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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Freddie King
Freddie King【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 52 首歌 】
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Going Down At Onkel Po's 英文
1.Things That I Used To Do (提供)
2.Let the Good Times Roll Freddie King
3.Stormy Monday
4.Kings Thing
5.Introduction (提供)
6.Moon Is Rising (提供)
7.Boogie Funk (提供)
8.56th And Wichita (提供)
9.Feelin Alright (提供)
10.Mojo Boogie (提供)
11.Rock Me Baby (提供)
12.Something You Got (提供)
13.Messin With the Kid (提供)
14.Sweet Home Chicago (提供)
15.You're the One (提供)
16.Aint Nobodys Business
Live & Loud 1968 英文
1.Ain't Nobody's Business (提供)
2.I Wonder Why (提供)
3.Have You Ever Loved a Woman
4.Key to the Highway
5.Whole Lotta Lovin (提供)
6.Five Long Years (提供)
8.Going Down
9.I Wanna Boogie (提供)
Freddie King Is A Blues Master 英文
1.Play It Cool
2.Get Out Of My Life Woman
3.Today I Sing The Blues (提供)
4.Let Me Down Easy (提供)
5.Sweet Thing (提供)
6.Wide Open (提供)
7.Hot Tomato (提供)
8.Funky (提供)
9.That Will Never Do
10.It's Too Late, She's Gone
11.Blue Shadows
Hide Away 英文
1.Going Down
暫存 英文
1.Same Old Blues
2.Trouble in Mind
3.I Had A Dream
4.Can't Trust Your Neighbor
5.Ain't No Sunshine
6.Key to the Highway
7.Big Legged Woman
8.Me And My Guitar
9.Worried Life Blues
10.My Feeling For The Blues
11.Woman Across The River
12.Have You Ever Loved A Woman
13.Sugar Sweet
14.Woke Up This Morning

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