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Gerald Walker【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 38 首歌 】
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Believers Never Die 英文
1.Milwaukee (提供)
2.Believers Never Die (提供)
3.Zero To Sixty (提供)
4.Bulletproof Soul (提供)
5.'87 Corvette Wishes (提供)
6.Um, Excuse Me (提供)
7.Girl, Oh No He Didn't (提供)
8.Theme Music For My Real... (提供)
9.SLOT-A & Add-2 Voicemail (Interlude) (提供)
10.After The Kendrick Lamar Show (提供)
11.Some Things Never Wash Out (提供)
12.Scream (提供)
13.That Thing In Your Chest Doesn't Beat. It Counts Down (提供)
14.Get Yours While You Can (提供)
15.A Part of Me (提供)
16.Clear (提供)
17.I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Do Nothing At All (提供)
On Your Side 英文
1.Introduction (提供)
2.Goodnight (提供)
3.Follow Your Dreams, Forget The Scene (提供)
4.We Don't Give A Fuck (提供)
5.Highspeed (提供)
6.Circles (提供)
7.Here's Everything I've Always Meant To Say (提供)
8.I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With Her... (提供)
9.Money On The Dresser (提供)
10.Miserable At Best (提供)
11.Dro By The Pound (提供)
12.What You Want (提供)
13.Become What You Hate (提供)
14.On Your Side (提供)
It's Christmastime Again, Gerald Walker 英文
1.Overture (提供)
2.Christmas Everyday
3.A Merry Good Christmas (提供)
4.I Want It All (提供)
5.I'll Be Home For Christmas... (提供)
6.All I Want For Christmas Is Zoe Saldana... (提供)
7.My Name I Gabriel (The Annunciation) (提供)

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