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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Gina Jeffreys
Gina Jeffreys【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 59 首歌 】
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Old Paint 英文
1.It Doesn't Matter Anymore (提供)
2.Blue Bayou (提供)
3.Dream A Little Dream Of Me (提供)
4.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (提供)
5.Crazy (提供)
6.Here There And Everywhere (提供)
7.You Don't Know Me (提供)
8.He Thinks I Still Care (提供)
9.When You Wish Upon A Star (提供)
10.Old Paint (提供)
11.Smile (提供)
Walks Of Life 英文
1.Live It (提供)
2.The Truth About Lies
3.Never Mine (Featuring Felicity Urquhart) (提供)
4.Stepped Right In (提供)
5.Walks Of Life (提供)
6.A Woman Knows (提供)
7.Song I Never Heard (提供)
8.You Make My Heart Sing (Featuring Rod McCormack) (提供)
9.Heart Like A Wall (提供)
10.Little Circle (提供)
11.Evening Star (提供)
12.On A Good Day (提供)
13.Ivy And The Oak (提供)
...So Far 英文
2.Dancin' With Elvis (提供)
3.Fool Like That (提供)
4.Just Like The Moon (提供)
5.Different Drum (提供)
6.Through The Eyes Of A Child (提供)
7.Girl's Night Out
8.That'll Be Me (提供)
9.Somebody's Daughter (提供)
10.I Haven't Got A Heart (提供)
11.Break My Heart (提供)
12.Didn't We Shine (提供)
13.Rocking Chair
14.Standing Too Close To The Flame (提供)
15.Josephine (提供)
16.Two Stars Fell (提供)
18.Slippin' Away (提供)
19.Creep (Live)
Angel 英文
1.Anywhere But Here (提供)
2.Out Of The Blues (提供)
3.I'm The One You're Gonna Miss (提供)
4.When The Blues And My Baby Collide (提供)
5.Waiting On The Real Thing (提供)
6.I Ain't Gonna Fall For Love Again (提供)
7.Broken Hearted (提供)
8.Quilt Of Dreams (提供)
Somebody's Daughter 英文
1.You Fool (提供)
2.Love Without A Doubt (提供)
3.Have We Forgotten What Love Is (提供)
4.The Faint Of Heart (提供)
5.Saving Grace (提供)
6.All We Have Is Love (提供)
7.Trouble Is A Woman (提供)
8.What Did I Do (提供)

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