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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Chilly Gonzales
Chilly Gonzales【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 80 首歌 】
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Chambers 英文
1.Prelude To A Feud (提供)
2.Advantage Points (提供)
3.Sweet Burden (提供)
4.Green's Leaves (提供)
5.Freudian Slippers (提供)
6.Solitaire (提供)
7.Sample This (提供)
8.The Difference (提供)
9.Cello Gonzales (提供)
10.Switchcraft (提供)
11.Myth Me
12.Not A Musical Genius
Re-Introduction Etudes 英文
1.Five Spot (提供)
2.Pavane (提供)
3.Pleading the Fifth (提供)
4.Mansbridge (提供)
5.Red Thread (提供)
6.Cloches Tristes (提供)
7.Sunday Unsung (提供)
8.Climbing and Falling (提供)
9.Tarantula (提供)
10.Odessa (提供)
11.Aquamarine (提供)
12.Dressed in Green (提供)
13.In-Between (提供)
14.Glad and Sad (提供)
15.Resolutions per Minute (提供)
16.Cycle Therapy (提供)
17.Early Bird (提供)
18.College Triads (提供)
19.Les Accords (提供)
20.White Litany (提供)
21.Chaconne and On (提供)
22.280's and Gentlemen (提供)
23.2Lefties (提供)
24.Knight Moves Solo Piano (提供)
Solo Piano II 英文
1.White Keys (提供)
2.Kenaston (提供)
3.Minor Fantasy (提供)
4.Escher (提供)
5.Rideaux Lunaires (提供)
6.Nero's Nocturne (提供)
7.Venetian Blinds (提供)
8.Evolving Doors (提供)
9.Epigram In E (提供)
10.Othello (提供)
11.Train of Thought (提供)
12.Wintermezzo (提供)
13.La Bulle (提供)
14.Papa Gavotte (提供)
15.Amnesiac (提供)
16.Uncle (提供)
The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales 英文
2.Bongo Monologue
3.Different Kind Of Prostitute
4.Party In My Mind
5.Rap Race
6.Self Portrait
7.Shut Up And Play Piano (提供)
8.Supervillan Music
9.Who Wants To Hear This?
Ivory Tower 英文
1.You Can Dance - Original Version
2.The Grudge
4.Never Stop Chilly Gonzales Rap
Room 29 英文
1.Room 29
4.Daddy, You're Not Watching Me
5.The Other Side
7.Interlude 2 - 5 Hours a Day
暫存 英文
1.Shut Up & Play The Piano
2.Supervillain Music
3.You Can Dance - Radio Edit
4.You Can Dance
5.I Am Europe - Original Version
6.So-Called Party Over There
7.You Can Dance (Shadow Dancer Remix)
8.Shut Up and Play the Piano

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