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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Fred Hammond
Fred Hammond【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 189 首歌 】
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I Will Trust 英文
1.Festival Of Praise (提供)
2.All The Way (提供)
3.His Perfect Love (提供)
4.Lord Have Your Way
5.I Believe
6.Take Me to the Water (提供)
7.Try Jesus
8.I Will Trust
9.It's Only The Comforter (提供)
10.It's Mine (提供)
11.You Bless Me Over and Over
12.I Owe It All
United Tenors: Hammond, Hollister, Roberson, Wilson 英文
2.Love You Like That
3.Here In Our Praise
4.We Worship You
5.I'm In the Midst
6.I'm Reminded (提供)
7.Never a Day (提供)
8.Everybody Get Up (提供)
9.Come On Let's Pray (提供)
10.That's the Only Way To Love (提供)
11.My Heart Is Yours (提供)
12.Where Are You (提供)
13.What Is This (提供)
14.My God Is Real (提供)
15.I Need You (提供)
God, Love & Romance 英文
1.Write Something For Us (提供)
2.When I Come Home to You (提供)
3.Jacob's Love (提供)
4.I'm In Love With You
5.How a Man Loves a Woman (提供)
6.You Are My Love Come True (提供)
8.Love Will Find You (提供)
9.Face It All
11.Sos 4:7 / Prov 31:10-12 (提供)
12.You're So Beautiful (提供)
13.Pulling Up At the Crib (提供)
14.My Lady And Myself
15.Give It Up For the Band (提供)
16.My Love Is Real (提供)
17.Radio Fred (提供)
18.One More Try
19.Put On Your Good Shoes (提供)
20.I Am Not Alone (提供)
21.I See the Sunshine'n (提供)
22.Better Love
23.I Feel Good
24.I Got a Good Woman (提供)
25.Amazing Love
26.Let's Take a Minute (提供)
27.I Will Lift Him Up (提供)
28.So You Just Gown Leave? (提供)
29.You Never Turned
30.Call On Him (提供)
31.He Lives (提供)
32.You're Gonna Make It (提供)
33.Love Song To the Lamb
34.Girls Night Out/Out Take (提供)
Love Unstoppable 英文
1.Prelude: BreeAnn Michelle & Darius Sean Hammond
2.Awesome God
3.Nobody Like You Lord
4.Find No Fault
5.Lost In You Again
6.I Need You Right Away
7.Best Thing That Ever Happened
8.They That Wait
9.We Give You All The Praise
10.Take My Hand
11.I Know What He's Done
12.Thoughts Of Love
13.Lord How I Love You
15.You're Good (Dios Es Bueno)
WOW Gospel 2009 英文
The Spirit Of David 英文
1.Draw Nigh
Speak Those Things 英文
Pages Of Life 英文
1.Your Love
POL 3 - Live in Chicago 英文
1.Song of Strength
Life In The Word 英文
1.Breathe into Me Oh Lord
2.Created To Worship
3.Dwelling Place
4.He's Not Just A Man
5.Home Inside My Praise (提供)
6.I Samuel 12:24 (提供)
7.Just To Be Close To You
8.Keep On Praisin'
9.Life In The Word
10.Need My Time With You (提供)
11.Numbers 13:26-30 (提供)
12.Psalms 119:33-40 (提供)
13.Psalms 18:3-6 (提供)
14.Psalms 8:1-4 (提供)
15.Shout Unto God
16.Trust In The Lord
17.Walkin In Victory (提供)
18.All My Help (提供)
19.You Do Great Things (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Right on Time
2.No Weapon
3.Show Yourself Strong
4.bread of life
5.Thank You
6.I Anoint Myself
7.Your Love Is A Wonder
8.Praise Belongs to You
9.Lord We Need Your Love
10.Not Just What You Say
11.Your Love Is
12.You Are the Living Word
13.A Closer Walk
14.No Greater Love
15.We Sing Glory
16.Lord Of The Harvest
17.More, More, More
18.You Are My Daily Bread
19.A Song of Strength
20.Jesus Be A Fence
21.Celebrate (He Lives)
22.We're Blessed
23.Glory to Glory to Glory (Founder's Mix)
24.When the Spirit of the Lord
25.I Know It Was The Blood
26.All Things Are Working (The Gospel Remix)
27.What Can I Give
28.It Just Gets Sweeter
29.Willing To Follow You
30.There Is No Place
31.Every Time I Think
32.And We Worship You
33.This Is The Day
34.Simply Put [Live]
35.Let the Praise Begin
36.More Of You
37.Lord Your Grace
38.Oh Zion
39.Lift Up Your Hands To The Lord
40.That Ain't Nothin'
41.I Will Say
42.Just Remember
43.We Lift Up Your Name
44.Hear My Cry
45.Blessings & Honor
46.Christmas Everyday
47.Pour Out Your Holy Spirit
48.Thank You Lord
49.How Do You Love That Way
50.I Will Find a Way
51.We Are More Than Able
52.Make Time For Love
53.It Took A Child To Save The World
54.Your Name Is Jesus
55.I Wanna Be Yours
56.He'll Do It
57.He Is Not Just a Man
58.Your Steps Are Ordered
59.I Will Bless His Holy Name
60.You Called Me Friend
61.You Were Much Closer
62.Lo I Am With You
63.Be Magnified
64.Praise Him Through the Night
65.My Father Was/Is
66.Thank You Lord (For Being There For Me)
67.I Want My Destiny
68.Let Me Praise You Now
69.Our Father
70.When You Praise
72.When It Gets Down to It
73.Philippians 4:7
74.Thank You (I Won't Complain)
75.Show Me Your Face
76.Give Me A Clean Heart
77.My Heart Is For You
78.I Wanna Know Your Ways
79.That's Why
80.My, My, My God Is Good
81.Promise Keeper (Psalm 37:25)
82.Love's In Need
83.Call Me Righteous
84.Everything to Me
85.Communion Song (Interlude)
86.Communion Song
87.The Spirit Of David
88.You Are My Song
89.Yes He Will

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