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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Francis Dunnery
Francis Dunnery【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 60 首歌 】
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Vampires 英文
1.I got you eating out of my hand (提供)
2.Feels like summertime (提供)
3.The ice melts into water (提供)
4.Underneath your pillow
5.Old man and the angel
6.Screaming on the beaches (提供)
7.Vampires (提供)
8.Once around the world (提供)
9.Rose Marie (提供)
10.Yellow Christian (提供)
11.Calling all the heroes (提供)
12.Never go to heaven (提供)
13.Still too young to remember (提供)
14.Midnight (提供)
Frankenstein Monster 英文
1.Ho Ho Your Sandwiches (提供)
2.Limpet Man (提供)
3.I've Been Evil (提供)
4.Leaving The Depot (提供)
5.Don't Look Down Frank (提供)
6.Blood Of My Fathers (提供)
7.Christianity (提供)
8.Judy Green Rocket (提供)
9.Yam (提供)
10.Big Fine Lad (提供)
11.Wum Wop (提供)
12.Marijuana Make Those Eyes At Me For (提供)
13.Multi Colored Judy Green (提供)
14.Frankenstein Monster (提供)
Welcome to the Wild Country 英文
1.Kiss Me
2.Just Like My Father Said It Would Be!
3.Another Day
Tall Blonde Helicopter 英文
1.The Way Things Are
2.Because I Can
3.I Don't Want to Be Alternative
5.Grateful and Thankful
6.Only New York Going On
8.I Believe I Can Change the World
9.The Johnny Podell Song
10.Too Much Saturn
11.Father and Son
Let's Go Do What Happens 英文
Fearless 英文
1.American Life in the Summertime
3.Fade Away
4.Climbing Up the Love Tree
5.Feel Like Kissing You Again
6.Everyone's a Star
7.Good Life
8.Couldn't Find a Reason
暫存 英文
1.Riding On the Back
2.Wounding and Healing
3.Just a Man
4.American Life
6.Heartache Reborn
7.48 Hours
9.Couldn't Find A Reason

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