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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Ben Woodward( 班伍德沃德 )
Ben Woodward( 班伍德沃德 )【 共收藏 2 張專輯, 58 首歌 】
Ben Woodward
出生: 紐西蘭
類型: 流行
專輯: How We Love You, 更多
所屬唱片公司: Sforzando, Redeem The Music, Ben Woodward, 更多
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Maranatha 英文
1.Beyond The Veil (提供)
2.I Am Falling (提供)
3.Reaching Out For Heaven (提供)
4.More Like You (提供)
5.Isn't He Beautiful (提供)
6.Falling In Love (提供)
7.I Will Sing (提供)
8.I Now Will Come (提供)
10.Hope Revolution
11.He Is Risen (提供)
12.Holy Is The Lord (提供)
13.Because Of Love (提供)
14.Sing Hosanna
暫存 英文
3.Hands to Myself
4.I Took a Pill in Ibiza
5.Wrecking Ball/ Timber Mashup
6.Adventure Of A Lifetime Cover
7.Like I'm Gonna Lose You
8.Hello (Cover)
9.Love Yourself (Cover)
10.Love Me Now (Remix)
11.Scared to Be Lonely (Remix)
12.Something Just Like This (Remix)
13.It Ain't Me (Remix)
14.Chained to the Rhythm (Remix)
16.Can't Stop the Feeling
17.Never Forget You
18.My Way (Remix)
19.Really Don't Care
20.Paris (Remix)
21.Attention (Remix)
22.Believer (Remix)
23.Find Me (Remix)
24.By Your Side (Remix)
25.Rockabye (Remix)
26.All We Know (Remix)
27.Worst in Me (Remix)
28.New Rules
29.Don't Leave (Remix)
30.Hymn for the Weekend
31.Lonely Together (Remix)
32.Symphony (Remix)
34.Treat You Better
35.Dusk Till Dawn
36.So Far Away (Acoustic)
37.Singing in the Rain
38.Sorry (Acoustic)
39.Wolves (Acoustic)
40.Naked (Acoustic)
42.Lost Without You
43.Make Me Yours
44.No Promises (Remix)

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