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Dawes【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 63 首歌 】
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We're All Gonna Die 英文
1.One of Us
2.We're All Gonna Die
3.Roll with the Punches
4.Picture of a Man (提供)
5.Less Than Five Miles Away
6.Roll Tide
7.Quitter (提供)
8.As If by Design (提供)
All Your Favorite Bands 英文
1.Things Happen
2.Somewhere Along The Way (提供)
3.Don't Send Me Away (提供)
4.All Your Favorite Bands
5.I Can't Think About It Now (提供)
6.To Be Completely Honest (提供)
7.Waiting For Your Call (提供)
8.Right on Time
9.Now That It's Too Late, Maria
Stories Don't End 英文
1.Just Beneath the Surface
2.From a Window Seat
3.Just My Luck
4.Someone Will
5.Most People
6.Something In Common
7.Hey Lover
8.Bear Witness
9.Stories Don't End
10.From the Right Angle
11.Side Effects
12.Just Beneath the Surface (Reprise)
Nothing Is Wrong 英文
1.Time Spent In Los Angeles
2.If I Wanted Someone
3.My Way Back Home
4.Coming Back To A Man
5.So Well
6.How Far We've Come
7.Fire Away
8.Moon In The Water
9.Million Dollar Bill
10.The Way You Laugh
11.A Little Bit Of Everything
12.Rest Easy
13.Strangers Getting Stranger
Spotify Sessions 英文
1.Don't Send Me Away - Live from Spotify NYC
2.All Your Favorite Bands - Live from Spotify NYC
3.Coming Back to a Man - Live from Spotify NYC
4.Things Happen - Live from Spotify NYC
5.From a Window Seat - Live from Spotify NYC
暫存 英文
1.If You Let Me Be Your Anchor
2.Take Me Out Of The City
3.When You Call My Name
4.My Girl To Me
5.Love Is All I Am
6.Give Me Time
7.God Rest My Soul
8.When The Tequila Runs Out
9.All My Failures
10.Bedside Manner
11.That Western Skyline
12.Your Touch
13.Take Me High
14.I'll Be There
15.When My Time Comes
16.Peace In The Valley

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