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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Freedom Call
Freedom Call【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 107 首歌 】
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Beyond 英文
1.Paladin (提供)
2.Follow Your Heart (提供)
3.Colours of Freedom (提供)
4.Beyond Eternity (提供)
5.Journey into Wonderland (提供)
6.In the Rhythm of Light (提供)
7.Dance Off the Devil (提供)
8.Heart of a Warrior (提供)
9.Come on Home (提供)
10.Beyond (提供)
11.Among the Shadows (提供)
12.Edge of the Ocean (提供)
13.Union of the Strong (提供)
14.Knights of Taragon (提供)
Ages Of Light 英文
1.We Are One
2.Tears Falling
3.Freedom Call
4.Land Of Light
7.Metal Invasion (Live)
8.A Perfect Day (Live)
9.Rockin' Radio (Killerbilly)
10.Metal Invasion (Metal Folk)
11.Mr Evil (Melodic Reggae)
12.Hero On Video (Speed Ska)
13.Age Of Phoenix (Power Swing)
14.Freedom Call (Camp Fire Strumming) (提供)
Land of the Crimson Dawn 英文
1.Age of the Phoenix
3.Crimson Dawn
4.66 Warriors
5.Back into the Land of Light
6.Sun in the Dark
7.Hero on Video
8.Valley of Kingdom
9.Killer Gear
10.Rockin' Radio
11.Terra Liberty
13.Space Legends
14.Power & Glory
The Circle Of Life 英文
1.Kings & Queens
2.Mother Earth
3.Carry On
4.Rhythm Of Life
6.Hero Nation
7.Hunting High And Low
8.The Circle Of Life
9.High Enough
11.Eternal Flame
12.The Gathering (提供)
Legend Of The Shadowking 英文
1.Out Of The Ruins
2.Thunder God
3.Tears Of Babylon
4.Merlin: Legend Of The Past
5.Resurrection Day
6.Under The Spell Of The Moon
7.Dark Obsession
8.The Darkness
10.Ludwig II - Prologue
11.The Shadowking
12.Merlin: Requiem
13.Kingdom Of Madness
14.A Perfect Day
15.Hymn To The Brave
Dimensions 英文
1.Demon's Dance
2.Innocent World
3.United Alliance
4.Mr. Evil
5.Light Up The Sky
6.Blackened Sun
8.My Dying Paradise
9.Magic Moments
10.Far Away
11.Words Of Endeavour
12.Queen Of My World
Crystal Empire 英文
1.Rise Up2.Ocean
暫存 英文
1.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
3.Another Day
4.Over The Rainbow
5.Shine On
6.Metal Invasion
7.Flame In The Night
8.Flying High
9.Island Of Dreams
10.Bleeding Heart
12.The Quest
13.Turn Back Time
14.The Eyes Of The World
15.Ages Of Power
16.Heart Of The Rainbow
17.Palace Of Fantasy
18.The Wanderer
19.The King Of The Crystal Empire (提供)
20.Call of Fame
22.Tears Of Taragon
23.Holy Knight
24.Ludwig, Pt. 2: Prologue

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