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GEEQUE( GEE-QUE )【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 59 首歌 】
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Que York City 英文
1.Gimme That Crown (提供)
2.Que York City Intro (提供)
3.Window Shopper (Remix) (提供)
4.Dumb It Down (提供)
5.Goddaughter Interlude (提供)
6.Future Superstar (提供)
7.Back Then (Remix) (提供)
8.Sittin' Sidewayz (Remix) (提供)
9.Switch It Up (提供)
10.Ol Skool Interlude (提供)
11.In Ya Face (Remix) (提供)
12.Bumpin' (提供)
13.What's Gonna Follow (提供)
14.Diamonds On My Neck (Remix) (提供)
15.Conceited (Remix) (提供)
16.For the Ladies Interlude (提供)
17.I Think I Love You (Remix) (提供)
18.When You Cry (提供)
19.Dream Merchant (提供)
Que Year's Day 英文
1.High Heels & Boy Shorts (提供)
2.Intro (提供)
3.Whole World's Watchin' (提供)
4.Que Lo Que (提供)
5.Lucky Charmz (提供)
6.I Need a Buzz (提供)
7.Interlude 1 (提供)
8.Get Down On the Floor (提供)
9.Beautiful Girls In NY (提供)
10.The Stoop (提供)
11.Interlude 2 (提供)
12.Cheap Champagne (提供)
13.Goin' Back to DR (提供)
14.Interlude 3 (提供)
15.My Statement (提供)
16.Freedom Writer (提供)
17.My Day Has Come (提供)
18.Interlude 4 (提供)
19.Dreamer (提供)
Catch Me in the Wind 英文
1.G's, Hustlas and Playas (提供)
2.Suck Free City (提供)
3.It's On (提供)
4.Sex Playin' Hoes (feat. Mumbles) (提供)
5.Nothing But a Dog (feat. Picassco, Mumbles & Sweet Dick Will) (提供)
6.Murderah (feat. Mumbles & Picasso) (提供)
7.Criminal Minded (feat. Tayda Tay, Picasso & Les Fresh) (提供)
8.Catch Me in the Wind Blows (提供)
9.On the Dowlow (提供)
10.Steppin' in the Wrong Fashion (feat. Frisco Playas & Cooley) (提供)
11.G's, Hustlas and Playas (G-Mix) (提供)
12.On the Dowlow (Remix) (提供)
Sucka Free City 英文
1.The Land of the Funk (提供)
2.Stepping in the Wrong Fashion Ft the Frisco Players and Cooley (提供)
3.Sucka Free City (提供)
4.Sex Playing Hoe's (提供)
5.A 'G' Swing (提供)
6.On the Downlow (提供)
7.Nothing But a Dog (feat. Picasso, Mumbles & Sweet Dick Willy) (提供)
8.Just Kickin' It (提供)
9.Outro (提供)

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