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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Cosmic Gate
Cosmic Gate【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 170 首歌 】
Cosmic Gate是由Trance製片人Claus Terhoeven(生於1972年)和Stefan Bossems(生於1967年)組成的德國DJ二人組。 雙方都來自德國克雷費爾德。

在2009年10月28日,DJ雜誌宣布他們的年度百強DJ投票結果,Ultra Records藝術家Cosmic Gate排名第19位,比前一年排名高出43位。 對於2010年DJ雜誌“Top100 DJ”調查,Cosmic Gate搬到了24號。
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Start To Feel The Remixes, Part 3 英文
1.All My Life (Husman Remix) (提供)
2.Telefunken (Bart Claessen Remix) (提供)
3.Try (DJ Observer & Heatcliff Remix) (提供)
4.Shine Forever (Greenhav (提供)
Start To Feel 英文
1.Happyness (提供)
2.Falling Back (with Eric Lumiere)
3.Fair Game (with Orjan Nilsen) (提供)
4.Alone (with Kristina Antuna) (提供)
5.No One Can Touch You Now (with Mike Schmid)
6.Telefunken (with Jerome Isma-Ae) (提供)
7.Run Away (with Eric Lumiere) (提供)
8.Going Home (with Emma Hewitt)
9.Sparks after the Sunset (with Sarah Lynn) (提供)
10.Yai (提供)
11.So Get Up
12.Try (with Jaren) (提供)
13.Start To Feel (with Cary Brothers) (提供)
14.Shine Forever (with Alexander Popov & Jannika) (提供)
15.Crushed (提供)
16.Tormenta (with Khomha) (提供)
17.All My Life (with Jonathan Mendelsohn) (提供)
Wake Your Mind 英文
1.Sometimes They Come Back For More (提供)
2.Be Your Sound
3.Wake Your Mind
4.The Theme (提供)
5.All Around You
6.Never Apart
7.Over The Rainbow
8.Nothing Ever Lasts (提供)
9.Calm Down
10.Free Falling (提供)
11.Drifting Away
12.Flying Blind
13.Perfect Stranger (提供)
14.Beautiful Destruction
Sign Of The Times 英文
1.Open Your Heart
2.London Rain
4.Sign Of The Times (提供)
5.Under Your Spell
6.Not Enough Time
7.FAV (提供)
8.Trip To PD (提供)
9.Only Time
10.Arctic Sunset (提供)
11.Body Of Conflict
12.Whatever (提供)
13.Seize The Day
Earth Mover 英文
1.Should've Known ft. Tiff Lacey - Original Mix
2.A Mile in My Shoes
3.Race Car Driver
4.This Is the Party
Back 2 The Future (The Classics 1999-2003 remixed) 英文
1.Human Beings (Daniel Kandi's Human Society remix) (提供)
2.Raging (Alexander Popov dub mix)
3.The Drums (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mofo remix)
4.Exploration of Space (Spencer and Hill remix)
5.Melt to the Ocean (John Ocallaghans main Room remix)
暫存1 英文
1.The Truth
2.Melt To The Ocean
3.Fire Wire (DJ Delicious Rewire Fire Remix)
4.The Truth (Cold Blue Remix)
5.Raging (Duderstadt Remix)
6.Back To Earth (Jochen Miller Remix)
7.Fire Wire (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)
8.Exploration Of Space (Spencer & Hill Remix)
9.Back To Earth (Arty Remix)
10.I Feel Wonderful
11.This Is The Party
12.Should've Known
13.Somewhere Over The Rainbow
14.Alone (with Kristina Antuna) (Andrew Rayel Radio Edit)
15.Falling Back (with Eric Lumiere) - Radio Edit
16.Exploration Of Space - Original Mix
17.So Get Up - Pelari Remix
18.Exploration Of Space - Radio Edit
19.Over the Rainbow (Da Capo's Surreal Touch)
20.The Drums (Markus Schulz Edit)
21.No one Can Touch You Now (with Mike Schmid) (Edit)
22.Alone (Maor Levi Radio Edit) [with Kristina Antuna]
23.All My Life (Album Mix) [with Jonathan Mendelsohn]
24.Body of Conflict (vocal edit)
25.Falling Back
26.Yai (Here We Go Again)
27.Going Home (with Emma Hewitt) (Edit)
