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El DeBarge【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 61 首歌 】
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Greatest Hits 英文
1.Time Will Reveal
2.Rhythm of the Night
3.Who's Holding Donna Now
4.You Wear It Well
5.Stop! Don't Tease Me
6.I Like It
7.All This Love
8.Love Me in a Special Way
9.Share My World
10.Single Heart
11.The Heart Is Not So Smart
Ultimate Collection 英文
1.Stay With Me
2.Who's Johnny (extended mix)
3.Broken Dreams
4.Reach Out for Me (Dionne Warwick w el Debarge, Debarge & The Emotions)
5.Heart, Mind & Soul
Second Chance 英文
1.Second Chance
2.Lay With You
4.Close To You
6.When I See You
7.How Can You Love Me
9.5 Seconds
11.Sexy Lady
12.Sad Songs
13.The Other Side
14.Christmas Without You
15.Heart Full Of Love
16.Home For Christmas (提供)
Second Chance (Single) 英文
1.Second Chance (Single)
Heart, Mind & Soul 英文
1.Where You Are
2.Can't Get Enough
3.Where Is My Love?
4.It's Got to Be Real
5.I'll Be There
6.Heart, Mind & Soul
Gemini 英文
1.Real Love
2.Cross My Heart
3.Somebody Loves You
El DeBarge 英文
1.Secrets of the Night
2.I Wanna Hear It From My Heart
4.When Love Has Gone Away
5.Private Line
6.Love Always
7.Lost Without Her Love
8.Don't Say It's Over
暫存 英文
1.Rhythm Of The Night
2.Silent Night
3.Time Will Reveal
4.Starlight Express
5.A Dream
6.You Got The Love I Want
7.Who's Johnny
8.You Wear It Well (club mix)
9.Who's Johnny (extended version)
10.After the Dance
11.All This Love (feat. DeBarge)

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