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Eartha Kitt【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 172 首歌 】
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Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes 英文
1.If I Can't Take It with Me
2.Whatever Lola Wants (提供)
3.C'est Si Bon
4.La Dolce Vita (提供)
5.In the Evening When the Sunn Goes Down
6.It's so Nice to Have a Man Around the House
7.My Heart Belongs to Daddy
8.A Lady Loves (提供)
9.Under the Bridges of Paris
10.Oh, John (Please Don't Kiss Me)
11.My Heart's Delight
12.Do It Again
Back In Business 英文
1.Close Enough For Love
2.Why Can't I?
3.Ain't Misbehavin'
4.The Nearness of You
5.Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
6.Angelitos Negro (提供)
7.Here's to Life
8.Back In Business
9.Let's Misbehave
11.Moon River
12.Speak Low
Thinking Jazz 英文
1.My Funny Valentine
2.How Many Times (提供)
3.Lullaby of Birdland
4.Life Made Me Beautiful At Forty
5.God Bless The Child (Instrumental) (提供)
6.That Old Hotel (提供)
7.You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
8.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
9.God Bless The Child
10.You Can't Fool Me (提供)
11.Empty House (提供)
12.Night And Day (提供)
13.Something May Go Wrong
I'm Still Here 英文
1.Cha Cha Heels
2.I'm Still Here (提供)
3.Hit Them Where It Hurts (提供)
4.Urban Fantasy (提供)
5.Primitive Man (提供)
6.My Discarded Men
7.All By Myself/Beautiful At Forty (提供)
8.Do or Die (提供)
I Love Men 英文
1.Tonite (提供)
2.Where Is My Man (Euromix) (提供)
3.I Love Men
4.Arabian Song (提供)
5.Sugar Daddy (提供)
6.La Grande Vie (提供)
Sentimental Eartha 英文
1.Catch the Wind (提供)
2.My Sentimental Friend (提供)
3.Once We Loved (提供)
4.The Way You Are (Si Eres Tu) (提供)
5.Genesis (提供)
6.Hurdy-Gurdy Man (提供)
7.I Remember the Rhymes (提供)
8.Paint Me Black Angels (Angelitos Negros) (提供)
9.It Is Love (Por Amor) (提供)
10.Wear Your Love Like Heaven (提供)
Love for Sale 英文
1.The Last Time I Saw Paris (提供)
2.Love (提供)
3.Love for Sale
4.Guess Who I Saw Today? (提供)
5.C'est Magnifique
6.I Wish You Love (提供)
7.My Man (提供)
8.Moon River (Love for Sale, 1965)
9.Autumn Leaves
10.The Girl from Ipanema
11.Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
12.Too Close for Comfort
Canta en Español 英文
1.La Bamba (提供)
2.Besame Mucho (提供)
3.Noche de Ronda (提供)
4.La Barca de Oro (提供)
5.Historia de un Amor (提供)
6.Cielito Lindo (提供)
7.Incertidumbre (提供)
8.Media Vuelta (提供)
9.El Pecador (提供)
10.Donde Estás Corazón (提供)
11.Cucurucucu Paloma (提供)
12.Guadalajara (提供)
The Romantic Eartha 英文
1.Speak Low (The Romantic Eartha, 1962)
2.Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe (提供)
3.Mirage (提供)
4.Chez Moi (提供)
5.In the Still of the Night
6.Easy to Love
7.September Song
8.You'll Never Know
9.Ah the Apple Trees When the World Was Young (提供)
10.Wonderful Illusion (提供)
11.Solitude (The Romantic Eartha, 1962)
12.The Romantic Eartha (提供)
Bad But Beautiful 英文
1.Good Little Girls (提供)
2.A Day Loves (提供)
3.Love for Sale (Bad But Beautiful, 1962)
4.Always True to You in My Fashion (提供)
5.Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets (提供)
6.Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (提供)
7.Never On Sunday
8.All I Want Is All There Is and Then Some
9.Please Do It Again
10.It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House
11.The Sweet Live (提供)
The Fabulous Eartha Kitt 英文
1.Independent (提供)
2.Ki M'tzion (提供)
3.Tierra Va Tembla (提供)
4.In the Evening (提供)
5.Jambo Hippopotami (提供)
6.Mack the Knife
7.Shango (提供)
8.I'd Rather Be Burned As a Witch (提供)
9.Sholem (提供)
10.Love Is a Gamble (提供)
11.Lamplight (提供)
12.Yellow Bird
St. Louis Blues 英文
1.St. Louis Blues
2.Hist the Window, Noah (提供)
3.Yellow Dog Blues
4.Friendless Blues
5.The Memphis Blues (提供)
6.Atlanta Blues (Make Me One Pallet On Your Floor) (提供)
7.Long Gone from Bowling Green (提供)
8.Hesitating Blues
9.Steal Away (提供)
10.Careless Love
11.Beale Street Blues
12.Chantez Les Bas (Sing 'Em Low) (提供)
Thursday's Child 英文
1.Le Danseur de Charleston (提供)
2.Lazy Afternoon
3.Jonny (提供)
4.If I Can't Take It With Me When I Go
5.Thursday's Child
6.Lullaby of Birdland (Thursday's Child, 1956)
7.No importa si menti (提供)
8.Lisbon Antigua (In Old Lisbon)
9.Just an Old-Fashioned Girl
10.Mademoiselle Kitt
11.Oggere (提供)
12.Fascinating Man
Down to Eartha 英文
1.The Day That the Circus Left Town
2.Après Moi (提供)
3.The Heel
4.Mambo De Paree (提供)
5.My Heart's Delight
6.Hey Jacque
7.I Wantcha Around (提供)
8.Do You Remember?
9.Looking for a Boy
10.I've Got That Lovin' Bug Itch
11.Oh John! (Please Don't Kiss Me)
12.Strangers in the Starlight
RCA Victor Presents Eartha Kitt 英文
1.C'est Si Bon
2.Uska Dara
3.Lilac Wine
4.I Wanna Be Evil
5.Angelitos Negros
6.Avril au Portugal
7.African Lullaby (提供)
8.Mountain High - Valley Low
暫存 英文
1.Santa Baby
2.At Last
3.I Want to Be Evil
4.Snuff Out The Light (Yzma's Song)
5.Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (From 'Roberta')
6.Mink, Schmink
7.Champagne Taste (Live)

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