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Coroner【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 60 首歌 】
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Autopsy 英文
1.Coroner (提供)
2.Reborn Through Hell (提供)
3.Funeral Tour Excerpts 1996 (Live Funeral Tour 1996)) (提供)
4.The Invincible (Rehearsal Room) (提供)
5.Spectators of Sin (1986) (提供)
6.Last Entertainment (Music Video) (提供)
7.I Want You (She's so Heavy) (Music Video) (提供)
8.Masked Jackal (Music Video) (提供)
9.Live in East Berlin 1990 (提供)
10.Grin and the Path to Breakup (提供)
11.Der Mussolini (DAF cover) (提供)
12.Divine Step
13.Gliding Above While Being Below
14.The Invincible (提供)
15.The Lethargic Age
16.Internal Conflicts
17.Golden Camera Sleeper, Pt. 1 (提供)
18.Nosferatu (提供)
Mental Vortex 英文
1.About Life (5:18)
2.Divine Step (6:22)
3.I Want You (7:14) (提供)
4.Metamorphosis (5:32)
5.Pale Sister (4:55)
6.Semtex Revolution (5:30)
7.Sirens (5:35)
8.Son Of Lilith (6:53)
9.About Life
No More Color 英文
1.Die By My Hand
2.D O A
3.Last Entertainment (T V Bizarre)
4.Mistress Of Deception
5.No Need To Be Human
6.Read My Scars
7.Tunnel Of Pain
8.Why It Hurts
Punishment For Decadence 英文
1.Absorbed (3:43)
2.Masked Jackal (4:46)
3.Purple Haze (3:20) (提供)
4.Shadow Of A Lost Dream (4:31)
5.Skeleton On Your Shoulder (5:35)
6.Sudden Fall (4:50)
7.The New Breed (4:52)
8.Voyage To Eternity (3:45)
9.Sudden Fall
10.Arc-Lite (提供)
R.i.p. 英文
1.R.i.p.2.Intro (提供)
Grin 英文
1.Serpent Moves
Death Cult 英文
1.Reborn Through Hate (live 1988)
2.Masked Jackal (live 1988)
3.Sudden Fall (live 1988)
4.Absorbed (live 1988)
暫存 英文
1.When Angels Die
2.I Want You (She's So Heavy)
4.Reborn Through Hate
5.Skeleton On Your Shoulder
6.Masked Jackal
8.Semtex Revolution

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