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Chingy【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 182 首歌 】
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Fulldekk Fullosiphy 英文
1.Water To Her Fire Feat. Soulo (提供)
2.Vega- Bad Habbits (提供)
3.Lil Bit & Mr. 915- NBA Jam (提供)
4.Jus Swift- They Don't Really Want It (提供)
5.Still (提供)
6.M.C.- WTF (提供)
7.On The Grind Feat. Lil Bit & Mr. 915 (提供)
8.All Year Round Feat. Vega & M.C. (提供)
9.Interlude (提供)
10.Money Disease (提供)
11.Hello Feat. Soulo (提供)
12.Soulo- Erase The Pain (提供)
13.Damn Girl (提供)
Chances Make Champions 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Go Dumb (提供)
3.Club Nights (提供)
4.Yangin (提供)
5.Fire (提供)
6.Stop The Violence (Interlude) (提供)
7.Fresh Thug (提供)
8.4 A Real Niguh (提供)
9.They Aint Bout Nuttin (提供)
10.By Far (提供)
11.Still Gittin It (提供)
12.Lil Momma
13.Relationship 101 (Interlude) (提供)
14.I'm Hurr
15.Wanna Go (提供)
16.You and me (提供)
Success And Failure 英文
1.The Haters (提供)
2.Thurr Dey Go (提供)
3.Ya Hear Me (提供)
4.Git It Boy (提供)
5.All I Know (EP) (提供)
6.Drop A Dime (提供)
7.Anythang (提供)
8.Money Brought Me Back (提供)
9.Diamonds (提供)
10.Set It Out (提供)
11.Take Me (提供)
12.How It Goes (提供)
13.Feelin Like A Million (提供)
14.Iced Out
15.Down Thru Durr
Hate It Or Love It 英文
2.Spend Some $
3.Fly Like Me
4.Gimmie Dat
5.They Don't Know (提供)
6.All Aboard
7.Hate It Or Love It
8.2 Kool 2 Dance
9.Remember When
10.Lovely Ladies
11.St. Louis Niggaz (提供)
12.Roll On Em
13.My Swag
14.Kick Drum
15.Check My Swag
16.How We Feel
Hoodstar 英文
1.Pullin' Me Back
2.Bounce That
3.Dem Jeans
4.Let Me Luv U
5.Club Gettin' Crowded
6.U A Freak (Nasty Girl)
7.Intro (Ridin' Wit Me) (提供)
8.Hands Up (提供)
9.Nike Aurr's & Crispy Tee's (提供)
10.Cadillac Doors (提供)
11.Brand New Kicks (提供)
12.A$$ N Da Aurr (提供)
13.Lets Ride
jackpot 英文
1.Holidae In
2.One Call Away
4.He's Herre
5.Fck Dat Nigga
6.Madd @ Me
You Wanna Hang With A Star? (Mixtape) 英文
1.H.A.M (提供)
2.Be My Girl
3.Hey Now
4.All I Know (提供)
5.Down Thru Durr (Mixtape)
6.Keeper (提供)
7.Pop Dat (提供)
8.U Gits Nada (提供)
Powerballin' 英文
1.26's (Feat.Lil' Wayne)
4.Mobb Wit Me
5.We Clubbin'
6.Bring Da Beef
7.I Do
Jackpot Back 英文
1.Jackpot Back
2.Muthafucka (提供)
3.We N Hurr (提供)
4.Good Up (提供)
5.I Am (提供)
6.Go (提供)
7.Bout My Paper
8.Bitch I'm Rolling (提供)
9.Swagg On It (提供)
10.Pop That (提供)
11.Do It With Yo Face (提供)
12.Love No Hoes (提供)
13.She Don't Know (提供)
14.All Night (提供)
15.Stay N Da Aurr (提供)
16.Let It Go
17.Kodakk - Wurr You From (提供)
Everything And Nothing 英文
1.Mix It Up (提供)
2.Anotha One (提供)
3.I Like
4.Turn It Up
5.Hatin' On Myself (提供)
6.Call You (提供)
7.This Is The Deal (提供)
8.Whatchu Want (提供)
9.Real Talk (提供)
10.Everything (提供)
11.Just Another Day (提供)
12.Who Am I? (提供)
13.Flight 252 (提供)
14.Swang Dat Ass (提供)
15.Growin' Up (提供)
16.Take A Minute (提供)
17.Take It To Tha Sheets (提供)
18.Wrong Move (提供)
19.Hit Tha Stage (提供)
20.Swag On 100 (提供)
21.From Nobody To Somebody (提供)
22.Make Em Hate (提供)
23.Check Tha Stats (提供)
24.Swag On 100 Remix (提供)
25.Nothing (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Right Thurr
2.I Am A Coon
3.Wurrs My Cash
4.Chingy Jackpot
5.Bagg Up
6.Madd at Me
7.Sample Dat Ass
9.Shawty (put it on the floor) feat busta rhymes
10.Balla Baby
11.Chingy - Right Thurr
12.Sample Dat Ass ft. Murphy Lee
13.One Call Away (Featuring J/Weav)
14.Represent ft. Tity-Boi & i-20
15.Leave Wit Me
16.One Call Away Ft. J Weaver
17.Right Thurr (Remix)
18.Don't Worry (Clean)
19.Represent (Featuring Tity-Boi & I-20)
20.Sample Dat Ass (Featuring Murphy Lee)
21.Right Thurr (Remix) (Bonus Track)
22.Pullin' Me Back (Radio Edit)
23.Don't Worry
25.Balla Baby Remix
26.Wurr Da Git It Gurlz At Feat.
28.Haters 101 (Intro)
29.Gettin' It
30.Holidae In (Album Version)
31.Cadillac Door
32.Don't Really Care (Bonus Track)
33.Sample Dat @$$ Featuring Murphy Lee
34.Holidae In (Clean Version)
35.Holiday Inn
36.One Call Away ft. J/Weav
37.No Letting Go
38.Dice Game (Skit)
39.Give Em Some Mo
40.Jackpot the Pimp (Skit)
42.Holidae In (Featuring Ludacris & Snoop Dogg)
43.Holidae In Ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg
44.Happy Ending
45.My Lady
46.Shorty (Put It On The Floor)

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