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Cold Chisel【 共收藏 28 張專輯, 445 首歌 】
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The Perfect Crime 英文
1.Alone For You
2.The Backroom
3.All Hell Broke Lucy
4.The Perfect Crime
5.Long Dark Road
6.Four In The Morning
7.The Mansions
8.The Toast of Paris
9.Shoot The Moon
10.Mexican Wedding
11.Get Lucky
12.Bus Station
14.Romantic Lies
15.Blue Flame
No Plans 英文
1.No Plans
3.HQ454 Monroe
4.Dead And Laid To Rest
5.Missing A Girl
6.Too Late
7.I Gotta Get Back On The Road
8.Our Old Flame
9.This Day
10.Summer Moon
11.The Horizon
12.I Got Things To Do
13.All For You
All For You (Single) 英文
1.All For You (Single)
The Last Wave Of Summer 英文
1.Red Sand
2.Way Down
3.Mr. Crown Prosecutor
4.The Things I Love In You
5.Baby's On Fire
7.Yakuza Girls
8.He Can't Believe It's Over With You
9.Angel In My Room
10.Never Stop Loving You
11.Pretty Little Thing
12.So Hard
13.Water Into Wine
14.The Last Wave Of Summer (提供)
Twentieth Century 英文
1.Flame Trees
2.Build This Love
3.Ghost Town
4.Hold Me Tight
6.No Sense
7.Only One
8.Painted Doll
9.Sing To Me
10.The Game
12.Twentieth Century
Circus Animals 英文
1.You Got Nothing I Want
2.When The War Is Over
3.Bow River
4.Forever Now
7.Wild Colonial Boy
8.No Good For You
9.Numbers Fall
10.Letter To Alan
East 英文
1.Cheap Wine
2.Choir Girl
3.Standing On The Outside
4.Never Before
6.Rising Sun
7.My Baby
9.Best Kept Lies
11.Star Hotel
12.Four Walls
13.My Turn To City
Breakfast At Sweethearts 英文
1.Breakfast At Sweethearts
5.Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)
7.Shipping Steel
8.I'm Gonna Roll Ya
10.The Door
Cold Chisel 英文
1.Khe Sanh
3.Home And Broken Hearted
4.One Long Day
8.Just How Many Times
9.Teenage Love Affair
10.Drinkin' In Port Lincoln
11.H-Hour Hotel
12.On The Road
Triple J (Live At the Wireless) 英文
1.Home and Broken Hearted (Live At the Wireless)
2.Rosaline (Live At the Wireless)
3.Daskarzine (Live At the Wireless)
4.Georgia On My Mind (Live At the Wireless)
Triple J (Live At St Leonards Park) 英文
1.Northbound (Live)
2.I'm Gonna Roll Ya (Live)
3.The Door (Live)
4.One Long Day (Live)
5.Home and Broken Hearted (Live)
6.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Live)
7.Mona and the Preacher (Live)
8.Georgia On My Mind (Live)
The Live Tapes, Vol. 2: Live At Bombay Rock, April 27, 1979 英文
1.Shipping Steel (Live At Bombay Rock)
2.Wild Thing (Live At Bombay Rock)
3.Merry-Go-Round (Live At Bombay Rock)
4.One Long Day (Live At Bombay Rock)
5.Plaza (Live At Bombay Rock)
6.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Live At Bombay Rock)
7.The Door (Live At Bombay Rock)
8.Showtime (Live At Bombay Rock)
9.Conversations (Live At Bombay Rock)
10.Dresden (Live At Bombay Rock)
11.Home and Broken Hearted (Live At Bombay Rock)
12.Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) (Live At Bombay Rock)
The Live Tapes Vol. 1: Live At the Hordern Pavilion, April 18, 2012 英文
1.Standing On the Outside (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
2.Merry-Go-Round (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
3.Flame Trees (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
4.Khe Sanh (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
5.Bow River (Live At the Hordern Pavilion) (提供)
6.When the War Is Over (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
7.Dead and Laid To Rest (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
8.Four Walls (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
9.Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
10.You Got Nothing I Want (Live At the Hordern Pavilion) (提供)
