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10,000 Maniacs( 一萬個騙子樂團 )【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 241 首歌 】
10,000 Maniacs是一支成立於1981年的美國另類搖滾樂隊。他們發行了九張錄音室專輯,六張EP和五張現場專輯。 他們在1987年至1993年間取得了最大的成功,當時他們發行了四張在美國排行榜前50位的專輯:在我的部落(1987),盲人動物園(1989),我們在伊甸園的時間(1992)和現場專輯 MTV Unplugged(1993)。 錄音之後,MTV Unplugged發行之前,原創主唱和主要歌曲作者Natalie Merchant離開樂隊去追求獨唱職業。 她由瑪麗拉姆齊取代,她是1993年至2001年的主唱,然後是2007年至今。
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Playing Favorites Live 英文
1.What's The Matter Here (Live)
2.There Are Days (Live)
3.Hey Jack Kerouac (Live)
4.My Sister Rose (Live)
5.Candy Everybody Wants (Live)
6.Rainy Day (Live)
7.Because The Night (Live)
8.Stockton Gala Days (Live)
9.Can't Ignore The Train (Live)
10.More Than This (Live)
11.Trouble Me (Live)
12.Love Among The Ruins (Live)
13.Like The Weather (Live)
14.My Mother The War (Live)
In the City of Angels 英文
1.Let the Mystery Be
Twice Told Tales 英文
1.Lady Mary Ramsay I (提供)
2.The Song of Wandering Aengus
3.She Moved Through the Fair
4.Dark Eyed Sailor
5.Misty Moisty Morning
6.Bonny May
8.Do You Love an Apple?
9.Greenwood Sidey
11.Death of Queen Jane
12.Wild Mountain Thyme
13.Marie's Wedding
14.Lady Mary Ramsey II (提供)
Music from the Motion Picture 英文
1.I Don't Love You Too
2.When We Walked on Cloud
3.Live for the Time of Your Life (提供)
4.It's a Beautiful Life (提供)
5.Tiny Arrows (提供)
6.Downhill (提供)
7.Chautauqua Moon (提供)
8.Gold (提供)
9.Triangles (提供)
10.Whippoorwill (提供)
11.Fine Line (提供)
Triangles (EP) 英文
1.The Time of Your Life (提供)
2.Triangles (EP) (提供)
3.Whippoorwill (EP) (提供)
4.Gold (EP)
5.Fine Line (EP) (提供)
Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure and Unknown Recordings 英文
1.Because The Night
2.To Sir With Love
3.Let The Mystery Be (Live - MTV Unplugged)
4.Everyday Is Like Sunday
5.Poppy Selling Man (提供)
6.Can't Ignore the Train (Demo)
8.These Days
9.Wildwood Flower
10.Circle Dream (Alternate
11.Noah's Dove (Demo)
12.Eden (Alternate
13.I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
14.Hello In There
The Earth Pressed Flat 英文
1.Beyond The Blue
5.Hidden In My Heart
6.In the Quiet Morning
7.Rainbows (提供)
8.Once a City
9.Smallest Step
10.Somebody's Heaven
11.The Earth Pressed Flat
12.Time Turns
13.Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
14.On And On (Mersey Song)
Love Among The Ruins 英文
1.Across The Fields
2.All That Never Happens
3.A Room For Everything
4.Big Star
5.Even With My Eyes Closed
6.Girl On A Train
7.Green Children
8.Love Among The Ruins
9.More Than This
10.Rainy Day
11.Shining Light
12.You Won't Find Me There
Our Time In Eden 英文
1.Candy Everybody Wants
2.Gold Rush Brides
3.I'm Not the Man
5.Noah's Dove
6.Stockton Gala Days
7.These Are Days
8.Circle Dream
10.Few and Far Between
11.How You've Grown
12.If You Intend
Blind Man's Zoo 英文
1.Dust Bowl
2.Eat for Two
3.Hateful Hate
6.Please Forgive Us
7.Poison in the Well
8.The Big Parade
9.The Lion's Share
10.Trouble Me
11.You Happy Puppet
In My Tribe 英文
1.Cherry Tree
2.City Of Angels
3.Don't Talk
4.Gun Shy
5.Hey Jack Kerouac
6.Like The Weather
7.My Sister Rose
8.The Painted Desert
9.Verdi Cries
10.What's the Matter Here?
