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Dr. John【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 221 首歌 】
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High Priest of Psychedelic Voodoo 英文
1.Bald Head (提供)
2.What Comes Around (Goes Around)
3.Danger Zone (提供)
4.Helping Hand (提供)
5.I Pulled the Cover Off You Two Lovers (提供)
6.ZuZu Man (提供)
7.The Grass Looks Greener Yonder (提供)
8.Loser For You Baby (提供)
9.Make Your Own (提供)
Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch 英文
1.What A Wonderful World (提供)
2.Mack The Knife (提供)
3.Tight Like This (提供)
4.I've Got The World On A String (提供)
5.Gut Bucket Blues (提供)
6.Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (提供)
7.That's My Home (提供)
8.Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (提供)
9.Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (提供)
10.Dippermouth Blues (提供)
11.Sweet Hunk O'Trash (提供)
12.Memories Of You (提供)
13.When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) (提供)
Locked Down 英文
1.Big Shot
2.Locked Down
4.Ice Age
6.Kingdom of Izzness
7.You Lie
9.My Children, My Angels
10.God's Sure Good
New Orleans Man 英文
1.A Little Closer To My Home (提供)
2.Bring Your Love (提供)
3.Crawfish Soiree (提供)
4.Della, Pt1 (提供)
5.Della, Pt2 (提供)
6.Did She Mention My Name (提供)
7.Go Ahead On (提供)
8.Grass Is Greener (提供)
9.I Pulled The Cover Off Of You Two Lovers (提供)
10.Just Like A Mirror (提供)
11.Loser For You (提供)
12.Make Your Own Bed Well (提供)
13.New Orleans (提供)
14.Shoo Ra (提供)
15.The Ear Is On Strike (提供)
16.The Time Had Come (提供)
Goin' Back to New Orleans 英文
1.Since I Fell for You
2.Goin' Back to New Orleans
3.Blue Monday
4.Litenie des Saints (提供)
5.Careless Love
6.My Indian Red (提供)
7.Milneburg Joys (提供)
8.I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say (提供)
9.Basin Street Blues
10.Didn't He Ramble
11.Do You Call That a Buddy? (提供)
12.How Come My Dog Don't Bark (When You Come Around)
13.Goodnight Irene (提供)
14.Fess Up (提供)
15.You Rascal You
16.Cabbage Head
17.Goin' Home Tomorrow
18.Scald Dog Medley/I Can't Go On (提供)
ZuZu Man 英文
1.In The Night
2.Bald Headed (提供)
3.Cat And Mouse Game (提供)
4.Helpin' Hand (提供)
5.Mean Cheatin' Woman (提供)
6.One Night Late (提供)
7.She's Just A Square (提供)
8.Trader John (提供)
9.Woman Is The Root Of All Evil (提供)
10.Zu Zu Man (提供)
11.Shho-Ra (提供)
12.Tipatina (提供)
In a Sentimental Mood 英文
1.More Than You Know
2.Makin' Whoopee!