11.All For You (Live At the Hordern Pavilion) (提供)
12.Cheap Wine (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
13.No Plans (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
14.HQ454 Monroe (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
15.Saturday Night (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
16.Everybody (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
17.Yakuza Girls (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
18.My Baby (Live At the Hordern Pavilion) (提供)
19.Rising Sun (Live At the Hordern Pavilion) (提供)
20.Summer Moon (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
21.Choirgirl (Live At the Hordern Pavilion)
The Complete Cold Chisel 英文
1.Shipping Steel - 2011 Remastered
2.Rosaline - Live Bonus Track (The 1977 Demo Tapes)
3.Letter To Alan - Live (Last Stand Out-Takes)
4.Build This Love - Live (Last Stand Out-Takes)
5.Only One - Live (Last Stand Out-Takes)
6.Wild Colonial Boy - Live (Last Stand Out-Takes)
7.Khe Sanh - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
8.Mona And The Preacher - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
9.Breakfast At Sweethearts - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
10.The Door - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
11.Home And Broken Hearted - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
12.One Long Day - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
13.I'm Gonna Roll Ya - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
14.F-111 - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
15.Tomorrow (Live 1983)
16.Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye) - 2011 Remastered
17.Merry-Go-Round - 2011 Remastered
18.Conversations - 2011 Remastered
19.Four Walls (Live 2003)
20.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Live 2003)
21.Star Hotel (Live 1983)
22.Northbound - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
23.Juliet - Live (Live In St Leonards Park 28.5.78)
24.When The War Is Over - Live (Ringside)
25.Cry Me A River - Live (Ringside)
26.Forever Now - Live (Ringside)
27.Pretty Little Thing - Live (Ringside)
28.The Last Wave Of Summer - Live (Ringside)
29.Plaza - Live (Ringside)
30.Houndog - Live (Ringside)
31.My Baby - Live (Ringside)
32.Painted Doll - Live (Ringside)
33.Saturday Night - Live (Ringside)
34.Daskarzine - Live (Live At the Wireless 29.3.77)
35.No Good For You - Live At The Playroom (Never Before)
36.Water Into Wine - Live (Ringside)
37.Bow River - Live (Ringside)
38.Flame Trees - Live (Ringside)
39.Rising Sun - Live (Ringside)
40.You Got Nothing I Want - Live (Ringside)
41.Georgia On My Mind
42.Ita - Live
43.This Time Round - 2011 Remastered
44.Knocking On Heaven's Door
45.Bow River (Live 1983) (提供)
46.Choirgirl (Live 1983)
47.Flame Trees
48.Yesterdays - 2011 Remastered
49.Breakfast At Sweethearts
50.Cheap Wine - Live (Ringside)
51.This Day
52.Teenage Love Affair (2011 Remastered)
53.Suicide Sal (2011 Remastered)
54.Hands Out of My Pocket (2011 Remastered)
55.So Hard (2011 Remastered)
56.This Big Old Car (2011 Remastered)
57.Way Down (2011 Remastered)
58.Angel In My Room (2011 Remastered)
59.Red Sand (2011 Remastered)
60.Never Stop Loving You (2011 Remastered)
61.Yakuza Girls (2011 Remastered)
62.Monica (2011 Remastered)
63.Our Old Flame
64.I Gotta Get Back On the Road
65.Too Late
66.Missing a Girl
67.Dead and Laid To Rest
68.No Plans
69.A Little Bit of Daylight (2011 Remastered)
70.Notion For You (2011 Remastered)
71.Metho Blues (2011 Remastered)
72.Bal-A-Versailles (2011 Remastered)
73.Baby's On Fire (2011 Remastered)
74.I'm Gonna Roll Ya (2011 Remastered)
