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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Dory Previn
Dory Previn【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 89 首歌 】
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Mythical Kings & Iguanas: The Ultimate Collection 英文
1.Going Home (Mythical Kings and Iguanas) (提供)
2.Forget Me (提供)
3.Play It Again Sam
4.The Lady With the Braid
5.Gooney Bird (提供)
6.Jesus Was a Androgyne (提供)
7.The Midgets Lament
8.Doppelganger (提供)
9.With My Daddy in the Attic
10.I Aint His Child
11.CAN'T We Be Enemies (提供)
12.Let Me Show You Off (提供)
13.Warm Winter Day (提供)
14.Care Free Love (提供)
15.Her Mothers Daughter
16.The Altruistic and Needy Case (提供)
17.King Kong
18.Lonely Girl in London (提供)
19.My Heart Is a Hunter (提供)
20.Many Sides (提供)
21.I Dance and Dance and Smile and Smile
22.Leprechauns Are Upon Me (提供)
23.No (提供)
24.Sea Shells (提供)
25.Just for Now (提供)
26.Left Hand Lost
27.Esther's First Communion (提供)
Mythical Kings & Iguanas / Reflections in a Mud Puddle 英文
1.Mythical Kings and Iguanas
2.The Final Flight of the Hindenburg (May, 1937)
3.The Earthquake in Los Angeles (February, 1971)
4.The Talkative Woman and the Two Star General
5.The New Enzyme Detergent Demise of Ali MacGraw
6.Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign
7.Angels and Devils the Following Day
8.Lady With the Braid
9.Yada Yada La Scala
10.The Air Crash in New Jersey
Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign 英文
1.The Holy Man on Malibu Bus Number Three
2.The Midget's Lament
3.Left Hand Lost
4.Starlet Starlet on the Screen Who Will Follow Norma Jean?
5.Jesus Was an Androgyne
6.Anima / Animus
7.Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign
Live At Carnegie Hall 英文
1.Mythical Kings And Iguanas - Live At Carnegie Hall
2.Michael Michael - Live At Carnegie Hall
3.I Dance and Dance and Smile and Smile
4.Don't Put Him Down
5.When a Man Wants a Woman
6.Yada Yada La Scala
7.The Lady With the Braid
8.Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign
9.Twenty Mile Zone
10.Twenty-Mile Zone
11.Angels And Devils The Following Day - Live At Carnegie Hall
12.Scared To Be Alone - Live At Carnegie Hall
13.I Ain't His Child - Live At Carnegie Hall
14.Esther's First Communion - Live At Carnegie Hall
15.Yada Yada La Scala - Live At Carnegie Hall
16.The Midget's Lament - Live At Carnegie Hall
17.Left Hand Lost - Live At Carnegie Hall
暫存 英文
2.Did Jesus Have A Baby Sister?
3.The Obscene Phone Call
4.Mary C. Brown And The Hollywood Sign
5.Angels And Devils The Following Day
6.Mama Mama Comfort Me
7.Beware Of Young Girls
10.Children Of Coincidence
11.Michael Michael
12.Lover Lover Be My Cover
13.Coldwater Canyon
14.Her Mother's Daughter
15.He Lives Alone
16.Mr Whisper
17.The Game
18.Scared To Be Alone
19.The Crooked Christmas Star, '73
20.New Rooms
21.The Empress Of China
22.Mythical Kings And Iguanas
23.The Altruist And The Needy Case
24.I Ain't His Child
25.Stone For Bessie Smith
26.Lemon Haired Ladies
28.The Veterans Big Parade

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