供)
9.The Dance (提供)
10.Ooh Child (提供)
11.The Bottom (提供)
12.Brown Sucre (提供)
13.The End (提供)
14.Twenty Seven (提供)
TheGodleebarnes LP 英文
1.TheInnocent (提供)
2.AzulitoTheGreat (提供)
3.GloryUsDelux (提供)
5.TheGOD's&Me (提供)
6.Grandma'sKitchen (提供)
7.Difficulties (提供)
8.SpanishWinter (提供)
10.TheRunOut(erlude) (提供)
11.It'sOkay (提供)
12.OnMarsWithTheStars (提供)
13.Smoking@6InTheMo (提供)
14.CityOfLos(t)Angel(e)s (提供)
15.AllTheKingsMen (提供)
16.AWorldGoneBlind (提供)
17.MelloSunshine (提供)
20.Outro(OpenMindDead) (提供)
21.TheBonusSongMyBoyBlu (提供)
22.BenevolentOffering&Benediction (提供)
Below the Heavens: In Hell Happy With Your New Imaginary Friend 英文
1.My World Is..
2.The Narrow Path
3.So(ul) Amazin' (Steel Blazin')
4.Juicen' Dranks
5.In Remembrance of Me
6.Blu Colla Workers
7.Dancing In the Rain
8.First Things First
9.No Greater Love
10.Show Me the Good Life
11.Simply Amazin'
12.Cold Hearted
13.The World Is (Below the Heavens..)
14.You Are Now In The Clouds With (The Koochie Monstas) (提供)
15.I Am Blu
16.Silence (提供)
17.Untitled (提供)
Lifted (EP) 英文
1.Another Day
2.The Narrow Path
3.Soul Provider
4.Party of Two
5.Soul Amazin' (Steelin') [Remix] (提供)
Lifted: The C.O.R.E. Mixtape 英文
1.Another Day
2.Pearly Gates
3.Stress Off the Chest
4.Sun in My Face
Jesus 英文
1.On the Porch
3.Birdz n Beez
Her Favorite Colo(u)r 英文
4.Morning (提供)
7.When(terlude) (提供)
8.Silent (提供)
11.Beggars Black Gold (提供)
14.Peace (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Doin' Nothin (Feat. U-God)
2.Never Be The Same
3.Super Dooper U
4.Spring Winter Summer Fall (feat. Jimetta Rose)
5.LA Counting
6.Dodger Stadium
7.Mars (remix)
8.The Only Way (Hip Hop Dock-Trine exclusive)
9.My Boy Blu
10.Bad News Barnes
11.The Clean Hand

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