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Albert Collins【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 74 首歌 】
被稱為阿爾伯特·柯林斯和冰人的阿爾伯特·基因·德魯裡(Albert Gene Drewery)(1932年10月1日 - 1993年11月24日)是美國電吉他手兼吉他手,具有獨特的吉他風格。 他因其強有力的表演和他擅長的調音和變調夾而聞名。 他與Fender Telecaster的長期聯繫導致了“電視廣播大師”的稱號。
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The Complete Imperial Recordings 英文
1.I Need You So2.The Things I Used To Do
Iceman 英文
1.I'm Beginning to Wonder
2.Travellin' South
3.Put the Shoe On the Other Foot
4.Head Rag
5.Mr. Collins, Mr. Collins
Cold Snap 英文
1.Snatchin' It Back
2.Too Many Dirty Dishes
3.Hooked On You
4.Cash Talkin' (The Workingman's Blues)
Showdown! 英文
1.She's Into Something2.The Moon Is Full
Live In Japan 英文
1.All About My Girl2.Stormy Monday
Frostbite 英文
1.If You Love Me Like You Say2.Give Me My Blues
Ice Pickin' 英文
1.Honey, Hush!
2.Master Charge
3.Conversation With Collins
Love Can Be Found Anywhere (Even In A Guitar) 英文
1.Ain't Got Time2.Got A Good Thing Goin'
The Iceman At Mount Fuji (Live) 英文
1.Iceman (Live)
2.Put the Shoe On the Other Foot (Live)
3.If You Love Me Like You Say (Live)
4.Same Old Thing (Live)
5.Travelin' South (Live)
6.Honey Hush (Live)
Funky Blues Live 1973 英文
1.Stormy Monday (Live)
2.Conversation With Collins (Live)
3.Can't You See What You're Doing To Me (Live)
Don't Lose Your Cool 英文
2.When A Guitar Plays The Blues
3.... But I Was Cool!
4.Melt Down (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Im Not Drunk
2.Dyin' Flu
3.Lights Are On But Nobody's Home
4.If Trouble Was Money
5.Blue Monday Hangover
8.T-Bone Shuffle
9.The Highway Is Like a Woman
10.Tired Man
11.I Ain't Drunk
12.Same Old Thing
13.Too Tired
14.Don't Mistake Kindness for Weakness
16.The Hawk
17.Cold, Cold Feeling
18.Mustang Sally
20.There's Gotta Be A Change
21.When the Welfare Turns Its Back On You
22.Bending Like A Willow Tree
23.Baby, What You Want Me To Do?
24.The Dream
25.The Things That I Used to Do
26.Travelin' South
27.Angel of Mercy (Live)
28.Trouble Was Money
29.Hot 'n Cold
30.Listen Here!
31.Get to Gettin'
32.Baby, What You Want Me to Do/Rock Me Baby
33.I've Got a Mind to Travel (live)
34.Got a Mind to Travel (Live)
35.My Mind Is Trying to Leave Me
36.Do What You Want to Do
37.Trash Talkin'
38.I Ain't Drunk - Live
39.Frosty (live)

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