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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Charly Mcclain( 查利·麥克萊 )
Charly Mcclain( 查利·麥克萊 )【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 43 首歌 】
夏洛特·丹尼斯“Charly”McClain(生於1956年3月26日)是一位美國鄉村音樂歌手,在二十世紀八十年代為鄉村音樂而聞名。 麥克萊恩的最大熱門歌曲包括“誰是誰”,誰是“與電台在一起”,“無線電心”。
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Pure Country 英文
Still I Stay 英文
1.And Then Some2.Don't Touch Me There
When Love Is Right 英文
1.When It's Down To Me And You
Radio Heart 英文
1.With Just One Look In Your Eyes2.So This Is Love
The Woman in Me 英文
1.Sentimental Ol' You
Too Good to Hurry 英文
1.With You
Let Me Be Your Baby 英文
1.Let Me Be Your Baby2.Make The World Go Away
暫存 英文
1.Dancing Your Memory Away (1982)
2.That's What You Do To Me (1978)
3.Sentimental Ol' You (1984)
4.Radio Heart (1985)
5.Sleeping With The Radio On (1981)
6.Surround Me With Love (1981)
7.With You (1983)
8.Very Best Is You (1982)
9.Lay Something On My Bed Besides A Blanket
10.I Hate The Way I Love It
11.Dancing Your Memory Away
12.Radio Heart
13.Lay Down
14.With Just One Look In Your Eyes (1985)
15.Let's Put Our Love In Motion
16.It's Too Late To Love Me Now
17.You Are My Music, You Are My Song (1986)
18.Still I Stay
19.Sleepin' With The Radio On
20.You're A Part Of Me
21.When Love Ain't Right
22.Women Get Lonely
23.The Right Stuff
24.Who's Cheatin' Who
25.Surround Me With Love
26.Fly Into Love
27.Take Me Back
28.Some Hearts Get All The Breaks
29.That's What You Do To Me
30.Paradise Tonight
31.Band of Gold
32.The Very Best Is You
33.I Hate the Way I Love It (feat. Johnny Rodriguez)

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