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Bryan Ferry( 布萊恩費里 )【 共收藏 23 張專輯, 273 首歌 】
Bryan Ferry CBE(生於1945年9月26日)是英國歌手兼詞曲作者。他的聲音被形容為一個“優雅,誘人的低音”。他還建立了鮮明的形象和裁縫風格;據“獨立報”報導,費里和他的當代大衛·鮑伊在他們的音樂和外表上影響了一代人。

渡輪成為著名藝術搖滾樂隊Roxy Music的首席歌手兼首席歌曲創作人,在1972年至1982年期間,他獲得了三張頭號專輯和10張單曲,在英國排名前十位。他們的單曲包括“弗吉尼亞平原”,“街頭生活“,”愛是毒品“,”跳舞“,”天使的眼睛“,”在你上面“,”哦是的“,”嫉妒的傢伙“,”阿瓦隆“和”比這更多“。 Ferry於1973年開始了自己的獨唱生涯。他的獨唱影片包括“A Rain Rain's A-Gonna Fall”,“我們一起堅持”和“這就是明天”。在他們的暢銷專輯“Avalon”(1982)發行後,渡船解散了Roxy音樂,專注於他的單曲生涯,發行了更多的單曲,如“奴隸去愛”和“不要停止舞蹈”。當他作為獨唱藝人的銷售和Roxy音樂的成員合併時,Ferry已經在全球銷售了超過3000萬張專輯。

除了自己是一位多產歌曲作者之外,Ferry還錄製了許多其他歌手的歌曲封面,包括“美國偉大歌曲”的標準,如“這些愚蠢的東西(1973),另一個時間,另一個地方(1974)”和“ “時光流逝”(Time Goes By)(1999)以及鮑勃·迪倫(Bob Dylan)的專輯“Dylanesque”(2007)。




