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Birth Control【 共收藏 25 張專輯, 112 首歌 】
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Two Eggs: Two Concerts 英文
1.Backdoor Possibilities (提供)
2.Behind Grey Walls
3.Meta Ventilator (提供)
4.Fall Down (提供)
5.Work Is Done
6.Don't Call Me Up
7.Nuclear Reactor
8.Take Alarm
9.Greedy Eyes
10.Day of Doom Is Coming
11.King Of An Island
12.Pick on Me
13.Gamma Ray
14.Get Down To Your Fate
15.Hoodoo Man
16.Stop Little Lady
Getting There 英文
1.All That I Want
2.Garden Of Gold
3.Simpler As It Seems
4.When The Night Falls
Jungle Life 英文
1.A Chance To Learn2.Valley Of Darkness Part 1
Deal Done At Night 英文
1.Deal Done At Night
2.He's In The Right
3.Talk To You
Count On Dracula! 英文
1.Count On Dracula
Titanic 英文
1.Don't Turn Back
2.How Can I Live?
3.Saturday Special
4.Seems Like It's Confusion
Increase 英文
1.Domino's Hammock
2.Skate Board Sue
3.Until The Night
Backdoor Possibilities 英文
1.Childhood Flash-Back (提供)
2.Film Of Life
3.Futile Prayer
Rebirth 英文
1.No Shade Is Real2.Together Alone Tonight
Hoodoo Man 英文
3.Get Down to Your Fate
4.Hoodoo Man
5.Nostalgia (single A-Side)
6.Hope (live: Bluesgarage Isernhagen)
7.She's Got Nothing on You (live: Musiktheater Rex in Lorsch)
Operation 英文
1.Flesh And Blood2.Let Us Do It Now
Birth Control 英文
1.Foolish Action
Two Worlds 英文
1.Preacher Man
2.Two Worlds
3.Burnt Gas
The Very Best of Birthcontrol 英文
1.My Mind
2.Tiny Flashlights
3.No Shade Is Real
4.This Song Is Just for You
5.Back From Hell
6.Plastic People
Plastic People 英文
1.My Mind
Operation (Remastered) 英文
1.Stop Little Lady (Remastered)
2.Just Before the Sun Will Rise (Remastered)
3.The Work Is Done (Remastered)
4.Flesh and Blood (Remastered)
5.Pandemonium (Remastered)
6.Let Us Do It Now (Remastered)
7.Hope (Single) [Remastered]
8.Believe in the Pill (Single) [Remastered]
Live Abortion Plus 英文
1.Greedy Eyes - Live
2.Nuclear Reactor - Live
3.Don't Call Me Up - Live
4.Pick on Me - Live
5.Get Ready to Run - Live
6.Dont Call Me Up
Jungle Life+Getting There (Collectors Premium) 英文
1.Love Strike (Live, Z7/pratteln, Switzerland 05.03.1999, Bonustrack)
2.All That I Want (Live, Z7/pratteln, Switzerland 05.03.1999, Bonustrack)
3.Garden of Gold (Live, Z7/pratteln, Switzerland 05.03.1999, Bonustrack)
4.When the Night Falls (Live, Z7/pratteln, Switzerland 05.03.1999, Bonustrack)
5.Call Me (Live) [Live, Nordmarkhalle - Bullentempel, Rendsburg 19.10.1996, Bonustrack]
6.Preacherman (Live, Nordmarkhalle - Bullentempel, Rendsburg 19.10.1996, Bonustrack)
7.A Chance to Learn
Jungle Life & Getting There 英文
1.Call Me (live) (live)
2.Preacherman (live)
3.Love Strike (live)
4.All That I Want (live)
5.Garden of Gold (live)
6.When the Night Falls (live)
Definitive Collection 英文
1.She's Got Nothing on You
3.Mister Hero
Count on Dracula & Deal Done at Night 英文
1.He's in the Right
2.Talk to You
3.Deal Done at Night
4.Another Death (live)
5.Burnt Gas (live)
6.Gamma Ray (live, the Longest version Ever!)
Bäng! 英文
1.Doom Boom
2.The King of an Island
3.Nuclear Reactor
4.Take Alarm
5.The Day of Doom Is Coming
6.Get Ready to Run (single)
Alsatian 英文
1.Julie's Dream
2.Jump (For Your Life)
4.A Night of It
35th Anniversary: Live at Rockpalast 英文
1.Rock the Road
2.Trial Trip
暫存 英文
1.Long Tall Sally
3.Fight for You
4.No Drugs
5.The King Of An Island (Remastered)

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