75.Dresden (2011 Remastered)
76.Just How Many Times (2011 Remastered)
77.Showtime (2011 Remastered)
78.The Things I Love In You (2011 Remastered)
79.Mr. Crown Prosecutor (2011 Remastered)
80.Letter To Alan (2011 Remastered) (提供)
81.Numbers Fall (2011 Remastered)
82.No Good For You (2011 Remastered) (提供)
83.Taipan (2011 Remastered) (提供)
84.Forever Now (2011 Remastered) (提供)
85.You Got Nothing I Want (2011 Remastered) (提供)
86.Janelle - Live (Last Stand)
87.Standing On The Outside - Live (Last Stand)
88.Taipan - Live (The Barking Spiders Live 1983)
89.Twentieth Century - Live (The Barking Spiders Live 1983)
90.Hold Me Tight - Live (The Barking Spiders Live 1983)
91.No Sense - Live (The Barking Spiders Live 1983)
92.Don't Let Go - Live (Last Stand)
93.River Deep Mountain High - Live (Last Stand)
94.Wild Thing - Live (Last Stand)
95.Choirgirl - Live (Last Stand)
96.My Turn To Cry - Live (Swingshift)
97.Never Before - Live (Swingshift)
98.Daskarzine (Cold Chisel)
99.The Horizon
100.The Party's Over - Live (Swingshift)
101.Summer Moon
The Best Of Cold Chisel - All For You 英文
1.Flame Trees - 2011 Remastered
2.Shipping Steel (Remastered)
3.Ita (Remastered)
4.Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye) (Remastered)
5.Breakfast At Sweethearts - 2011 Remastered
6.Four Walls - 2011 Remastered
7.Breakfast At Sweethearts
8.Four Walls
10.Flame Trees
11.My Baby (Remastered) (提供)
12.You Got Nothing I Want (Remastered) (提供)
13.Khe Sanh - 2011 Remastered
14.All For You - 2011 Remastered
15.HQ454 Monroe - 2011 Remastered
16.Hq454 Monroe
18.Standing On the Outside (Remastered)
19.When the War Is Over (Remastered)
20.Cheap Wine (Remastered)
21.Bow River (Remastered) (提供)
22.Rising Sun (Remastered) (提供)
23.Choirgirl (Remastered)
24.Saturday Night (Remastered)
25.Forever Now (Remastered) (提供)
26.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Remastered)
27.Yakuza Girls (Remastered)
28.Cheap Wine
The Barking Spides Live 1983 (Remastered) 英文
1.Merry-Go-Round (Live)
2.Twentieth Century (Live)
3.Bow River (Live) (提供)
4.Standing On the Outside (Live)
5.Forever Now (Live) (提供)
6.Tomorrow (Live)
7.Hold Me Tight (Live)
8.No Sense (Live)
9.You Got Nothing I Want (Live) (提供)
10.Taipan (Live) (提供)
Teenage Love 英文
1.Nothing But You - 2011 Remastered
2.Suicide Sal
3.Teenage Love Affair
5.Drinkin' in Port Lincoln
6.Payday in a Pub
8.A Little Bit of Daylight
9.Mona And The Preacher - 2011 Remastered
10.Yesterdays - 2011 Remastered
11.When the Sun Goes Down
12.Hands Out of My Pocket (Remastered)
13.Teenage Love Affair (Remastered)
14.Metho Blues (Remastered)
15.Notion For You (Remastered)
Swingshift (Remastered) 英文
1.Conversations (Live)
2.One Long Day (Live)
3.Four Walls (Live)
4.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Live)
5.Shipping Steel (Live)
6.Goodbye (Live)
7.The Party's Over (Live)
8.Don't Let Go (Live)
9.Star Hotel (Live)
10.Ita (Live)
11.Knockin' On Heavens Door (Live)
12.My Turn To Cry (Live)
13.Choirgirl (Live)
14.Never Before (Live)
15.Rising Sun (Live) (提供)
16.Juliet (Live)
17.Merry-Go Round (Live)
Ringside 英文
1.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Live - 2003)
3.Pretty Little Thing
4.Home and Broken Hearted (Live)
5.Rosaline (Live)
6.Breakfast At Sweethearts - Live
7.Shipping Steel - Live
8.Merry-Go-Round - Live
9.Four Walls - Live
10.Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye) - Live
11.Breakfast at Sweethearts
12.Flame Trees
14.Water Into Wine
15.My Baby (Live - 2003) (提供)
16.Forever Now (Live - 2003) (提供)
17.Khe Sanh (Live - 2003)
18.Saturday Night (Live - 2003)
19.You Got Nothing I Want (Live - 2003) (提供)
