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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Dove Cameron
Dove Cameron【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 42 首歌 】
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Better in Stereo (From 'Liv and Maddie') [Single] 英文
1.Better in Stereo
Liv and Maddie 英文
1.Better in Stereo (Liv and Maddie theme song)
2.On Top of the World
3.True Love
4.Better in Stereo
5.You, Me and the Beat
6.What a Girl Is
7.As Long as I Have You
Liv and Maddie (Music from the TV Series) 英文
1.Say Hey
2.Better in Stereo - Theme Song Version
3.On Top of the World
4.Froyo Yolo
5.Better in Stereo
6.True Love
7.What a Girl Is
8.Count Me In
9.As Long As I Have You
10.You, Me and the Beat
Disney Channel Play It Loud 英文
1.Better in Stereo (Theme Song Version) (From 'Liv and Maddie')
2.On Top of the World
3.Better in Stereo
4.Better in Stereo - From 'Liv and Maddie' (Theme Song Version)
5.Better in Stereo - Theme Song from 'Liv and Maddie'
6.Count Me In (From 'Liv & Maddie')
Access All Areas: Disney Channel 英文
1.What a Girl Is (From 'Liv & Maddie')
2.True Love (From 'Liv & Maddie')
3.Froyo Yolo (From 'Liv & Maddie')
暫存 英文
1.Genie in a Bottle
2.Set it Off
3.If Only
4.If Only (Reprise)
5.On Top of the World (From 'Лив и Мэдди')
6.You, Me and the Beat (From 'Liv & Maddie')
7.On Top of the World (From 'Liv and Maddie')
8.Count Me In (From 'Liv & Maddie'/ Music from the TV Series)
9.Better in Stereo (from 'Liv and Maddie')
10.Evil (From 'Descendants: Wicked World')
11.My Destiny - From 'Liv and Maddie: Cali Style'
12.I'm Your Girl - From Descendants: Wicked World
13.Better Together (From 'Descendants: Wicked World')
14.Space Between
15.Rather Be With You (From 'Descendants: Wicked World')

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