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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Fuck the Facts
Fuck the Facts【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 182 首歌 】
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Abandoned 英文
1.Endless Emptiness (提供)
Amer 英文
1.Une triste vue
2.Vent du nord
3.Panser la plaie au lieu de soigner le mal
4.A Void (提供)
5.Jour de souffrance
6.L'enclume et le marteau
Misery (EP) 英文
1.End Of The Line
2.Home (提供)
3.Running The Wolverine's Gauntlet (提供)
4.Impromptu (提供)
5.A Contre-Courant (提供)
6.Misery (提供)
7.Unburden (提供)
8.Smooth Beige (提供)
9.Inside Out (提供)
Die Miserable 英文
1.Drift (提供)
2.Cold Hearted (提供)
3.Lifeless (提供)
4.Census Bank (提供)
5.Alone (提供)
6.Die Miserable (提供)
7.A Coward's Existence (提供)
8.95 (提供)
Disgorge Mexico 英文
1.Borders (提供)
2.No Return (提供)
3.Absence And Despite (提供)
4.Kelowna (提供)
5.As Empires Expand And Collapse
6.Dead End (提供)
7.Driving Through Fallen Cities (提供)
8.La Culture Du Faux
9.State Of Panic (提供)
10.No Place For Failure (提供)
11.The Storm (提供)
12.Apathy Is A Karma Killer (提供)
13.Golden Age (提供)
14.The Pile Of Flesh You Carry (提供)
15.Sleepless (提供)
Stigmata High-Five 英文
1.La Dernière Image (提供)
2.The Wrecking
3.Carve Your Heart Out (提供)
4.Taken from the Nest (提供)
5.What's Left Behind (提供)
6.The Sound of Your Smashed Head (提供)
7.Dead in the Ruins of Your Own City (提供)
Backstabber Etiquette 英文
1.Second Hand Skin (提供)
2.Ballet Addict (提供)
3.A Few Words for the End (提供)
5.Si-Z'H (提供)
6.Lying Through Your Teeth
7.Living a Lie
8.Greed Whore (提供)
9.Smokin' a Fatty (提供)
10.The Burning Side
Escunta 英文
1.My Revenge (提供)
2.Shoes = Powe (提供)
3.Ottawa (提供)
4.Brown Noise (提供)
5.Fuck the Facts Is Sexy (提供)
6.Killing Matt with Alcohol (提供)
7.What's the Deal? (提供)
8.They Call It Dance Musick (提供)
Mullet Fever 英文
1.Gated Community (提供)
2.I'm From (提供)
3.Cue Bert and Ernie Reyes (提供)
4.Math Rock Superstar (提供)
5.Castrata (提供)
6.Bowling (提供)
7.Yngwie vs. FTF (提供)
8.I Baby-sit for Drug Money (提供)
9.Red Mist (提供)
10.All Hands on Deck (提供)
11.Don't Call My Slammin' Outfit Cool, Whitebread! (提供)
12.Burning the Grindcore Rule Book (提供)
13.Cough Dropped from a Building (提供)
14.Mullet Fever (提供)
15.Gag Abflex (提供)
16.Honey Please! Not in Front of the Children (提供)
17.$4 Bill (提供)
18.Me and Dani Filth in a 6-4 (提供)
19.South Beach High (提供)
20.Cold Turkey (提供)
21.Instrumental (提供)
22.The Words Myth (提供)
23.Unfocused (提供)
24.Fisherman's Fiend (提供)
25.If You're 555, Then You're Giving Me a Fake Number (提供)
26.You Smoke You Toke
27.Running Outta Time (提供)
28.Day Dream (提供)
29.Mattochrondria (提供)
30.Fate of Man (提供)
31.Master of Puppets (提供)
32.Outro (提供)
33.Battle Hymn (提供)
34.Roach (提供)
35.Revenge Tactics II (提供)
36.Just Say Yo (提供)
Discoing the Dead 英文
1.Ninja Sweater (提供)
2.Proud to Be a Canadian
3.Disco Rage (提供)
4.Wake Up Call (提供)
5.Whisper Dependancy (提供)
6.Rattlesnake (提供)
7.123-223 (提供)
8.Appliance Jam Session (提供)
Vagina Dancer 英文
1.Necrotekno (提供)
2.Vagina vs. Machine (提供)
3.Glass Eye (提供)
4.Vaginal Tears (提供)
5.Nice to Beat You (提供)
6.Vagina Dance It (提供)
7.Audio Trauma (提供)
8.The Dance Is on You (提供)
9.Crawl the Spine (提供)
10.Hot Cop (提供)
Fuck the Facts 英文
1.Getting Paid for It (提供)
2.They Lie (提供)
3.Turntables (提供)
4.All Gone (提供)
5.Snitchas (提供)
6.Scratching the Surface (提供)
7.Give Up (提供)
8.Strapped for Love (提供)
9.Destined for Disaster (提供)
10.Angry Ron (提供)
11.Released (提供)
12.He Won't Leave Alive (提供)
13.Destructive Relationship (提供)
14.Deal with It (提供)
15.Revenge Tactics (提供)
16.Lack of Imagination (提供)
17.Living On Your Knees (提供)
18.Skull Drudgery (提供)
19.Power Trip (提供)
20.Struggle to Escape (提供)
Unnamed EP (EP) 英文
2.Loss Upon Loss
4.Time Is A Dictator (提供)
5.La Tete Hors De L'eau
6.Doghead (提供)
The Wreaking 英文
1.Horizon (live)
2.The Burning Side (live)
3.23-17-41 (live)
4.Unburden (live)
Overseas Connection 英文
1.Medicated Like a Motherfucker
2.This Means Nothing
3.Born to Kill, Live to Thrill
4.Unburden (提供)
My Anorexia / [untitled] 英文
1.Fingers With Candy Tips
2.Lepper Accountant
3.The Jaquio
Leng Tch'e / Fuck the Facts 英文
1.Like Yesterday (提供)
3.Everyone Is Robbing the Dead
5.My Failures (Just Like Yesterday)
Fistfuck the Facts 英文
1.Downtrodden Initiates
2.Balance (提供)
4.The Deafening Applause
5.Raw Deal (提供)
6.Can Read, Won't Read
7.Back Pat(ch) (提供)
8.Soulless Gutty-Works
9.Skid Etiquette
Desire Will Rot 英文
1.The Path of Most Resistance
3.Storm of Silence
4.Nothing Changes
暫存 英文
1.Empty Words
2.Dear Shit Book
3.City of Stone

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