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The Five Stars( 5 Star )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 124 首歌 】
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The Remix Anthology 英文
1.Hide And Seek (Extended Dance Mix) (提供)
2.Are You Man Enough (Shep Pettibone 7” Mix)
3.Crazy (12” Version) (提供)
4.All Fall Down (12” Version)
5.Let Me Be The One (Dance Mix By Hardrock)
6.Love Take Over (Paul Hardcastle's Extended Version) (提供)
7.R.S.V.P (Remix S'il Vous Plait) (提供)
8.System Addict (Dub Remix) (提供)
9.Can't Wait Another Minute (The M&M Remix Version) (提供)
10.Find The Time (Shep Pettibone Remix – Part 1)
11.If I Say Yes (Lew Hahn US Dub Remix) (提供)
12.Stay Out Of My Life (12” Version) (提供)
13.The Slightest Touch (Slightest Dub) (提供)
14.Whenever You're Ready (Crazy Dub Jammy) (提供)
15.Somewhere Somebody (The Pettibone Mix – Short Version) (提供)
16.Another Weekend (Friday Night Dub Mix) (提供)
17.Someone's In Love (R&B Dance Mix W,O Rap) (提供)
18.With Every Heartbeat (12” Mix) (提供)
19.Treat Me Like A Lady (Tough Mix)
20.Hot Love (Full Rub)
21.Shine (Slick Hop Boom Mix)
22.Hide And Seek (7” Version) (Bonus Track) (提供)
23.Winning (Extended Version) (提供)
24.Can't Wait Another Minute (12” Mix)
25.If I Say Yes (Urban Remix) (提供)
26.The Slightest Touch (Shep Pettibone 7”) (提供)
The Greatest Hits 英文
1.The Slightest Touch2.System Addict
Silk & Steel 英文
1.Are You Man Enough? (Shep Pettibone remix)
2.The Slightest Touch (The Pettibone Touch Remix)
3.Please Don't Say Goodnight
4.Show Me What You've Got for Me
5.Are You Man Enough?
6.Don't You Know I Love It
7.Can't Wait Another Minute
Shine 英文
1.Come to Me (For Love)
2.Save a Place (In Your Heart for Me)
4.I Really Did It This Time
5.The Start of Forever
6.Right Over
7.The Love You Bring to Me
8.Love Can't Wait
9.Some Kind of Magic
Rock the World 英文
1.Another Weekend (Saturday Night mix)
2.Rock My World (Extra Terrestial mix)
3.Rescue Me
4.Someone's in Love
5.Physical Attraction
6.Free Time
7.Let Me Be Yours
9.With Every Heartbeat (7' mix)
10.There's a Brand New World (12' version)
11.Another Weekend
Luxury of Life 英文
1.Let Me Be the One (Phildaelphia remix)
2.Love Take Over (The Limited Edition mix)
3.Love Games
4.Now I'm in Control
5.Say Goodbye
6.Hide and Seek
Heart & Soul 英文
1.I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
3.The Writing On The Wall
4.Got A Lot Of Love
5.The Best Of Me
6.When You Get Home
7.Going With The Moment
8.Secret From My Heart
9.I Give You Give
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Can't Wait Another Minute
2.Another Weekend
3.Love Take Over
4.Strong As Steel
6.Somewhere Somebody
7.If I Say Yes
8.All Fall Down
9.The Slightest Touch
10.Rock My World
11.Let Me Be The One
12.Stay out of My Life
13.Find The Time
14.Whenever You're Ready
15.Something About My Baby
Five Star 英文
2.Treat Me Like a Lady
3.Can't Wait Another Minute
4.Strong As Steel
5.Another Weekend
6.Love Take Over
Eclipse 英文
1.I Get Such a High
2.Get a Life Together
3.Tell Me What You Want
4.One Way Mirror
5.Surely (Remix)
6.Don't Let Me Be the Lonely One
7.Got a Lot of Love (Sucha Remix)
8.Eyes Don't Lie
9.Hung Up
10.I Wish Me You
11.I Give You Give (Remix)
Between the Lines 英文
1.How Dare You (Stay Out of My Life)
2.Read Between the Lines
3.Live Giving Love
4.Ain't Watcha Do
5.Made Out of Love
6.You Should Have Waited
7.Knock Twice
8.Hard Race
9.Strong as Steel
暫存 英文
1.Let Me Be the One (Philledelphia mix)
2.Show Me
3.Rain or Shine (remix)
4.Whenever You're Ready (The New York mix)
5.Rain Or Shine
6.Love Take Over (The Limit Edition mix)
7.Let Me Be the One (Philadelphia remix)
8.All Fall Down ('M & M' remix)
9.Find the Time (Midnight mix)
10.Rock My World (Extra Terrestrial mix)

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