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Chris Norman( 克里斯諾門 )【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 158 首歌 】
克里斯托弗沃德諾曼(生於1950年10月25日)是一位英國軟搖滾歌手。 諾曼是Smokie的主唱,來自布拉德福德的英國軟搖滾樂隊,該樂隊在20世紀70年代在歐洲取得成功。
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Rock Away Your Teardrops [New Extended Edition] 英文
1.American Girl (提供)
2.Comes The Night
3.My Girl And Me (提供)
4.Rock Away Your Teardrops (提供)
5.Who Can Make Me Laugh
6.Hey Baby (提供)
7.It Ain't Easy (提供)
8.Hearts Need Company (提供)
9.Oh Colette (提供)
10.Too Many Hearts Have Been Broken (提供)
11.Forty Years On (提供)
Crossover 英文
1.Waiting (提供)
2.Cats Eyes (提供)
3.Hard to Find (提供)
4.Fly Away (提供)
5.Highest Mountain (提供)
6.Before the Morning Knows
7.The Girl I Love (提供)
8.Beautiful Rain (提供)
9.Carry On (提供)
10.Take This Lonely Heart (提供)
11.Alien Like You (提供)
12.Love.s on Fire (提供)
13.40 Years On (Remix) (提供)
There And Back 英文
1.I'm Gone
2.Gypsy Queen
3.Nobody's Fool
4.Wish You Well
5.My Jenny
6.Whisky And Water
7.Love's Such A Strange Thing
8.Lovers And Friends
9.Hard Road
10.Hound Dog Blues
11.Did The Monkeys Take Over The Zoo
12.Hot Love
13.Northern Star (提供)
Different Shades 英文
1.Sarah (You Take My Breath Away)
Some Hearts Are Diamonds 英文
1.Some Hearts Are Diamonds
Time Traveller 英文
1.Get It On
2.Country Girl
3.Back For Good
4.Be My Baby
5.Chasing Cars
6.Morning Dew
7.Sweet Caroline
8.Homeward Bound
9.Moonlight Shadow
10.I Can't Dance
11.19th Nervous Breakdown
12.Wake Me Up When September Ends
The Very Best Of 英文
1.Send a Sign to My Heart (feat. Lory Bonnie Bianco)
2.For You (extended version)
3.Baby I Miss You (unplugged version)
4.Into the Night
5.Sarah (You Take My Breath Away)
6.Stay One More Night
7.Baby I Miss You
8.She Said She Was a Lucky Girl
The Hits! 英文
1.Love Is A Battlefield
2.The First Cut Is The Deepest
3.Living Next Door To Alice
4.Sarah (You Take My Breath Away)
5.Oh Carol
6.Stumblin' In
7.I'll Meet You At Midnight
8.If You Think You Know How to Love Me
9.Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
The Hits! Tour 英文
1.Needles and Pins (Live)
2.Lay Back In the Arms of Someone (Live)
3.Sarah (Live)
4.Living Next Door to Alice (Live)
5.Mexican Girl (Live)
6.Million Miles to Nowhere (Live)
7.If You Think You Know How to Love Me (Live)
8.Call On Me (Live)
9.The Night Has Turned Cold (Live)
10.Stumblin' In (Duet) [Live]
11.Oh Carol (Live)
The 25th Anniversary Album 英文
1.For You
2.Love Is a Battlefield
3.Oh Carol
Midnight Lady 英文
1.Here Comes the Night
2.Hunters of the Night
3.It's a Tragedy
4.She Said She Was a Lucky Girl
Into the Night 英文
1.I'll Be There
2.Baby Don't Chance
3.Into the Night
4.Stay One More Night
5.Baby I Miss You
Interchange 英文
1.Hold On
2.A Beautiful World
3.If You Need My Love Tonight
4.Closer Josie
Handmade 英文
1.Keep Talking
2.It's Crazy
3.It's Alright (提供)
4.Angel of Berlin
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Midnight Lady
2.Send A Sign To My Heart (Duet With Lory Bonnie Bianco)
3.Sarah (You Take My Breath Away)
4.Follow Me
5.Into the Night
6.Dangerous Heart
7.Broken Heroes
8.No Arms Can Ever Hold You
10.Baby I Miss You
11.Tell Me Why (Previously Unreleased)
Complete Story of Chris Norman 英文
1.Baby It's You
2.Living Next Door to Alice
3.Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
4.If You Think You Know How to Love Me
5.Oh Carol
6.Into the Night
7.Baby I Miss You (unplugged)
8.For You (maxi version)
9.All Out Tears
10.Coming Back to You
11.I Cry a Lot More Now
12.Running Scared
13.She Said She Was a Lucky Girl
Break the Ice 英文
1.Break the Ice
2.Hearts on Fire
3.The Night Has Turned Cold
4.One Last Kiss
5.Save in the Arms of Love
6.Angie Don't You Love Me
7.Back Again
8.Got Me in the Palm of Your Hand
Break Away 英文
2.Break Away
5.Don't You Cry
6.Too Much (and Not Enough)
暫存 英文
1.One Way Love Affair
2.Forty Years On - Demo Mix
3.Broken Heroes - aus dem Tatort 'Gebrochene Blüten'
4.Don't Lie To Me
6.Some Hearts Are Diamonds (Maxi-Version)
7.Midnight Lady (maxi version)
8.Broken Heroes (maxi version)
9.Red Hot Screaming Love
10.Love Is a Burning Flame
11.Baby I Call Your Name
12.Amazing (radio version)
13.Goodbye Lady Blue
14.All Alone
15.Alles klar
16.Crazy for You
17.Wild Wild Angel (long version mix)
18.A Stranger With You
19.Reflections of My Life
20.Wings of Love

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