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DJ Paul【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 147 首歌 】
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Master Of Evil 英文
1.Welcome (提供)
2.Down Bad (提供)
3.Im Just Sayin (提供)
4.Bust Dat Cap (提供)
5.Dats It Fa Ya (feat. Juicy J) (提供)
6.All Kinda Drugs (提供)
7.Play Witcha Life (提供)
8.Goin In & Out (提供)
9.She Rocks Dat (提供)
10.Die Anyway (提供)
11.Info (提供)
12.I Dont Know (feat. Lord Infamous) (提供)
13.Lay Down Today (feat. Lord Infamous)
14.F U 2 (feat. Violent J & Yelawolf) (提供)
15.I Done Lost Zaggin (feat. Billy Wes) (提供)
16.You Know Where Im Goin (提供)
17.Shut It Down (提供)
18.My Price Is My Price (提供)
19.Loud, Loud (feat. Lil Wyte) (提供)
20.Blackhaven Zone (提供)
21.Goodbye (提供)
22.Ran My Sack Up (提供)
23.Cuffin Thots (提供)
Da Light Up, Da Poe Up 英文
1.All I Do (提供)
2.Lights off Music (提供)
3.1, 2, 3 (提供)
4.Got Our Bands Up (feat. Snootie Wild) (提供)
5.Album Promo (提供)
6.Escort Him (Strippers Anthem) [feat. La Chat] (提供)
7.I Be Bussin (提供)
8.Booking Info (提供)
9.Crazy (提供)
10.Sidewayz (feat. Stitches) (提供)
11.Live in the Mix (feat. Dorrough Music) (提供)
12.Turn It Up (Drop) (提供)
13.Ratchet (feat. Ying Yang Twins & Yb Rich Rocka) (提供)
14.Promo (Skit) (提供)
15.U Owe Me (feat. Chisanity) (提供)
16.Website (Skit) (提供)
17.Forever (feat. Yb Rich Rocka) (提供)
18.Extendos (feat. Boobie Black) (提供)
19.Loud Loud (Remix) [feat. Lil Wyte] (提供)
20.DJ Paul Speaks (提供)
21.Damn I Think I'm Crazed (Remix) [feat. DJ Paul] (提供)
22.High by Now (提供)
Clash Of The Titans (Mixtape) 英文
1.Yeah Yeah (Intro) (提供)
2.Clash of the Titans (提供)
3.Him Vs Me
4.Muscle So Strong (提供)
5.Cocaine (提供)
6.End of the Day (提供)
7.In and Out (提供)
8.Jump on Niggaz (提供)
9.Gimme Room (提供)
10.Hard Shit (提供)
11.I Feel Like (提供)
12.No If Ands or Buts (提供)
13.Don't Get No Realer (提供)
14.Million $s Richer (提供)
15.Cheffin Skills (提供)
16.In Da Trap (提供)
17.Jus Becuz
18.Tappin Out (提供)
Person of Interest 英文
1.Burn Up (提供)
2.Brand New (提供)
3.Chin Up (提供)
4.Donald Trump (提供)
5.If I Want To (提供)
6.King Sh#t (提供)
7.E & J (提供)
8.I Can't Take It (提供)
9.I'm There (提供)
10.I'm Dat Raw (提供)
11.In My Zone
12.Shut Em Down
13.W.I.L.L. (提供)
14.Which One (提供)
15.With a Sh#t (提供)
17.My Pimpin' (提供)
18.No Panties (提供)
19.Get Em Done (提供)
20.All In Da Family (提供)
21.Time To Rob (提供)
22.Trap Back Jumpin
23.Leggo (提供)
24.Let You Tell It (提供)
Pray For Forgiveness 英文
1.Still Gettin' My Dick Sucked*
2.Intro (提供)
3.Bald Heads, Dread Heads (提供)
4.Buck Nah (提供)
5.Dead Wrong (提供)
6.Feelin' Like Me (提供)
7.Rock Star Life (提供)
8.Jokes (提供)
9.Me' Dat's Who (提供)
10.Mad At Me
11.My Blunt Smokes Better (提供)
12.Not Like Me (提供)
13.Paper Or Plastic (提供)
14.Rich Nigga Shit (提供)
15.Get So Violent (提供)
16.Make A Bitch Do (提供)
17.Wish A MF Would (提供)
18.Throwin' Pussy' (提供)
19.Every Night In My Hood (提供)
Scale-A-Ton 英文
1.You Know the Biss
3.I'm Alive (提供)
4.Get Right (提供)
5.I Spoils (提供)
6.She Wanna Get High (提供)
7.Jook (提供)
8.Gotta Eat
9.Internet Whore
10.Stay Wit Me (提供)
11.Bumpin' (提供)
12.Walk Like A Stripper (提供)
13.They Spendin' (提供)
14.Ima Outlaw (提供)
15.Wanta Be Like You (提供)
16.Doin' All The Doin' (提供)
17.I'm Drunk (提供)
18.Liquor & Powder (提供)
19.You Don't Want It (提供)
20.Pop A Pill (提供)
21.Fuckboy (提供)
22.Don't Get Up On Me!!! (提供)
23.Just Like Dat???
Underground Volume 16: For Da Summa 英文
1.Back Da Fuck Back
2.Still Gettin' My Dick Sucked
3.Kickin In Doe / I Think They Scared
5.Break Da Law
6.Flaughin Azz Niggas / Bitches
7.Glock In My Draws
8.Where Is Da Bud Pt. 2
9.Beat Down Intro (提供)
10.Beatin These Hoes Down
11.Twist It,Hit It,Lite It
12.D.J. Paul (提供)
13.King Of Kings
14.Outro (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Get Away
2.Rainbow In The Sky - DJ Pauls Forze Mix
3.I Can't Take It (feat. DJ Kay Slay)
4.Life Is Like a Dance

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