28.All My Life (with Jonathan Mendelsohn) (Album Mix Edit)
29.Should've Known (Radio Edit)
30.Back 2 Earth (Arty remix)
31.Open Your Heart (feat. Tiff Lacey)
32.Should've Known (Wippenberg mix)
33.A State of Trance 500 (full continuous DJ mix by Cosmic Gate)
34.Back to Earth (Jochen Miller remix edit)
35.The Truth (DJ Isaac remix 2006 149 BPM)
36.Alone (with Kristina Antuna) (Radio Edit)
37.Falling Back (with Eric Lumiere) [Radio Edit] (Bonus Track)
38.A Day That Fades (Cosmic Gate AM2PM Edit)
39.Not Enough Time - Club Mix Edit
40.Going Home [ASOT 704] - Club Mix
41.Going Home (Club Radio Edit)
42.Going Home (club mix)
43.Going Home (Gareth Emery remix) (Armin Van Buuren's intro mix)
44.Going Home (Gareth Emery Radio Edit)
45.Going Home (Gareth Emery Remix)
46.Calm Down (Ost & Meyer radio edit)
47.Be Your Sound (Tristan Garner Remix)
48.Not Enough Time (Extended Mix)
49.Be Your Sound (Trance Nation - Cosmic Gate Edit) (Extended Mix)
50.Yai (Here We Go Again) (Super8 & Tab Radio Edit)
51.Yai (Here We Go Again) - Radio Edit
52.Yai (Radio Edit)
53.Flying Blind (extended mix)
54.Fall Into You (Radio Edit)
55.Fall Into You (EFL107)
56.Fall Into You (Original Extended Mix)
57.Be Your Sound - Extend. Mix
58.Be Your Sound - Live Acoustic Version
59.Edge of Life
60.Falling Back [Mix Cut] - Original Mix
61.Run Away (Alexander Popov Radio Edit)
62.Falling Back (Luke Bond Radio Edit)
63.Falling Back (Album Mix)
64.Open Your Heart (original mix)
65.Should've Known (dub mix)
66.Should Have Known
67.Edge Of Life (Mix Cut)
68.Edge of Life - Album Mix
69.I Feel Wonderful (12″ remix)
70.I Feel Wonderful (Cosmic Gate's AM to PM Mix)
71.Raging (Alexander Popov vocal remix edit)
72.Raging (Storm)
73.Raging (7'' mix)
74.Flying Blind [Mix Cut] - Tom Fall Remix
75.Yai (Here We Go Again) [Mix Cut] - Extended Mix
76.Flying Blind - Radio Edit
77.All My Life [ASOT 669] - Extended Mix
78.All My Life
79.All My Life - Husman Remix [Radio Edit]
80.All My Life (Husman Radio Edit)
81.All My Life - Album Mix
82.Free Falling [Barra]
83.Free Falling [Barra] (Extended Mix)
85.Alone (radio edit)
86.Sparks After The Sunset [ASOT 667] - Extended Mix
87.Sparks after the Sunset (Rafaël Frost Radio Edit)
88.Sparks after the Sunset
89.Folded Wings - Album Mix
90.Folded Wings (ASOT 830)
91.Going Home (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
92.Tonight - Original Mix
93.Tonight (Big Bang) (WYM170) - Extended Mix
94.Tonight - Extended Mix
95.Sparks after the Sunset [Mix Cut] (Rafaël Frost Remix)
96.Fall Into You (Wym145) (Extended Mix)
97.Flying Blind (Killbot War Paint Mashup mix)
98.Flying Blind (Norin & Rad remix)
99.London Rain (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
暫存 英文
1.A Day That Fades
2.The Truth (7')
3.Body of Conflict (Cosmic Gate club mix)
4.Not Enough Time (feat. Emma Hewitt) (club remix)
5.A Day That Fades (feat. Roxanne Emery) (Cosmic Gate's Am2pm mix)
6.Flatline (Kyau & Albert remix)
7.Bigger Than We Are
8.Bigger Than We Are (Extended Mix)
9.Fall Into You (Big Bang) (WYM139) [Extended Mix]
10.Materia (Intro Mix)
11.Bigger Than We Are (Wym181) (Extended Mix)
12.Raging (Alexander Popov Dub)
13.Folded Wings (Extended Mix)

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