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Fiddler's Green( Fiddlers Green )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 91 首歌 】
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25 Blarney Roses 英文
1.Take Me Back (提供)
2.Rocky Road to Dublin
3.Victor and His Demons
5.Folk's Not Dead
6.Long Gone
7.Greens and Fellows
8.Another Spring Song
9.The Night Pat Murphy Died
10.Bugger Off
11.Burning the Night (提供)
12.Blarney Roses
Winners & Boozers 英文
1.A Night in Dublin
2.A Bottle a Day
3.No Lullaby
4.Old Dun Cow
5.We Don't Care
6.Raise Your Arms
7.The More the Merrier (提供)
8.Buccaneer (提供)
9.Never Hide (提供)
10.Song for the Living (提供)
11.No More Pawn (提供)
12.Maria (提供)
13.Blacksmith Reel (提供)
14.Don't Look Back (提供)
15.Old Polina (提供)
16.Into the Sunset Again
Acoustic Pub Crawl 英文
1.Irish Rover
2.The Jolly Beggar
3.Rose In The Heather
4.Days Of Yore
5.Charlie (提供)
6.As I Roved Out
7.The Creel
8.Don't Come Again
9.Cripple Creek (提供)
10.Empty Pockets, Empty Fridge
11.Highland Road
12.Folk's Not Dead
14.Strike Back
16.Mary Mack
17.Bugger Off
Fiddler's Green 英文
1.Don't Turn Away
King Shepperd 英文
1.Lanigan's Ball
2.Sherwood Forrest
3.Crack in the Border
4.Market Day
5.Stay by My Side
6.Rose of Ballymore
7.Polkas (提供)
8.Tribal Dance
9.Rainbow Warrior
10.The Mermaid
11.Shamrock Busker
12.Another Ring of Fire
13.Little Beggarman
14.Worker's Song
15.Hip Hurray
17.One Way Out
Wall of Folk 英文
1.I'll Tell Me Ma
2.Irish Rover
3.Greens and Fellows
4.Dirty Old Town
5.Hangman's Lullaby
6.Milk the Damned Cash Cow
7.Walking High
8.Lost to the Moon
9.Scolding Wife
10.Country of Plenty
11.P Stands for Paddy
12.Wall of Folk
13.Scolding Wife Reprise
14.Fields Of Green
15.Mrs. McGrath
Make Up Your Mind 英文
1.Don't Turn Away (Live)
2.Shamrock Busker (Live)
3.I Won't Follow You Up to Carlow (Live)
4.Midnight Rambler (Live)
Black Sheep 英文
1.The Blarney F*# Jigpack
2.Fiddlers Green II
暫存 英文
1.My Bonnie Mary
3.Wild Life
5.Come Back
6.Perfect Gang

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