20.Rising Sun (Live - 2003) (提供)
21.Flame Trees (Live - 2003)
22.Bow River (Live - 2003) (提供)
23.Water Into Wine (Live - 2003)
24.F1-11 - Live
25.Four Walls
26.When the War Is Over
27.Cheap Wine
Ringside (Remastered) 英文
1.The Things I Love In You (Live)
2.When the War Is Over (Live)
3.Painted Doll (Live)
4.Saturday Night (Live)
5.Flame Trees (Live)
6.Water Into Wine (Live)
7.F-111 (Live)
8.Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) (Live)
9.Home and Broken Hearted (Live)
10.Four Walls (Live)
11.Khe Sanh (Live)
12.Pretty Little Thing (Live)
13.Cheap Wine (Live)
14.Rosaline (Live)
15.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Live)
16.My Baby (Live) (提供)
17.Houndog (Live)
18.Plaza (Live)
19.Shipping Steel (Live)
20.The Last Wave of Summer (Live)
21.Merry-Go-Round (Live)
Live in St Leonards Park 28.5.78 (Remastered) 英文
1.Juliet (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
2.Khe Sanh (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
3.Mona and the Preacher (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
4.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
5.The Door (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
6.Home and Broken Hearted (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
7.One Long Day (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
8.I'm Gonna Roll Ya (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
9.F-111 (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
10.Northbound (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
11.Georgia On My Mind (Triple J Live At the Wireless)
Live At The Wireless 29.3.77 英文
1.Rosaline (triple J Live At the Wireless)
2.Daskarzine (triple J Live At the Wireless)
3.Home And Broken Hearted - Live At The Wireless
4.Georgia On My Mind (triple J Live At the Wireless)
Last Stand (Live) 英文
1.Cheap Wine (Live - 1983)
2.Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye) (Live - 1983)
3.Saturday Night (Live - 1983)
4.Wild Thing (Live - 1983)
5.Star Hotel (Live - 1983)
6.Flame Trees (Live - 1983)
7.Bow River (Live - 1983) (提供)
8.You Got Nothing I Want (Live - 1983) (提供)
9.Choirgirl (Live - 1983)
10.Rising Sun (Live - 1983) (提供)
11.Tomorrow (Live - 1983)
12.Twentieth Century (Live - 1983)
13.Only One (Live - 1983)
14.Janelle (Live - 1983)
15.Khe Sanh (Live - 1983)
16.Don't Let Go (Live - 1983)
Cold Chisel (Remastered) 英文
1.Juliet (Remastered)
2.One Long Day
3.Home and Broken Hearted
4.Just How Many Times
5.Just How Many Times (Remastered)
6.Daskarzine (Remastered)
7.Rosaline (Remastered)
8.Northbound (Remastered)
Circus Animals (Remastered) 英文
1.Taipan (Remastered) (提供)
2.Houndog (Remastered)
3.Wild Colonial Boy (Remastered)
4.No Good For You (Remastered) (提供)
5.Numbers Fall (Remastered)
6.Letter To Alan (Remastered) (提供)
7.No Good for You
Breakfast At Sweethearts (Remastered) 英文
1.Conversations (Remastered)
2.Breakfast At Sweethearts
3.Shipping Steel
6.Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)
7.Breakfast At Sweethearts (Remastered)
8.The Door
10.I'm Gonna Roll Ya
11.Plaza (Remastered)
12.Dresden (Remastered)
13.Merry-Go-Round (Remastered)
3 Big Hits 英文
1.H-Hour Hotel
2.On the Road
3.River Deep Mountain High (live)
4.Wild Colonial Boy (live)
5.Only One (live)
6.Build This Love (live)
7.Letter to Alan (live) (提供)
暫存 英文
1.My Turn To Cry
3.Saturday Night
4.Wild Thing
5.Notion For You
6.Khe San
7.A Little Bit Of Daylight
8.Fallen Angels (The Last Wave Bonus Track)
9.It Aint Wrong
10.Knocking On Heaven's Door (East 7' Bonus Single)
11.Khe Sahn
12.Cheap Wine (2011 Remastered)

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