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Charlie Feathers【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 44 首歌 】
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Charlie Feathers 英文
1.Can't Hardly Stand It
2.Everybody's Lovin My Baby
3.Nobody's Woman
Wild Wild Party 英文
1.The Wild Side of Life
2.Can't Hardly Stand It 2
3.One Hand Loose 2
4.Bottle to the Baby 3
The Story King (Doxy Collection Remastered) 英文
1.Bottle to the Baby (Remastered)
2.Everybody's Lovin' My Baby (Remastered)
3.Can't Hardly Stand It (Remastered)
Jungle Fever 英文
1.Can't Hardly Stand
2.Today and Tomorrow
3.Stutterin' Cindy
4.Uh Huh Honey
5.That Certain Female
Get With It: The Essential Recordings 英文
1.Can't Hardly Stand It
2.South of Chicago
3.Dinky John
4.Why Don't You
5.Jungle Fever
6.When You Decide
7.When You Come Around
8.Too Much Alike
9.Everybody's Lovin' My Baby
10.Tongue Tied Jill
11.Get With It
12.Wedding Gown of White (提供)
13.Defrost Your Heart (提供)
14.Nobody's Woman
15.Corrine, Corrina
Can't Hardly Stand It! The Complete 50s Recordings 英文
1.One Hand Loose (alternate take)
2.Can't Hardly Stand It (alternate take)
3.Bottle to the Baby (alternate take)
暫存 英文
1.I Can't Hardly Stand It (from Kill Bill Vol. 2)
2.That Certain Female (Remastered)
3.He'll Have to Go
4.Cold Dark Night
5.Bottle To The Baby
6.It's Just That Song
7.One Hand Loose
8.Mound of Clay
9.That Certain Female (From 'Kill Bill , Vol. 1')
10.Wild Wild Party
11.I Can't Hardly Stand It

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