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Gotthard【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 245 首歌 】
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Silver 英文
1.Silver River
2.Walk On
3.Blame on Me
4.My oh My
5.Only Love is Real
7.Tequila Symphony No.5
8.Miss Me
9.Not fooling Anyone
10.Reason for This
11.Everything Inside
13.Stay With Me
15.Customized Lovin
Firebirth 英文
1.Right On
2.Tell Me
4.The Story Is Over
6.Take It All Back
7.I Can
8.Where Are You?
10.Give Me Real
11.Remember It's Me
13.Yippie Aye Yay
Need To Believe 英文
2.Unspoken Words
3.Need To Believe
4.Unconditional Faith
5.I Don't Mind
6.Break Away
7.Don't Let Me Down
8.Right From Wrong
9.I Know, You Know
10.Rebel Soul
11.Tears To Cry
12.Ain't Enough
13.Speed Of Light (提供)
Lipservice 英文
1.Lift U Up
2.Everything I Want
3.All We Are
4.I Wonder
5.Cupid's Arrow
6.Dream On
7.Nothing Left At All
8.I'm Alive
9.I've Seen An Angel Cry
10.Stay For The Night
11.Anytime Anywhere
12.Said And Done
13.The Other Side Of Me
14.And Then Goodbye
15.Can't Stop
Homerun 英文
2.Say goodbye
4.Lonely People
5.Everything can change
6.End of time
8.Come along
9.Light in your eyes
10.Reason to live
11.Wun Ga-Li (提供)
12.Take It Easy
Open 英文
2.Best Time
3.Mad Love
4.Let It Rain
6.Free And Alive
7.Got To Be Love
8.Blackberry Way
9.Cheat & Hide
10.Want You In
11.Tell No Lies
12.Back To You
13.Hey Jimi
14.Peace Of Mind
G. 英文
1.Let It Be
2.Sister Moon
3.Hole In One
4.One Life, One Soul
5.Make My Day
6.Mighty Quinn
7.Movin' On
8.Father Is That Enough?
9.Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller
10.Fist In Your Face
11.Ride On
12.In The Name
13.Lay Down The Law
14.Immigrant Song
15.He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Dial Hard 英文
2.She Goes Down
3.Mountain Mama
4.Here Comes The Heat
5.I'm Your Tavelin'
6.Love For Money
7.Get It While You Can
8.Come Together
9.Dirty Devil Rock
10.Open Fire
11.I'm On My Way
12.Good Time Lover
13.Rock And Roll
Gotthard 英文
1.Take Me
3.Get Down
7.Standing In The Light
9.Mean Street Rocket
10.Lonely Heartache
11.All I Care For
12.That's It (提供)
One Team One Spirit 英文
1.Fire and Ice
2.Standing In the Light (Remastered)
3.Firedance (Remastered)
4.Let It Rain
7.Love Soul Matter
Homegrown 英文
1.The Train - Alive in Lugano
2.Gone Too Far
3.I Don't Mind
5.Gone Too Far (Live) (Alive In Lugano)
6.Sister Moon (Live)
7.Hush (Live)
8.Anytime Anywhere
Heaven - Best of Ballads, Pt. 2 英文
1.I've Seen an Angel Cry Tonight
2.Tomorrow's Just Begun
4.Falling - Special Acoustic Version
5.Have a Little Faith (Special Piano Version)
6.What Am I
7.Don't Let Me Down
8.The Call
Domino Effect: Tour Edition 英文
1.Hurry (Acoustic Live Version)
2.Can't Be The Real Thing
3.Bad To The Bone
4.Letter To A Friend
5.Heal Me
7.Gone Too Far
8.Tomorrow's Just Begun
9.Hush (Acoustic Live Version)
10.Lift U Up (Acoustic Live Version)
11.One Life, One Soul (Acoustic Live Version)
12.Come Alive (Acoustic Live Version)
13.Let It Be (Acoustic Live Version)
14.The Call
Domino Effect 英文
1.Gone to Far
2.Bad To the Bone
3.Gone Too Far
4.Letter To a Friend
5.Heal Me
7.Can't Be the Real Thing
8.Tomorrow's Just Begun
9.Tomorrow's Just Begun
10.The Oscar Goes to You
11.The Call
Defrosted (Live) / Human Zoo 英文
1.Sister Moon (Live)
2.Mountain Mama (Live)
3.Get Down (Live)
4.One Life, One Soul (Live)
5.Someday (Live)
6.Hush (Live)
7.Love Soul Matter (Live)
8.Angel (Live)
9.Hole In One (Live)
10.Hurry (Live)
11.Let It Be (Live)
12.Father Is That Enough? (Live)
13.Out On My Own (Live)
14.I'm On My Way (Live)
D Frosted 英文
Bang! 英文
1.Jump the Gun
2.What You Get
3.Spread Your Wings
4.Thank You
5.Mr Ticket Man
6.I Want It All
7.You Can't Stop Me
8.Get Up 'N' Move On
B-Sides '1992-2007' 英文
1.Mad Love
2.Dirty Weekend
3.Let It Be Me
4.Never Surrender
5.Love Soul Matter
6.Can't Be the Real Thing
暫存 英文
1.One In A Million
2.What I Like
3.Janie's Not Alone
4.First Time In A Long Time
5.Have a Little Faith
6.Still I Belong To You
7.Long Way Down
8.Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)
9.What Can I Do
10.Top Of The World
11.Ruby Tuesday
12.Sweet Little Rock & Roller
13.Master Of Illusion
14.Nothing Left at All (Live)
15.The Oscar Goes To...
16.No Tomorrow
17.Shangri-la (Radio Edit)
18.Ain't Enough (Bonus Track)
19.Don't Let Me Down (Radio Edit)
20.I Wonder (Live)
21.Human Zoo
22.The Oscar Goes To… (Alive In Lugano)
23.Domino Effect
24.Where Is Love When It's Gone
25.Top of the World (Live)
26.Come Alive
27.Cheat And Hide
28.Feel What I Feel (Radio Edit)
29.Feel What I Feel
30.Maybe (Duet Version)
31.My Daddy Told Me
32.Lift U Up (Mousse T. Version)
33.The Call (Radio Edit)
34.The Cruiser
35.Anytime Anywhere (Radio Edit)
36.In the Name (Live & Acoustic)
37.The Story's Over
38.The Train (unreleased studio Track)
39.Unspoken Words (Alive In Lugano)
40.Need to Believe (Live)
41.Unconditional Faith (Live)
42.Shangri La (Live)
43.Heaven (Live)
44.Lift U Up (Live)
45.Tell Me (Live @ JRZ 2012)
46.Where I Belong

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