These Foolish Things (1973)
Another Time, Another Place (1974)
Let's Stick Together (1976)
In Your Mind (1977)
The Bride Stripped Bare (1978)
Boys and Girls (1985)
Bête Noire (1987)
Taxi (1993)
Mamouna (1994)
As Time Goes By (1999)
Frantic (2002)
Dylanesque (2007)
Olympia (2010)
The Jazz Age (2012)
Avonmore (2014)
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Avonmore 英文
1.Loop De Li
2.Midnight Train
3.Soldier of Fortune (提供)
4.Driving Me Wild (提供)
5.Special Kind Of Guy (提供)
6.Avonmore (提供)
7.Lost (提供)
8.One Night Stand (提供)
9.Send In The Clowns
10.Johnny & Mary
Dylanesque 英文
1.All Along The Watchtower
2.Simple Twist Of Fate
3.Positively 4th Street
4.Make You Feel My Love
5.Knockin' On Heaven's Door
The Platinum Collection 英文
Boys And Girls 英文
1.A Wasted Land
2.Boys And Girls
3.Don't Stop The Dance
5.Slave To Love
6.Stone Woman
7.The Chosen One
The Bride Stripped Bare 英文
1.Can't Let Go
3.Sign of the Times
4.Take Me To The River
5.That's How Strong My Love Is
6.The Same Old Blues
7.This Island Earth
8.What Goes On
9.When She Walks In The Room
10.Hold On (I'm Coming)
In Your Mind 英文
1.All Night Operator
2.In Your Mind
3.Love Me Madly Again
4.One Kiss
5.Party Doll
6.Rock Of Ages
7.This Is Tomorrow
8.Tokyo Joe
Let's Stick Together 英文
2.Chance Meeting
3.Heart On My Sleeve
4.It's Only Love
5.Let's Stick Together
6.Sea Breezes
7.Shame, Shame, Shame
8.You Go To My Head
9.The Price Of Love
10.2 HB
11.Re-Make / Re-Model
Another Time, Another Place 英文
1.Another Time, Another Place
2.Finger Poppin'
3.Funny How Time Slips Away
4.Help Me Make It Through The Night
5.It Ain't Me Babe
6.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
7.The 'In' Crowd
8.Walk A Mile In My Shoes
9.What A Wonderful World
10.You Are My Sunshine
These Foolish Things 英文
1.A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
2.Baby I Don't Care
3.Don't Ever Change
4.Don't Worry Baby
5.I Love How You Love Me
6.It's My Party
7.Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
8.Piece Of My Heart
9.River Of Salt
10.Sympathy For The Devil
11.These Foolish Things
12.The Track Of My Tears
13.You Won't See Me
The Best of Bryan Ferry 英文
1.I Don't Want to Go on Without You
2.Don't Stop the Dance (7' Version) [Remastered 2009]
3.Windswept (Remastered 2004)
4.Limbo (Remastered 1999)
5.Don't Want to Know (Remastered 1999)
6.The Way You Look Tonight
7.This Is Tomorrow
8.Can't Let Go
9.Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
10.Slave to Love (7' Version) [Remastered 2009]
11.Tokyo Joe (Remastered 1999)
12.A Fool for Love (alternative version)
13.A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall (US 7' Version) [Remastered 2009]
14.The 'In' Crowd (Remastered 1999)
15.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Remastered 1999)
16.You Go to My Head (Remastered 1999)
17.Let's Stick Together (Remastered 1999)
18.The Price of Love (Remastered 1999)
19.This Is Tomorrow (Remastered 1999)
20.Tokyo Joe
Taxi 英文
1.All Tomorrow's Parties
2.Amazing Grace
3.Answer Me
4.Because You're Mine (提供)
5.Girl Of My Best Friend
6.I Put A Spell On You
7.Just One Look
8.Rescue Me
10.Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Slave To Love - The Best Of The Ballads 英文
1.Slave To Love - 1999 Digital Remaster
2.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - 1999 Digital Remaster
3.Zamba - 1999 Digital Remaster
4.Windswept - 1999 Digital Remaster
5.Oh Yeah
6.My Only Love
7.To Turn You On
8.This Love
9.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Simple Twist Of Fate (Single) 英文
1.Simple Twist Of Fate (Single)
Platinum Collection 英文
1.A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - 1999 Digital Remaster
2.Tokyo Joe - 1999 Digital Remaster
3.This Is Tomorrow - 1999 - Remaster
4.Carrickfergus - 1999 Digital Remaster
5.Mamouna - 1999 Digital Remaster
6.Your Painted Smile - 1999 Digital Remaster
7.Limbo - 1999 Digital Remaster
8.The Right Stuff - 1999 Digital Remaster
9.The 'In' Crowd - 1999 - Remaster
10.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - 1999 Digital Remaster
Olympia 英文
1.Me Oh My
2.Reason Or Rhyme
3.Heartache By Numbers
4.Tender Is The Night
6.BF Bass (Ode To Olympia)
7.No Face, No Name, No Number
9.Song To The Siren
10.One Night
11.You Can Dance
12.Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
Olympia Remixes 英文
1.Heartache by Numbers (Circus Parade remix)
2.Shameless (Ultra Delux remix)
3.Song to the Siren (Johnson Somerset & John Monkman remix)
4.Reason or Rhyme (Metamorfozy remix)
5.Tender Is the Night (Max Harris Project Cinemara remix)
Olympia (bonus disc) 英文
1.You Can Dance (Fred Falke mix)
2.Alphaville (Time and Space Machine mix)
3.Heartache by Numbers (Circus Parade mix)
4.Me Oh My (DJ Cleaver mix)
5.Shameless (Still Going mix)
6.BF BASS (Ode to Olympia) (West End Wolf mix)
7.Reason or Rhyme (instrumental)
More Than This - The Best Of Bryan Ferry And Roxy Music 英文
1.These Foolish Things - Edit
2.Oh Yeah!
3.Street Life
4.Same Old Scene
5.Dance Away
6.Angel Eyes
7.Virginia Plain
8.Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Mamouna 英文
1.Chain Reaction
2.Don't Want To Know
3.Gemini Moon
6.The 39 Steps
7.The Only Face
8.Which Way to Turn
9.Wildcat Days
10.Your Painted Smile
Bete Noire 英文
1.Bete Noire
2.Day For Night
4.New Town
5.Seven Deadly Sins
6.The Name Of The Game
7.The Right Stuff
9.Kiss & Tell
Best Of 英文
1.A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - US 7' Version;2009 Digital Remaster
2.Slave To Love - 7' Version;2009 Digital Remaster
3.Windswept - 2004 Digital Remaster
4.Don't Stop The Dance - 7' Version;2009 Digital Remaster
5.Can't Let Go - 1999 Digital Remaster
6.This Is Tomorrow - 1999 - Remaster
7.Tokyo Joe - 1999 Digital Remaster
8.The Way You Look Tonight
9.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - 1999 Digital Remaster
As Time Goes By 英文
1.As Time Goes By
2.Easy Living
3.Falling In Love Again
4.I'm In The Mood For Love
5.Just One Of Those Things
6.Love Me Or Leave Me
7.Lover Come Back To Me
8.Miss Otis Regrets
9.September Song
10.Sweet And Lovely
11.The Way You Look Tonight
12.Time On My Hands
13.When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
14.Where Or When
15.You Do Something To Me
暫存 英文
1.Mother of Pearl
2.These Foolish Things
3.Price Of Love
4.Are You Lonesome Tonight?
5.As The World Turns
6.Broken Wings
7.Crazy Love
8.Feel The Need
9.Four Letter Love
10.If I Didn't Care
11.I'll See You Again
12.In Every Dream Home A Heartache (提供)
13.Is Your Love Strong Enough
14.Nocturne (提供)
16.Same Old Blues
17.She's Leaving Home
18.Sonnet Xviii
19.Ladytron (live)
20.A Fool For Love
21.The Bogus Man (live)
22.Jealous Guy
23.Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
24.Love Is The Drug
25.Gates Of Eden
26.The Times They Are A-Changin'
27.Smoke Dreams
28.When Somebody Thinks...
29.He'll Have To Go
30.All I Really Want To Do
31.Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day
32.One Way Love
33.If Not For You
34.Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
35.Don't Stop the Dance (Psychemagik Remix)
36.Goin' Down
37.I Thought
39.Over You
40.Dance With Life (Brilliant Light)
41.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
42.Love Is the Drug (Signal Flux Remix)
43.More Than This
44.A Waste Land
45.Slave To Love (7' Version)
46.San Simeon
48.Nobody Loves Me
49.Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
50.Goddess Of Love
51.All I Want Is You
52.Do The Strand
53.Going Down
54.Nobody Love Me
55.Let's Stick Together - 1999 Remastered Version
56.Don't Stop The Dance - 2004 Digital Remaster
57.Don't Stop the Dance (Remastered)
58.Slave To Love (From '9 1/2 Weeks')
59.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Remastered)
60.Dance With Life
61.Bob Dylan's Dream
62.Kiss and Tell (edit)
63.Let's Stick Together ('88 remix)
64.Alphaville (radio mix)
65.Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan Cover)
66.Is Your Love Strong Enough (extended version)
67.Kiss and Tell
68.Don't Think Twice (It's Alright)
69.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
70.Bête noire
71.Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 18

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