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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手George Nooks
George Nooks【 共收藏 2 張專輯, 60 首歌 】
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Diamond Series Blue 英文
1.Tenament Yard (提供)
2.Cassandra (提供)
3.Penny Wise (提供)
4.God Bless Our Love (提供)
5.Mr. Pop It Off (提供)
6.One Time Daughter (feat. J.C.Lodge) (提供)
7.Top Ten (提供)
8.Just Out of Reach (提供)
9.Bubbling Love (feat. Dennis Brown) (提供)
10.No Power (提供)
11.So Lonely (提供)
12.Old Rugged Cross (提供)
13.Laba Laba (提供)
14.Riding For A Fall (提供)
15.Don't Give Up (提供)
16.Tragedy (提供)
17.Fret Not Yourself (提供)
18.Left With A Broken Heart (提供)
19.My Sweet Lord (提供)
20.I Miss You (提供)
21.How Great Thou Art (提供)
22.Lean On Me (提供)
23.Girlfriend (提供)
24.General (提供)
25.The Way You Are (提供)
26.Cool Cool Running's (12” Cut) [feat. Dennis Brown] (提供)
27.Make It Easy On Yourself (提供)
28.Hero (提供)
29.Money In My Pocket (feat. Beenie Man) (提供)
30.God Is Standing By (提供)
31.I Can't Stop Loving You (提供)
32.Perfect World (提供)
33.Man Next Door (提供)
34.The Last Time (提供)
35.My Children (提供)
36.Love In Time (提供)
37.God Is Always There (提供)
38.So Much Love (提供)
39.40 Leg (提供)
40.Zion Gate (Prince Mohammed) (提供)
41.Tribal War (提供)
42.Homely Girl
43.Bridged Over Troubled Water (提供)
Broken Vessel 英文
1.I Remember Mama (提供)
2.Rest Your Love On Me (提供)
3.Stand By My Woman (提供)
4.Let's Make Love (提供)
5.If You Don't Know Me By Now (提供)
6.House Isn't a Home (提供)
7.Always On My Mind (提供)
8.Broken Vessel (提供)
9.Rugged Cross (提供)
10.Love Lifted Me (提供)
11.Bread of Life (提供)
12.Can't Even Walk (提供)
13.Call On Me (提供)
14.Calling Me to Play (提供)
15.Hurting Inside (提供)
16.Run Run (提供)
17.Sweet Sweet Jamaica (提供)

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