11.Peace Train
The Wishing Chair 英文
1.Among The Americans
2.Arbor Day
3.Back O' the Moon
4.Can't Ignore the Train
5.Cotton Alley
6.Everyone a Puzzle Lover
7.Just as the Tide Was A-Flowing
9.Maddox Table
10.Scorpio Rising
11.Tension Makes a Tangle
12.The Colonial Wing
14.Grey Victory
15.My Mother the War
Secrets of the I Ching 英文
2.Death Of Manolete
3.Grey Victory
4.Katrina's Fair
5.My Mother the War
6.National Education Week
7.Pit Viper
9.The Latin One
10.Poor De Chirico
Human Conflict Number Five (EP) 英文
1.Anthem For Doomed Youth
2.Groove Dub
4.Planned Obsolescence
5.Tension (EP)
6.Eat for Two
7.Trouble Me
8.Don't Talk
9.Hey Jack Kerouac
10.Like The Weather
11.What's the Matter Here?
12.Because The Night
MTV Unplugged: 10,000 Maniacs 英文
1.These Are Days (Live)
2.I'm Not the Man (Live)
3.Don't Talk (Live)
4.Gold Rush Brides (Live)
5.Jezebel (Live)
6.Noah's Dove (Live) (提供)
MTV Unplugged 英文
1.These Are Days [MTV Unplugged Version]
2.I'm Not The Man [MTV Unplugged Version]
3.Because the Night
4.Because The Night [MTV Unplugged Version] (提供)
5.What's the Matter Here?
6.Don't Talk
7.I'm Not the Man
8.Noah's Dove
9.I'm Not the Man
10.Noah's Dove [MTV Unplugged Version]
11.Stockton Gala Days [MTV Unplugged Version]
12.Trouble Me [MTV Unplugged Version]
13.Don't Talk [MTV Unplugged Version]
14.Candy Everybody Wants [MTV Unplugged Version]
Live At the Ritz, New York, Fm Broadcast, 7th August 1987-nicaragua Medical Aid Benefit (Remastered) 英文
1.Maddox Table (Live)
2.Back O' the Moon (Live)
3.Lilydale (Live)
4.Wildwood Flower (Live)
5.Poison In the Well (Live)
6.Scorpio Rising (Live)
7.Pit Viper (Live)
8.Daktari (Live)
Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure and Unknown Recordings of 10,000 Maniacs 英文
1.Because The Night - LP-MTV Unplugged Version
2.Because the Night (MTV Unplugged Version) (提供)
3.Noah's Dove (Demo Version) (提供)
4.Eden (Alternate Lyrics) [Demo Version]
5.Planned Obsolenscence
6.These Days
7.These Are Days
10,000 Maniacs (Extended Versions) 英文
1.What's the Matter Here? (Live Version)
2.My Sister Rose (Live Version)
3.These Are Days (Live Version)
4.Stockton Gala Days (Live Version)
5.City of Angels (Live Version)
6.Don't Talk (Live Version)
7.Eden (Live Version)
8.Trouble Me (Live Version)
9.Candy Everybody Wants (Live Version)
10.Hey Jack Kerouac (Live Version)
暫存 英文
1.I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
2.A Campfire Song
3.Bread And Circuses
4.Party Of God
6.Sally Ann
7.Earth Pressed Flat
8.The Anonymous Alcoholic
9.Dreadlock Holiday
10.Everything You Wanted to Know About!!!!
11.For You and I
12.From Rochdale to Ocho Rios
13.Last Night
14.Life Line
15.Old Mister Time
16.Reds in my Bed
17.Shock on the Tube (Don't Want Love)
18.Take These Chains
20.Angels, From The Realms Of Glory
21.Carol Of The Bells
22.Christmas In Killarney
23.Christmas Without You
24.O Come, All Ye Faithful
25.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
26.Silver Bells
27.From The Time We Say Goodbye
28.Because the Night (live version)
29.A Campfire Song (LP version)
30.From the Time You Say Goodbye
31.Don't Go Back to Rockville
32.Among the Americans (Encore 1) (Live: The Orpheum Theater, Boston, Mass. 29 April '88)
33.A Campfire Song - Live: The Orpheum Theater, Boston, Mass. 29 April '88
34.Gun Shy - Live: The Orpheum Theater, Boston, Mass. 29 April '88
35.Peace Train - Live: The Orpheum Theater, Boston, Mass. 29 April '88
36.Cherry Tree (Encore 1) - Live: The Orpheum Theater, Boston, Mass. 29 April '88
37.The Painted Desert (Encore 2) - Live: The Orpheum Theater, Boston, Mass. 29 April '88
38.The Painted Desert (Live)
39.Eden (Live)

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