3.Accentuate The Positive
4.My Buddy
5.Candy (提供)
6.In A Sentimental Mood
7.Black Night (提供)
8.Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin' (提供)
9.Love For Sale (提供)
Tango Palace 英文
1.Keep That Music Simple (提供)
2.Disco-Therapy (提供)
3.Renegade (提供)
4.Fonky Side (提供)
5.Bon Temps Rouler (提供)
6.Something You Got (提供)
7.I Thought I Heard New Orleans Say (提供)
8.Tango Palace (提供)
9.Louisiana Lullabye (提供)
City Lights 英文
1.Dance The Night Away With You
2.Street Side (提供)
3.Wild Honey (提供)
4.Rain (提供)
5.Snake Eyes (提供)
6.Fire of Love
7.Sonata/He's a Hero (提供)
8.City Lights (提供)
Hollywood Be Thy Name 英文
1.New Island Soiree (提供)
2.Reggae Doctor (提供)
3.The Way You Do the Things You Do (提供)
4.Swanee River Boogie (提供)
5.Yesterday (提供)
6.Babylon (提供)
7.Back by the River (提供)
8.medley: It's All Right With Me / Blue Skies / Will the Circle Be Unbroken (提供)
9.Cole Porter (提供)
10.Irving Berlin (提供)
11.A.P. Carter (提供)
12.Hollywood Be Thy Name (提供)
13.I Wanna Rock (提供)
Desitively Bonnaroo 英文
1.R U 4 Real (LP Version)
2.Quitters Never Win (提供)
3.Stealin' (提供)
4.What Come Around (Goes Around)
5.Me Minus You Equals Loneliness
6.Mos' Scocious
7.Everybody Wanna Get Rich Rite Away (提供)
8.Let's Make a Better World
9.Sing Along Song (提供)
10.Can't Git Enuff (提供)
11.Go Tell the People (提供)
12.Desitively Bonnaroo (提供)
In the Right Place 英文
1.Such a Night
3.Right Place, Wrong Time
4.Same Old Same Old (提供)
5.Just the Same (提供)
6.Traveling Mood (提供)
7.Peace Brother Peace (提供)
8.Life (提供)
9.Shoo Fly Marches On (提供)
10.I Been Hoodood (提供)
11.Cold Cold Cold (提供)
Dr. John's Gumbo 英文
2.Iko Iko
3.Blow Wind Blow
4.Big Chief
5.Somebody Changed the Lock
6.Mess Around
7.Let the Good Times Roll
8.Junko Partner
10.Those Lonely Lonely Nights
11.Huey Smith Medley
12.Little Liza Jane
The Sun, Moon & Herbs 英文
1.Black John the Conqueror (提供)
2.Where Ya at Mule (提供)
3.Craney Crow (提供)
4.Familiar Reality (Opening) (提供)
5.Pots on Fiyo (Filé Gumbo) / Who I Got to Fall On (If the Pot Get Heavy) (提供)
6.Zu Zu Mamou (提供)
7.Familiar Reality (Reprise) (提供)
Remedies 英文
1.What Goes Around (Comes Around)
2.Loop Garoo
3.Wash, Mama, Wash
4.Chippy, Chippy (提供)
5.Mardi Gras Day (提供)
6.Angola Anthem (提供)
Gris-Gris 英文
1.I Walk On Guilded Splinters
2.Jump Sturdy
3.Mama Roux
4.Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
5.Danse Kalinda Ba Doom (提供)
6.Danse Fambeaux (提供)
7.Croker Courtbullion (提供)
Tribal 英文
1.A Place In The Sun (提供)
2.Big Gap (提供)
3.Change Of Heart (提供)
4.Feel Good Music
5.Jinky Jinx (提供)
6.Lissen At Our Prayer (提供)
7.Manoovas (提供)
8.Music Game (提供)
9.Only In Amerika (提供)
10.Potnah (提供)
11.Them (提供)
12.Tribal (提供)
13.When I'm Right (提供)
14.Whut's Wit Dat
City That Care Forgot 英文
1.Keep On Goin (提供)
2.Time For A Change (提供)
3.Promises Promises (提供)
4.You Might Be Surprised (提供)
5.Dream Warrior (提供)
6.Black Gold (提供)
7.We Gettin There (提供)
8.Stripped Away (提供)
9.Say Whut? (提供)
10.My People Need A Second Line (提供)
11.Land Grab (提供)
12.City That Care Forgot (提供)
13.Save Our Wetlands (提供)
暫存 英文
1.I Know What I've Got
2.I'm Just a Lucky So and So
3.I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You
4.It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
6.Rockin Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
7.I Don't Wanna Know
8.The Monkey
9.Me - You = Loneliness
10.Time Marches On
11.The Nearness Of You
12.Imitation Of Love
13.Down In New Orleans
14.Come Rain Or Come Shine
15.Satin Doll
16.Mood Indigo
17.I'm Goin' Home
18.Moon River
19.There Must Be A Better World Somewhere
20.Blue Skies
21.Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You

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