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Freddy Cole( 佛瑞德·科爾 )【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 63 首歌 】
Lionel Frederick Cole(1931年10月15日出生)是美國爵士樂歌手兼鋼琴家,錄音生涯已超過65年。他是音樂家Nat King Cole和Ike Cole的兄弟,Lionel Cole的父親,Natalie Cole,Carole Cole,Timolin Cole和Casey Cole的叔叔。


1964年:服務員,要求男人播放藍調(Dot; 2004年在Verve上重新發行)
1975年:Freddy Cole的聖誕夢(Arrikka)
1976年:Just Plain Freddy - Live(First Shot)
1977年:Freddy Cole:Sing [也作為The Way Freddy Cole Sings發行](需求; Decca)
1978:我愛你(Som Livre)
1979年:Freddy Cole:拉丁裔(Som Livre)
1990:我不是我的兄弟,我是我(Sunnyside; 2004年重新發布HighNote)
1992年:住在Birdland West(Laserlight)
1993年:這就是生命(Muse; 2000年重新發行於32爵士樂)
1994年:住在Vartan Jazz(Vartan Jazz)
1997年:這很瘋狂,但我戀愛了(9 / Touchwood之後)
1999年:Le Grand Freddy:Freddy Cole演唱Michael Legrand的音樂(Fantasy)
2000年:Merry Go Round(Telarc)
2007:Music Maestro Please(HighNote)
2010:Freddy Cole唱B先生(HighNote)
2013:This and That(HighNote)


1964: Waiter, Ask the Man to Play the Blues (Dot; reissued on Verve in 2004)
1969: On Second Thought (De-Lite)
1975: Freddy Cole's Christmas Dreams (Arrikka)
1976: As Long As I'm Singing (First Shot)
1976: The Cole Nobody Knows (First Shot)
1976: Just Plain Freddy - Live (First Shot)
1977: Freddy Cole: Sing [also released as The Way Freddy Cole Sings] (Demand; Decca)
1978: One More Love Song (Decca)
1978: I Loved You (Som Livre)
1979: Freddy Cole: Latino (Som Livre)
1980: Right from the Heart (Decca)
1983: Like a Quiet Storm (Dinky)
1987: Appearing Nightly (Dinky)
1990: I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me (Sunnyside; reissued on HighNote in 2004)
1992: Live at Birdland West (Laserlight)
1993: This Is the Life (Muse; reissued on 32 Jazz in 2000)
1994: Live at Vartan Jazz (Vartan Jazz)
1994: Always (Fantasy)
1994: I Want a Smile for Christmas (Fantasy)
1996: A Circle of Love (Fantasy)
1997: It's Crazy, But I'm in Love (After 9/Touchwood)
1997: To the Ends of the Earth (Fantasy)
1998: Love Makes the Changes (Fantasy)
1999: Le Grand Freddy: Freddy Cole Sings The Music Of Michael Legrand (Fantasy)
2000: Merry Go Round (Telarc)
2001: Rio de Janeiro Blue (Telarc)
2003: In the Name of Love (Telarc)
2005: This Love of Mine (HighNote)
2006: Because of You (HighNote)
2007: Music Maestro Please (HighNote)
2009: The Dreamer in Me: Live at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola (HighNote)
2010: Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B (HighNote)
2011: Talk to Me (HighNote)
2013: This and That (HighNote)
2014: Singing the Blues (HighNote)
2016: He Was the King (HighNote)
2018: My Mood is You (HighNote)
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He Was The King 英文
1.Easy to Remember (提供)
2.Exactly Like You (提供)
3.Funny (Not Much)
4.That's My Girl (提供)
5.Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much (提供)
6.The Best Man (提供)
7.Sweet Lorraine (提供)
8.Love Is the Thing (提供)
9.Jet (提供)
10.Mona Lisa (提供)
11.It's Only Paper Moon (提供)
12.He Was the King (提供)
Singing The Blues 英文
1.Muddy Water Blues (提供)
2.This Time I'm Gone For Good
3.Another Way To Feel (提供)
4.Goin' Down Slow (提供)
5.Meet Me At No Special Place (提供)
6.All We Need Is A Place (提供)
7.My Mother Told Me (提供)
8.Singing The Blues (提供)
9.The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men (提供)
10.Pretending (提供)
11.An Old Piano Plays The Blues (提供)
This & That 英文
1.I Saw Stars (提供)
2.You and Me Against the World (提供)
3.Everybody's Talkin' (提供)
4.Never, Never, Never (提供)
5.Medley Where Are YouIt Was So Good While It Lasted (提供)
6.Who (Will Take My Place) (提供)
7.Nothin's Wrong With Nothin' (提供)
8.What Color is Love (提供)
9.Bang Bang Boogie (提供)
10.I Get Sentimental Over Nothing (提供)
11.Sometimes I'm Happy
12.For the Love of You (提供)
Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B 英文
1.Tender Is The Night
2.Cottage For Sale
3.Portrait (提供)
4.I Apologize
5.Jelly Jelly (提供)
6.Somehow (提供)
7.To Be Or Not To Be In Love (提供)
8.Pretty One (提供)
9.Ma, She's Makin' Eyes At Me (提供)
10.The High And The Mighty
11.No Orchids For My Lady (提供)
12.Mister, You've Gone And Got The Blues (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
2.I Will Wait for You (Live)
3.To the Ends of the Earth
4.I'll Be Seeing You
5.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
6.I Love You
7.Black Coffee
8.This Life I'm Living
10.Blue Christmas
11.O Little Town of Bethlehem
12.On My Way to You
13.A Sinner Kissed an Angel
14.Sunday Kind of Love
15.Easy to Love
16.A Place In the Sun (Movin' On)

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