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Cinnamon Chasers( 浮雲 )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 88 首歌 】
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The Archives, Vol. 4 Analog Soundscapes 英文
1.A New World (提供)
2.Will They Still Want Me Once I'm a Human (提供)
3.A Discovering Love (提供)
4.I Haven't Forgotten You (提供)
5.They Are Returning (提供)
6.The Androids Welcoming (提供)
7.Do They Dream (提供)
8.Slipping out of Sight (提供)
9.The Victorious (提供)
10.Realisations (提供)
The Archives, Vol. 3 Lost Gems Since 2005 英文
1.Spirit of Sukaba (提供)
2.Stand by You (提供)
3.Reason to Believe (提供)
4.Laid Back Sultress (提供)
5.Love Is Gone (提供)
6.Flight Via Saturn (提供)
7.State Crossing (提供)
8.Night Lovers (提供)
9.Golden Coast (提供)
10.Upwards Motions (提供)
11.Crickett (提供)
12.8-Bit Stargate (提供)
13.The Forgotten (提供)
14.By the Marina (提供)
15.Chasing Cinnamon (提供)
16.Neon Love (提供)
17.Intro Track (提供)
18.Sky Flyer (提供)
19.Retrocop (提供)
The Archives, Vol. 2 Sublimation (Electronic Reworks & Guest Vocals) 英文
1.Hurts Too Much (EP Version) (提供)
2.Angel of the Sirens (EP Version) (提供)
3.Alive (Extended Dub) (提供)
4.Gonna Make Your Boy My Boy (提供)
5.If I Stay Don't Go (Electro Version) (提供)
6.We Could Have Been Together (Electronic Rework) (提供)
7.We're Alive (Guest Vocal Mix) (提供)
8.Angel of the Sirens (Electronic Rework) (提供)
9.Remember U (Old School Breakbeat Version) (提供)
10.If I Stay Don't Go (The House Mix) (提供)
The Archives, Vol. 1 Sublimation 英文
1.I Thought That Time Would Help Us (提供)
2.Hurts Too Much to Be Apart (提供)
3.So Good at Hurt (提供)
4.Blueskies (提供)
5.We Could Have Been Together (提供)
6.Healing Fractures (提供)
7.We Are Alive (提供)
8.One Chance to Be with You (提供)
Myracom 英文
1.Radar (提供)
2.Johnny Thunder (提供)
3.Spice (提供)
4.Connection (提供)
5.Tetra (提供)
6.Fields (提供)
7.Rubix (提供)
8.Lovin U (提供)
Great Escape 英文
1.Superwave (提供)
2.Great Escape (提供)
3.Rubicons (提供)
4.Like A Tv Show (提供)
5.Lost My Self-Control (提供)
6.Oleah (提供)
7.Scream Out (提供)
8.Changing Feelings (提供)
9.Together (提供)
10.Blue Skies (提供)
11.Dream Weavers (提供)
Sublimation 英文
1.Could Have Been (提供)
2.Alive (提供)
3.Gonna Make You Mine (提供)
4.No Better Time Than This (提供)
5.Don't Regret (提供)
6.Remember U (提供)
7.Changes (提供)
8.Rain (提供)
9.If I Stay Don't Go (提供)
10.We Were Young (提供)
Hurts Too Much 英文
1.Hurts Too Much2.Angel Of The Sirens
Time.Body.Tears 英文
1.Flight (提供)
2.Body (提供)
3.Tears (提供)
4.Time (提供)
5.Friends (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Burn the Fire
2.Wishing for the Fire (Live Version)
4.One Million Balloons
5.Warm Rush (Lameboy Advance Remix)

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